Thursday, September 25, 2014

Super Movie Buffet

After a decade of doing this blog, people have finally requested movie reviews so without further dithering here we go!

Movies I've watched recently in approximate order:

1. Thanks For Sharing- Mark Ruffalo, Tim Robbins and Josh Gadd play sex addicts on various stages of recovery.  After 5 years of recovery,  Robbins feels it's time for Rufffalo to start dating again. Enter Gweneth Paltrow.  The other two have their own issues. For me, the different storylines rotate around as far as my interest in them which definitely keeps my interest in the movie as a whole.  The only complaint really is that it wraps up a little too easily at the end but that's a problem with many movies,  isn't it?

2. Silver Lining Playbook- When I first heard about a movie  about two mentally ill people finding each other,  I feared it would be much too painful to watch but I was pleasantly surprised.  This was a fantastic film.  I'd be lying if  I said the name of Bradley Cooper's obsession,  his ex-wfe,  being the same as a former obsession of mine didn't hit home but the ending gave me hope I that respect I suppose.  And yes, Chris Tucker needs to do more "comic relief" roles rather than "comic overkill" roles...

3. 3 Days To Kill- Kevin Costner has seen a resurgence in his career. This movie took me all the way back to No Way Out, which was my draw into it. I love films by both Luc Besson and McG way more than most but I feel their styles do not blend together well.  People who complain Spider-Man movies have too much story need to see this movie.  That's not to say it isn't a perfectly good spy action thriller. (Hell, true fans of my books would probably get into it fairly well...) Turn your brain off and enjoy.  (This is possibly the first time that sentence actually makes sense to me...)

4. Here Is Where I Leave You-  A family gathering drama with a stacked cast. Simply put, if you enjoyed The Family Stone, you'll enjoy this one but don't worry.  The separate story threads aren't really the same so it's not a rehash.  As I mentioned on Facebook,  this was the most dramatic role I had seen Tina Fey do and she nailed it.  Jane Fonda totally redeems herself for the horrible Monster-in-Law.  If you're one of those who boycott her movies for her actions during Vietnam,  especially if you weren't actually born then, you're missing a great film. Two quibbles: The endings of the storylines, for the most part,  were more realistic than satisfying in my opinion but I've done that in my writing so it's understandable.  The second quibble is even more minor: Dax Sheppard always plays a lovable ass which meant he was too likable for his role here for my tastes...

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Political Ad "Opinion Check" (Part 2)

Last time I focused on the race for Governor here in Maine. Today, my thoughts on the Race for Senate.

First up, an ad from incumbent Susan Collins' opponent, Shenna Bellows:

She doesn't come right and say in this ad we need to raise the minimum wage but she does imply that, just as veterans and the elderly, and I would include all people below the poverty line, should not have to choose between eating and paying for their meds, people in the lower middle class bracket should not have to work 55+ hour weeks  just to provide for their family and in consequence never actually SEE their family...

Let me tell you right out, I hate Out of State ads on both sides of the aisle so this one doesn't exactly excite me but I can't say everything said here is 100% wrong. Collins' people will tell you she is one of the most bi-partisan senators in Washington. At some point,I think even I have noted her votes are less than the 85% party line she used to vote during the Bush years. I applauded her for after the gun control bill failed and she complained that her colleague "didn't even read the bill" before shooting it down. That all said, voting more than 50% with these congressional Republicans is unacceptable. I've noted the you must have to be bat-shit crazy to be in the Tea Party... Olympia Snow, who's record shows is more bipartisan than Collins probably will ever be basically retired. Arlen Specter switched parties. Colin Powell endorsed Obama. Susan needs to step up to the bullies of her party the same way Margaret Chase Smith stood up to Joseph McCarthy low those many decades ago (and my own great-grandfather, Frank Fellows congressman from Maine's 3rd district, I'm told thought she was a bitch...). I leave you with words from Collins herself when she ran for the senate the first time:

As you'll notice this video was actually made for the last race and she's now going for her FOURTH TERM. Yeah, she could have changed her mind but Republicans always call out Democrats for doing it (In fact Independent candidate for Governor, Eliot Cutler strongly implied that of Mike Michaud in a recent ad of his...) so turnabout is more than fair play. Here I can't help but be reminded of Collins' friend, Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut who lost the Democratic Primary to Ned Lamont but, not taking the hint, ran anyway as an Independent. (And yes, still won.)

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Political Ad "Opinion Check" (Part 1?)

It's that time of year again where politics are making my head explode so let me unload here. Today, I want to give my opinion on a few ads.

First Up: An ad by the Republican Governor's Association (headed up by Chris Christie who is just as crooked as Rick Perry and that dude from Virginia.

Will Michaud (Notice how these morons mispronounce his name; which seriously hurts their defense against the Mainer's disdain of "People From Away;" if at least 50% of that group don't also vote GOP, I'd be rather shocked...)  The crux of the argument that Michaud gives a shit about immigrants is true. Also, I'm tired of the word "taxpayer." Before my seizure issue of last year and was working, I never exceeded the cap of people who have to file income taxes and those didn't. (Yes, I did have taxes taken from paychecks...) Are you implying I don't contribute to society? Also, this isn't the 18th Century and the poor are allowed to vote as well as people who sympathize with fellow human beings living in countries controlled by murderous gangs.

Here's another more positive ad from the RGA:

My biggest issue with this one is this: a soundbite is a soundbite. We live in an increasingly smaller world where even private conversations have a way of geting out. (Remember Romney's 47% comment?)  LePage's more irritating soundbites have made national news! With this publicity, this will not help Maine's image of backwater hicks. Maybe people think our state's tourism should be people coming from other states  to view us as a frickin' petting zoo. I have a higher opinion of myself and you should as well.

This long form ad (longer than I was planning) from Mike Michaud's campaign says everything about him I need to know:

If you don't work together, you're not going to get things done. LePage has a "my way or the highway" attitude that I can't stand. How anyone can believe his "I'm going to veto everything until you pass the bill I want." stunt with the hospital bill is anything but childish politics I have no idea how your thought process works and I'm a INTP on the Myers-Brigs test...

Next time I'm going to delve into my thoughts on the race for Senate...

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