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Work? What's That?

Sooner or later Lady Vader will ask what I thought of Charmed so I'm taking time out to tell you and what I thought of Alias as well.

Charmed had it's good points and bad points. As clip shows go, it had a good story but how they thought no one would notice no Prue clips I'll never know... I honestly didn't see that Barbas, who isn't my favorite demon but seemed to work here, set the whole thing up. I figured it was just horrible luck on the part of the sisters. Well done. With Piper out of commission, Phoebe having her powers taken away gives us some good story potential. Paige is left to fight evil by herself. Paige has gotten the shaft lately and this might give her the chance to shine. Now the bad. The episode was understandably Piper-lite. I hate Piper-lite episodes! Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum, I'm not saying which is which, can't carry an episode by themselves. Chris is really getting on my nerves. He better not be on the show next season unl…

No Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends? WTF?

Finally a new episode of Enterprise. Overall, the episode was good, I guess. We finally find out why T'Pol has been acting so emotional lately. Perhaps that's why the earlier Vulcan expedition into the Expanse went wrong. Could they have been experimenting with Trellium D in an effort to experience emotions as well? While it might have been nice to resolve the issues brought up during part one of this, I suppose it's good they are continuing it throughout the rest of the season. While the main plot was certainly original I don't think I like the implications. Attacking a ship to steal a warp coil is not how Star Trek should go. This is a Babylon 5 plot. Archer kept justifying it by saying they really need the warp coil. No, they didn't. They are already are in Xindi space near the weapon. They don't need warp any time soon and can wait for someone else to come along to help them. I know this is a hundred and 10 years before the Original Series but this …

Saturday Morning's All Right For Quizzes

Cool On More Than One Level

Who will you be stuck with at end of time? (pics are back yay!) by chi_a_baidhYour name isYour sex isMaleFemaleUndecidedYour favorite color isRedOrangeYellowGreenBluePurpleBlackWhiteOtherYou are stuck there becauseeveryone else died due to the wrath of GodFor _____ years16WithHe/She will think you areGodYou willmake a coconut radioCreated with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Thursday's Child

Smallville was fairly interesting last night. Chloe came very close more than once to discovering Clark's secret. Of course, what kind of reporter is she if she hasn't by now? She should also know that Lionel would stop at nothing to keep his secrets. Hacking into voicemail wouldn't be that hard for him to do but I applaud her for trying. I don't know how I feel about Pete being interested in Chloe. On one hand, it makes sense that he would since they'd been friends for years and that he wouldn't tell her because of her "obsession" with Clark but all of these things I could think of to do very easily. I suppose I'm being to hard on them. Convenient that Pete had another secret to spill...

Ohh, the return of Connor. Somehow, I don't blame him for wanting to go back to that make believe life although with the spell broken how do they know who he is? The best line in the show was Hamilton saying to Angel that they wouldn't be "…

Weekend at Bernie's

Ok, no, I was not staying with a dead guy but if it was any harder getting home today, someone might have been.

Ok, I understand, don't like but understand, the T being crowded due to the Marathon and traffic being a clusterfuck. What I don't understand is why the freaking doors of the car I was in didn't open. Why trap me in a car with dehydrated runners throwing up? Consequently, I missed the stop I wanted to get off at and had to lug my freaking bag that much farther.

Charmed was worth the wait I think. Even uglified, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe is still hot although I will say her appearance didn't say "spider" to me. I think Chris needs to grow the hell up. Being an Elder, Leo doesn't have much time for the family. Frankly, Chris is/was/will be, whatever, the least likely to be in danger. I don't think it's Leo's fault. I would guess it's Gideon's. Perhaps not surprisingly, Phoebe's "speed dating" was the lea…

Can You Hear Me, Major Tom?

Finally, some new TV on. Smallville was interesting. When Swann told Clark he intercepted a message originating from Earth I was hoping it meant another Kryptonian was on Earth but the fact it was Jor-El sending a message to Jonathan is good enough I guess. I too am curious as to just what Jor-El's plan for Jonathan is. The writers have been teasing us. Rumors have been flying that either Jonathan or Lionel will die. In this episode, it could have happened to either one of them.

It was equally exciting to see Angel. 1950's style suburbia is my idea of hell as well. I wonder if Gunn was going to be written off all along or if the plot point was added when the cancellation notice came down. Ohh! An action sequence with Harmony! Cool! When Hamilton shoved his fist through that security guard it was admittedly gruesome but kinda cool at the same time. So the Senior Partners gave Angel and Co. the offer merely to get them out of the way while the Apocalypse happened. Lawye…

Another Really Big Post


Find out what anime character cliche you are.

Alias was so good on Sunday. I found it interesting that Vaughn considered the warnings from both Syd and Jack so easily. Lauren either is that bad at her job or Vaughn really loves Syd more than he will admit which isn't surprising at all when you think about it. Lauren's secret life was revealed but I was sure it would have been earlier, at the doctor's house. I was amused by their thought "The Passenger" is Irina. Close but no...

I freely admit I was one of the 11 million people who watched the Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey variety special. It was like a train wreck. It was so horrible yet I couldn't pull away...

Now, I'm really worried I'm going to be kicked out of the Library Science program for not maintaining a B average. I purchased my cap and gown from a co-worker at RCC saving twenty bucks. Would that not suck, getting kicked out just before I get the damn degree?

Thinking About Last Night

I watched the movie Basic with John Travolta on HBO last night. It wasn't bad. There are like 4 basic plot twists military thrillers have all employed. This film had all four and added one that I'm sure has been used before but none come to mind at the moment.

Hey! Proof that if you complain about something long enough, things change: I was flipping around the channels last night and we now have NESN so for the last 4, 5 weeks of school we can finally watch the Red Sox more than once a week. And Bruins playoff action if I'm so inclined.

A Really Big Post

Enterprise was a repeat last night but I had missed it the first time. Because of this, some of my comments may be a little strange. I actually thought the episode was pretty good. Introducing the sphere building aliens the way the did was very well done. It revealed just enough without revealing too much. (The next new episode will do that nicely and at a better time in the storyline.) I know I've said this twice, but I want there to be a story that deals with The T'Pol -Trip-Archer love triangle. Two comments about the events last night: after Trip and T'Pol "explore human sexuality" what happened to Trip's MACO chick? And can I use that "exploring human sexuality" line to save face the next time I do that stupid e-mail thing as you all know I will? Some may argue that T'Pol was not acting Vulcan. My response is that if we use her excuse about the scientific experiment, well, that answers that. If we don't, as you shouldn't…

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way Home From Dinner

Stepping between worlds
What's Your Anime Power?

We were coming into the dorm and walked past the bathroom door. On the door, we have a bulletin board advertising upcoming events. There was a new one: "Flicking the Bean" which is something on female masturbation. It included a picture of a very large sex toy. I laughed so hard. Then I went back to my room and laughed some more. Ah the joys of going to a women's college...

I got home somehow twenty minutes earlier this afternoon. It was freaking sweet let me tell you. I also got a fourth cheese added to my Three Cheese sandwich, also freaking sweet.

I finished the survey tabulations. My supervisor was not entirely happy with the results. Did he honestly think students would give thoughtful responses? I think not...

(Title Goes Here)


Comment 1: Earlier this evening, I was reading more about this fall TV season as I am wont to do lately. Ed O'Neill and Jennifer Love Hewitt apparently will have a sitcom on ABC. Before Alias, I used to say the letters stood for A Bunch of Crap. I think that pretty much sums that up.

Comment 2: Once again, Simmons has seriously curtailed my sports watching but this time doubly so. The Red Sox are being shown on ESPN2 which I have except in Boston where it's being shown on NESN which I do not have. I don't fault NESN for picking up the game. Why does whoever decides the channel line-up here at Simmons think that women don't watch sports? So anyway, I'm forced to listen to it on the radio.

To top that off, The UCONN women are playing right now, whether Lady Vader likes it or not, and it's being shown on ESPN which we do have but has never come in well. The fact that it has never been fixed may answer the question above yet I will point out I'…

My First Dream Blog

The dream started with my parents, Deuce and I at the house of a Korean family I didn't know. I got the impression it was just dinner but we were given rooms to take naps prior to it. This was the last I saw of Deuce but more on that later.

I apparently was first to wake up. I went down stairs and opened a door letting out two rabbits who somehow I knew were one of each gender. They were the most affectionate rabbits I have ever met. Almost cat-ish that way.

Soon the others woke up and it was time for dinner. The character of Deuce was now played by a woman I've been talking quite a bit about lately. As we sat down at the table, she was quite impressed by the production. I said something to the affect of "They go all out."

Then our hostess was upset I wasn't sitting at the "ocean place setting." I woke up before I could find it.

Here's some context: 1. My parents are going to Korea at the end of the month. 2. I had just talked with Deuce…

You (Now) Know My Name. Look Up the Number.

Which Broadway Musical Are You Destined to perform in? by dangerousgameName/NicknameAgeSexColorBroadway MusicalJekyll and HydePartLeadCreated with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Technically, not a quiz so my vow has not been broken. Even though this is completely random, this answer is accurate on more than one level.

Over 6 inches of rain fell on us over the last God knows how long. Hopefully, "Lake Brookline" will recede soon so I can actually get to the main campus without completely drenching my feet in like a foot of water. My sneakers are still damp.

Closing in on the finish line on the survey tabulation at work. I finished the original batch of surveys but new ones came in today. One of the recurring answers is that people feel we need more librarians. Could this be a freaking job opportunity for me? Unfortunately, it seems to me the bigger problems are the need for more, and better-functioning, computers and audiovisual equipment. Oh well...

Literary Commentary: Yeah Right...

I really don't have much to say so today will be short. Again, I'm not putting up a new quiz until the images from the old ones show up.

I read two articles about the fall TV season. In addition to The Practice spin-off with Spader and Shatner, it looks like Camryn Manheim wants to make a half-hour sitcom around her character. Somehow I don't think that'll be good at all...

Speaking of Shatner, I was also reading that he has a way to have Kirk appear on Enterprise even though the show takes place like a hundred and ten years before his time. Eh, it's science fiction. Kirk has gone back in time on numerous occasions. Actually, there's still a part of him in the Nexus where time has no meaning. Shatner says that he's waiting to see if the show is renewed before he brings his idea to producers. Why waste it?