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North of the Border

I will be heading to Toronto on Tuesdayso I wanted to give you one last post for you secret blog readers that don't comment before I go. If you like Julie Andrews feel good movies, I would recommend you go see The Princess Diaries 2. I saw it a while back and thought it was alright for what it was. Stargate: SG-1 brought to mind a conversation I had with Deuce about how it and Andromeda both are filmed in Vancouver so crossover with the actors wasn't surprising then I made a comment about Smallville. Well, this week Erika Durance who will be playing Lois Lane this season guest starred! It was kind of freaky for me but also expected considering the above reasoning. Teal'c getting an apartment isn't too interesting nor is Carter's love life but merge the two plots and they had something there. I was very pleased. Stargate Atlantis seems to be pulling out many "thinking man" episodes early out of the gate, no pun intended. What I mean is that they are not ac…

Only a Few More Hours to Go

Smokey's family will be returning late tonight. I think he's ready too. I didn't think he'd ever go down for his nap which is probably more for my sake than his. Anyway, the past two days, he's been wearing me out. He has two walk routes a long one and a short one. He hasn't wanted to go the short way yet and I seriously doubt he will this afternoon. Eh.

I had brought more things to scan but I haven't yet and really am not in the mood to do so now. Has the novelty worn off?

I haven't told you all how I feel about the new Justice League Unlimited series that debuted a week ago last night. While the second episode was ok, the first was way better. That included three new characters while the newer one had just Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. At long last, we "see" the Invisible Jet and in this version, the people inside are also invisible so you won't have Wonder Woman in a sitting position seemingly floating around in the air. …

New Digs

As you can see, I changed the template to my blog. I didn't see any way for anyone to comment but nobody has lately so I'm pretty sure it won't be a problem...

Stargate was really good for what it was which was a Planet of the Week (POW) story. Just as Smallville going back to a FOW story, this doesn't really satisfy me anymore but, despite that I did enjoy it otherwise. Daniel using Go'auld as code amused me.

My main problem with last week's Atlantis was the frequent use of the Wraith so early in the series. This apparently was done deliberately to set up this week's dilema. Two views on this week's episode. One suggests that suspecting a castmember is secretly an enemy spy doesn't work well this early in the series because the viewer doesn't know the charcter that well yet and it wouldn't come as a shock if the rumors were true. On the other hand, since the audience doesn't know the character well yet this may be the perfect time to…

I So Missed Taking Quizzes

Take the quiz: "Which American City Are You?"

New York
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Stare of the Dog

You're Eric!

Which That 70's Show Character are You?

For some reason my beautifully written post yesterday wouldn't publish so I write again in hopes it works this time. Here's what I need to tell everyone: I'm back with Smokey the retired seeing eye dog this weekend. (Woo Hoo!) You know how he didn't usually walk for me on the first day? Well, he had three long walks yesterday. My knees haven't hurt this bad since those ridiculously long shifts at the Civic Center. We went out for an hour and a half this morning. I may be getting too old for this but at least it gets me away from the three Korean teenagers staying at my house...

To update you on my appplication process for that job in New Haven, I recieved the final letter of reference today so they should have everything by Tuesday or Wednesday. Since I'm not at home I can't check when the application deadline is so I'm praying it's not too late.

Before the new episodes tonight, let me briefl…