Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Finally Got My Chair Back From The Cat

The other night we, and another friend, watched a movie we had wanted to go see this summer mainly because everyone was in this movie. Rendition investigates a bombing in Northern Africa. Part of the investigation by the CIA uses a practice called rendition to basically kidnap a suspect and take him off to get tortured. Reese Witherspoon plays the wife of just such a "suspect." She has a friend (Peter Sarsgaard) who works for a senator (Alan Arkin). He tries to help her find her husband but there's only so much he can do. Meryl Streep plays either the head of the CIA or at least someone very high up and does such a good job being a bitch. Yes, the evil senator she played in the remake of The Manchurian Candidate was similar but she wasn't evil here. She was just good at her job.

In other news, I have a cold or I guess you could say that I have "flu-like symptoms" as they say in baseball. I haven't worked at the library for the past two mornings but I am going to do the dance group this evening because I can nap there just as easily as here. Well, close enough...

Speaking of baseball, I'm not going to discuss the absurdity of the Roger Clemens situation but I did want to comment on the Rays, as they want to be called now, considering talking with Barry Bonds...OK, I'm done... Oh, and the Sox signing Bartolo Colon to a minor league deal may have been a good thing like 5 years ago but now? Well, if he can stay healthy, it may turn out all right...

Finally, speaking of absurdity, I turn on Today this morning and Meredeth was interviewing the surviving members of the original cast of Murphy Brown. Now, this is confusing to me because the show aired on CBS and I'm pretty sure there was no connection to Universal either. It still bothers me...

Monday, February 25, 2008

More Movies And...More!

My roommate's college friend was up again so we got some more good food, including an awesome chocolate cake, and watch four movies. First up was Gameplan with The Rock as a quarterback for the fictional team "Boston Rebels," a name I'm sure they put a lot of thought into, whose hereto unknown daughter shows up at his door. Disney hilarity and drama ensues. The movie didn't suck but let's just say it won't be going in my collection...

The second film was another Disney film: Meet the Robinsons. This film was very good if predictable. One more comment: Nicole Sullivan and Tom Selleck voice this couple. If the two of them were really married, I think one of them would die and Tom's the NRA member so "choo choo on this!" (Best line of the movie...)

Film number 3 was No Reservations with Catherine Zeta Jones, Aaron Eckhart and Abigail Breslin. Jones plays a executive chef who feels her employment is threatened by Eckhart and whose sister dies leaving her to take care of her niece (Breslin). The movie, more than Gameplan, reminded me of Black Beauty and Fly Away Home. Very good movie indeed.

Finally, we have Happy Feet. Definitely Robin Williams at his best but, while the movie was great at using information found in March of the Penguins, why Mumbles (Elijah Wood) had different eyes and markings than everyone else was never delved into. The answer to this would explain why he tap dances instead of sings...

Briefly, I want to talk about my book some more as it's the most exciting thing to happen to me in years. To answer the question in the comment section, it's called Winter Storm and is a spy thriller concerning a NATO intelligence agent investigating the assassinations, both successful and not, of several European heads of state. KJ Kofsuske may remember this from college though I can't remember if she read back then or not. I remember the discussion of it, however. Still no official release date but bookmark the site for more news as it develops!

Friday, February 22, 2008

The First Dollar

Today, I received in the mail from the publisher a cash advance. Sure, it's only a dollar but it's symbolism anyway. The book is already written. At the moment, I'm in the midst of editing the final draft. I don't have an official release date as of yet but it won't be very long now. I'm very excited. More and more people have told me that they want to read it so it will sell at least a couple dozen copies. Hey! you have to start somewhere...

This past weekend, I went up to see my parents and, yes, get a better author photo. I bought a new CD, which was selling for a good price at that: Instant Karma: Save Darfur which is a compilation of John Lennon covers to benefit Amnesty International's efforts in that area of the globe. My parents and I were quite impressed by this double album. I question why there are two cover each of "Imagine" and "Give Me Some Truth" when there are at least three or four songs not included at all, most notably "Borrowed Time" but Jakob Dylan and Dhani Harrison's cover of the aforementioned "Give Me Some Truth" makes me crave a "Traveling Wilburys: The Next Generation." The other members have kids but I don't know if they're musical.

In a related review, we also watched the movie Across the Universe which tells the story of Jude and Lucy and their friends who also have names taken from Beatle songs living in the turbulent late Sixties with the music of the Beatles. Appearances are made by Bono, Joe Cocker and Salma Hayek. Geeks like me will enjoy trying to figure out all the song references and, if you're a Beatle fan, you'll enjoy singing along to the music.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

This and That

Last night while we were watching TV, there was an ad on the SciFi Channel advertising this week's Saturday night movie. The title of this is called Bone Eater. Even if this movie was on Spike, the genre of this movie would not be horror. Bone Crusher. Bone Breaker. Even Shattered Bone wold have been fine but Bone Eater? ::Shakes Head:: Anyone who's been around the two of us knows how immature we are when we're together, and living together could possibly have made it worse, so this was a total laugh riot for us. "Is this Hall and Oates comeback single?"

Material, including book description and author photo as well as the actual manuscript, has been submitted. I'm getting very excited now. I'm not expecting the book to win any awards or make me rich over night but this has been a dream of mine for years. I hoped 30 would be a good year but I never expected anything like this. What will I dream about now?

Monday, February 04, 2008

Reviews And A Glimpse Into More Of My Life

Two seperate trips to the mall garnered me a new book and two new CDS. I'll discuss the book when I actually get around to reading it but the first CD is Magic which is the latest from Bruce Springsteen reunited once again with the E-Street Band. It's no contest that the music is better with the band as oppose to without but I've come to the conclusion that, despite great tunes Bruce did by himself or with other musicians, his writing seems better with the band for whatever reason. Devils and Dust, his previous album didn't suck but the lyrics don't grab me the way the lyrics of these songs do. If you like classic Springsteen, I highly recommend this album.

Ringo Starr gets a bad rap. He's the most underappreciated Beatle and yet Photograph: The Very Best of Ringo is an awesome compilation. Yes, one may argue that's because George Harrison appears on a large portion of the tracks found here and John Lennon appears on two, I beleive, but that in no way belittles his talent. Others listen to his albums and complain, "That's not Ringo singing." for example. No other non-rap artist has so many guest stars on their albums. I personally think it's cool. Ringo is a team player. More artists need to get over themselves and take note.

Though, I'm not going to discuss the book I bought yet, I am going to discuss a book I finished recently. Star Trek: Strangers From The Sky by Margaret Wander Bonanno was orginally written about twenty years ago and this is obvious to any moderate fan of the franchise. There's no way that there are 500 members of the Federation at 2265 when only 19% of the galaxy had been explored by 2365, (The Next Generation second season episode "The Dauphin.") Bonanno includes a new foreward in which she herself points out the inconsistancies though not specifically except for first contact with the Vulcans. The actual story of the book, that first contact with the Vulcans actually happened before the official account is still valid. The crew of the Enterprise, and I liked how it was the crew seen only the second pilot "Where No Man Has Gone Before," go back to this time which is fine. My biggest problem with this book is how this element occurs. A sorceror? In Star Trek? Come on. A non-corporeal entity or technologically advanced alien I can accept but a sorceror? It just doesn't work for me.

Let me tell about this past Saturday. I had previously agreed to do event staff duties at my church for a string quartet that preforms here about once a month. The sidewalks were very icy so, fearing for my safety, I tried to call out. I called and left a message for the secretary. (I find out today that she was trying to get a hold of me but my phone was knocked out my our thorough housekeeper.) Anyway, long story shorter, we get a hold of eachother at the last minute and my aunt gives me a lift down.

I'm glad I didn't wait any longer because I was busy unlocking things when their special guest pianist encounters me and asks if there are lights as I thought I had more time to turn them on. Finding her a piano to practice on during the concert was a pain. The guy who came to record the concert was setting up his equipment and was told by her, "I don't like to be recorded until I have heard it myself." Things went smoothly after that until about intermission when aparently one of the quartet became ill. I think his was the main reason the concert went twenty minutes over. I'm sure the piano mover guys were happy about this. After the concert, tthe building evacuated quickly except for the recording guy who took his sweet time packing up his stuff. Meanwhile, my aunt is waiting outside to bring me back up the street. I'd do it again but it was an experience I won't soon forget.

Finally, a word or three about the Super Bowl. I say this every year but the commercials get worse every year. I suppose the best was the Budweiser commercial with this dog training "Rocky" the clydesdale to pull the beer wagon but the Victoria Secret commercial did hold my attention....

The Giants have always been my second favorite team so I can't get too upset by last night's outcome but I will say this: Tom Brady was clearly not himself and needed more protection than usual whci he didn't get. One of two things had to happen: the defense needed to work harder to compensate or Brady needed to be pulled just after they took the lead if not sooner. Some may argue that the Giants just wanted it more. Maybe they did. Maybe they did...

Here's a quiz and a very accurate one at that:

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