Saturday, January 27, 2007

The End Of A Series And How Silent Bob Saved A Movie.

THe other day, I finished reading Book 7 of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle. It's abundantly clear C.S. Lewis was tired of writing this series as it's very short, ends abruptly and, instead of a typical plot, he dumps everything he possibly could into this book. I mean it's the literary equivalent of one of those TV reunion specials where past castmembers return and reminisce. I really don't want to give anything away but I'm pretty sure he implied dear Susan Pevensie is in Hell for being a stereotypical teenage/young adult woman.

Because I once promised to give a final ranking of the books, here you go:

7. Book 5: A Horse and His Boy
6. Book 7: The Last Battle
5. Book 2: Prince Caspian
4. Book 6: The Magician's Nephew
3. Book 3: Voyage of the Dawn Treader
2. Book 4: The Silver Chair
1. Book 1: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

I think the fact the BBC never made movie specials of the last three books tells you something...

Sports interlude: The UConn men's basketball team really sucks this year.

Last night, we went to see the new Jennifer Garner movie Catch and Release. It doesn't deserve the bad review it got in The Hartford Courant but neither does it deserve the two thumbs up it got. Given the situation, I fully accept Garner's character would get into bed with the friend of questionable morals but she wouldn't fall in love with him and certainly would not drive to California to see him again. Kevin Smith saved this movie. His character was the only one that behaved realistically throughout and was hilarious to boot.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Recently, I finished reading Michael Crichton's Next. While I thought his last book, State of Fear, was at least one of his best books, this has to be counted as one of his worst. The major problem with this book was there really wasn't one, or two even, central storylines and I think this really hurt him. Now if he just structured the book as a collection of short stories, it might have turned out better. I loved the the stories of Dave the transgenic chimp and Gerard the transgenic parrot (Although Gerard's storyline could have ended better.) but the rest of the plotlines were rather hohum.

I now officially done with orthopedists and have been medically cleared for my move. Unless my physical therapist has other ideas, I'll be done with PT this week. Woo Hoo!

In sports, I point my "Evil Monkey" finger at those darn Patriots. They had the Colts on the ropes and couldn't close the door. I know they had some injuries and the Colt offense is a good one but the Chargers are a better team and they were stopped so WTF?

I end with some current events: The media seems to claim that Hillary Clinton has the female vote sewn up but I'm pretty sure they misinterpret feminist thought processes. Yes, they'd love a woman in power but they'd be upset she didn't kick her husband to the curb for his womanizing. Another factor to consider, if the so- called "Women Vote" is all that powerful the Mondale-Ferraro ticket would have won more than Minnesota in '84. Clearly, they still wouldn't have won but...

What are my thoughts on Hillary? I personally don't think a candidate's personal life has anything to do with their presidential qualifications. I thought the country's reaction to Bill's misdeeds was overblown and Hillary's reaction to it shouldn't be either. Gerald Ford stood by his wife when her addictions where revealed and he was applauded. Shouldn't Hillary be given the same courtesy? Besides, she's the best candidate the Democrats have. It seems the country is done with Republicans. McCain had a shot but supporting the troop surge was hugely misguided on his part.

Speaking of the troop surge, I leave you dear readers with this.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Moving

Last night really, the preparations for my move to Portland has commenced. We've decided February 1st and 2nd. I've already figured out how much a bus pass would cost and and I believe I know how to get to my grandmother's apartment.

As you may already know, it seems like a simple process to transfer to my temp agency's office up there so I will have some work. It may not be enough at first we'll work it out. Even though my attempts to contact other agencies have been apparently ignored, I'm hoping they'll be more receptive when I actually move. We worked out a budget this morning and I'll still need financial assistance from my parents for the time being if the job situation isn't drastically different up there.

The new complication is that my bank isn't in Maine. (Coincidentally, my bank in Maine before the move down here isn't down here.) So I think I've found a suitable replacement although there seems to be some confusion as to what would be the nearest branch to me. I'm sure this will be figured out quickly enough when I get up there.

Did I tell you my new Christmas computer has arrived? It will be taken up to Maine when my parents go up anyway for a conference.

Anyway, since this post was rather unusual for me, I will close with some thoughts that will be more familiar to you readers. Last weekend, the parents and I went to see Dream Girls in faux IMAX. I'm not old enough to know the real story of the Supremes so I couldn't tell you how close the story was but I do know how eerily close it was to star Beyonce Knowles' own group Destiny's Child with the line-up changes, and the subsequent revision of history that followed, in particular. The acting was spectacular from Jamie Foxx's bastard of a record executive to Eddie Murphy's drug addicted aging rocker. (Those who have seen the latter's "James Brown's Hot Tub" or "Little Rchard Simmons" sketches on SNL shouldn't be too surprised by this.) The real suprise in the acting arena, if not the singing, actually was Jennifer Hudson. If she wins nothing I'll be very surprised.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

More Aniston?

On New Year's Day, my parents and went to see The Queen. For those who're confused by which queen I'm refering, this was the movie with Helen Mirren as Elizabeth II during the time of Diana's death. The movie does make you think about whether the Royal Family was actually justified not making a fuss or not. I'm really not sure where I fall on the subject now although I admit I did think there should have been a public statement prior to seeing this film. The Queen, which also features James Cromwell hilariously accurate in his portrayal of Prince Phillip, has the seriousness of an art house film but is the most fun I've seen since The Good Girl.

Speaking of Jennifer, I received Along Came Polly from my aunt so we watched it last night. It was a really funny movie but no way in hell should these two be together. I'm sorry but no... I didn't know Phillip Seymour Hoffman was in this movie but especially after seeing him in Capote last week, his character Sandy was a laugh riot. Who knew the range this guy has? I recommend a double feature...

Monday, January 01, 2007


Here's a blow by blow account of my recent Christmas and subsequent vacation for you all to peruse.

Christmas Day-I woke up rather late as my cat decided to spend the night before with me and that is difficult for many reasons. We had our stocking and presents and then hit the road for Maine. When we arrived, we had a present exchange.

Tuesday- My aunt, who arrived at my grandmother's just before we did the day before was down and a cousin came over so there was a Christmas party of sorts. The downside was that my intestinal thing from Thanksgiving returned but more on that later.

That night, we watched the movie The Upside of Anger. I really can't say you should definitely see this movie or that you definitely shouldn't. Overall, it was very well acted and isn't about time Kevin Costner put out a movie that was at least Tin Cup good? The best line came from the writer/director:

"Who should I sleep with, Terry? Women like you? Your age? My age? I don't. You know why? 'Cause younger women are nice. You take them out, and they're actually grateful. 'Oh look, a steak. Yummy.' You go for a walk after dinner, the air smells nice, they say, 'Thank you. This was nice. This was fun. You're funny. Tee-hee-hee.' What should I do, Terry? Settle down and marry some pissed-off thing like you? I'd rather have someone come over and do dental work, every day, from my backside, up... through my ass!"

The main reason for my reluctance is that the movie's ending, and therefore the whole basis for the movie, makes little sense unless you have personality that's even more pessimistic than mine.

Wednesday- I woke up early and let's just say I repainted my grandmother's bathroom brown. Thankfully, that was the worst of it. the whole bug was more violent abut much quicker. After resting most of the day, we watched Capote. This movie was very well acted but it was the slowest moving film I've seen in quite some time.

Thursday-This could be described as "The Day of Shopping" as I spent a gift certificate early in the day and then my parents and I went with my grandmother and uncle to this auction they like. I myself bought some old comics.

Friday- I got to see my new apartment and clear up some confusion/concerns about my impending move. There still isn't an exact move date but February looks good for all concerned. I'll have my own bedroom, bathroom and some of my own appliances too actually...

My little cousin came that evening for is weekly visitation with his father/grandmother. After spending the weekend with him, the only thing keeping me wanting children is the the chance they'll be more interesting to be around...

Saturday- We had the family party at my other grandparents. I think it was the best party we had in about three years as I had my partners in crime with me this year and one of them brought her son so my other little cousin had someone else to play with. Woo Hoo!

Sunday-Trying to find a time to go visit my last babysitter, we decided to go to the service at our old church. It was an experience made even more weird by the fact the youngest son of the neighbor I mentioned who died not too long ago provided special music. As I suspected, one of his sisters and his mother were there. Oddly, it seemed more awkward for me talking with him and the mother than the sister...

Finally, we arrived home in Connecticut to find our furnace was off so we restarted it but it was very cold in here for about four hours. Fun!!! Oh and I also discovered I left a whole bag of dirty laundry at my grandmother's house...
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