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Hot Stove Commentary

I was pleased with the signing of former Twin Boof Bonser the other day. To me he seems like an improvement over Wakefield; age-wise anyway. It looks he's gonna be a long man in the annual revamped 'pen. Whatever.

I say whatever because yesterday's signing of former Angel ace John Lackey makes the Bonser signing completely irrelevant. Despite stating the season on the DL for his former team the last two years, he still brought it for them being up near the top of their rotation. Depending on Dice-K' Matzusaka's new conditioning program goes, they'll fight each other for third which is awesome. What I don't like is this makes Clay Buccholtz trade-bait. Trade Wakefield and/or Bonser for the final bat.

Jason Bay demanding a fifth year, or at least his agent, does not impress me much. Pedro pulled the same crap when he left for the Mets. Pedro wasn't worth a longer contract then and Bay isn't now. If I was negotiating I'd give him 4 years as …

Rules For A New Star Trek Series

After reading, this article, I think all of my readers know I had to comment. Actually, I did at the article itself but what kind of host would I be if I forced you to go there and search for them? Besides this is why I have blog in the first place.

I loved the new movie and agree a reboot needed to be done. It's more Trek than Universe is Stargate That said, it's too soon to use that alternate universe for a series. I'd wait until the third or, better yet, the fifth for that. That said, speaking strictly as a Trekie, it's not too soon for a new series for me...

My must haves, in no particular order:

1. Likable characters-Tension is great but Stargate: Universe vs. Voyager/DS9 has shown even characters that hate each other in the beginning eventually should get along. Even Enterprise characters grew on me by season 2...

2. A ship-Space, time or space and time, I don't care but there must be a ship. DS9 was and still is my favorite of the franchise but the main com…

What Does Alanis Morrisette Need With a Starship?

For this month's book group at church I read The Shack by William P. Young. Simply put, not nearly as bad as I feared it would be given the beginning reminded me of Left Behind which as a pretty good story but "nauserating" theologically. In fact, Young's novel was quite thought provoking.

The book tells the story of a man irritatingly named Mackenzie Phillips (Young never saw One Day At A Time apparently...) who holds a lot of emotional pain from a abusive father and kidnapped daughter and is summoned by note to the scene of his daughter's murder supposedly by God.

What I liked about the book: though The Shack is fiction, Young writes it as if Mack related the story to him to write down. It's a plot device I really want to use someday.

As I implied earlier, the book's writing style was similar to Left Behind but, as the story gets going, it turns out it's more in-line with where I am theologically. Hint: God isn't an old white guy and Jesus is Ara…