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Move Over Theo; I Have My Own Hot Stove Rock and Roll

I did post a video from the Grace Potter and the Nocturnals concert (Well, from a concert...) but let me describe the experience in more detail. Best concert I've been to in years. Maybe since college when I went to see Bob Dylan with Natalie Merchant... (To be fair, the first time I saw Jewel she had just broken her collar bone and the second time she was forced to open for Rob Thomas...Jakob Dylan didn't like performing in a casino...Neil Young's set was too obscure...) Natalie had energy back then bouncing off this foot stool but this time the whole band crackled.

Amazon describes The Nocturnals as "a modern-day version of Tina Turner stroking the microphone in a spangled mini-dress while fronting the Rolling Stones circa Sticky Fingers." A pretty apt description I think. To me, they have a jam band quality to them, like the Grateful Dead or Phish as well. (My boss pointed out they are from Vermont citing "Cherry Garcia" ice cream. Not to mention …

Rather Random

1. Watched American Gangster over Thursday and yesterday. That was a great movie and so well acted. I'm not old enough to know about the true events that inspired it but I'm surprised no one made a movie about it before. Russell Crow, who was also in the recently watched State of Play (Like that period of time where I watched like three Jennifer Aniston movies, this is my "summer of Russell" I guess...), was great as a cop turned DEA, turned prosecutor turned defense attorney but "my man" Denzel Washington rocked as Harlem drug lord Frank Lucas. (Looking at the pictures of the real guy, he reminds me of OJ Simpson...)

2. I'm scheduled to go back up to Ellsworth on Monday as my father got tickets to see Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. I'm excited as they are one of my top favorite bands of the last 10 or 15 years. It'll be a quick trip but worth it, I'm sure...

3. So publisher is pissing me off. I haven't actually written much …

Eat. Pray. Love. Eat Some More.

Before and during my vacation up to see the 'rents, I saw three movies but I decided to focus here on the one still in theaters. Eat. Pray. Love. begins Julia Roberts leaving her boring marriage. Really, why did she think it would work? She was a CIA Agent and he was mole planted at the IMF by an arms dealer. Then she falls for The Green Goblin; who, frankly, was too young for her.

She decides to travel the world and eat. A lot. In India, this Texan who supposedly looked like James Taylor but reminded me more of the pedophile/killer from the Lovely Bones, (No, it was actually the father/stepfather from Step-Brothers interestingly enough which I apparently didn't review...) nicknamed her "Groceries" because of this. One of my favorite parts...

After Italy and India, and the eating and the praying, she returns to Indonesia where she meets Real Life Mr. Penelope Cruz. (I apologize I've never seen any of his acting before therefore no better links.)

I've seen mu…

I Blogged, No Big Whoop...

My regular readers, if you're still around, may remember that at least twice in the past I've gone into my "I'm going to die poor and alone" mental state. It happened again about a month ago now. In the past, as you may remember, this feeling coincided with getting dumped or rejected from a job. Sure the latter has happened but, truthfully neither event coincided with the feeling this time and that really bothered me. (Still sort of does...)

This may lead to real psychoanalysis later down the road but, for now, I've started vocational-related, but not vocational-specific, rehabilitation. So far, it's revealed a handful of things I never realized about my choices, which does not suggest they were bad choices but that they were simply done without me being aware I made them; like going to college. (Sure, grad school was conscious decision but college? Who knew?) I also, apparently, do not like the fact I'm only above average in math...Also my coun…

My Writing Style

I write like
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My Take On The Healthcare Bill and Other Musings

So the process of healthcare reform has taken a huge step. Sure it's a small step but look what will take effect in a few short months: sick children will no longer be denied coverage. How in God's name could that be a bad thing?

Children can't be kicked off their parents coverage until before the age 26. When I came of age and had to get my own coverage, health insurance was a good hundred dollars cheaper a month. Giving out kids a few more years to get a career off the ground in this economy is a good deal.

Most importantly, many who don't have coverage will soon. Sure, some don't want to have health insurance. I'm guessing they're the same people who don't want to wear seatbelts. Possibly the same people who use the kid's heads as ashtrays but now we're just getting silly...

People have claimed it's a violation of their civil liberties. These same people supported illegal wiretapping of American citizens and racial profiling and voted to…

Another Mismash of Stuff

1. Last Saturday night I was invited to a party by a student at the Seminary where I work. He's housemates of sorts with a couple I know from church but most everyone I knew there was from work as the others from church had the "dual identity" as did. As the house was in my neighborhood, I walked down. I gave myself about 25 minutes and ended up being the first to arrive. I also ended up being one of the last to leave as the 9pm stop time happened and the dancing to Van Morrison happened. The there was an impromptu jam session so the party really didn't end until almost 10:30. Great time.

2. As some of you may remember we had a bed bug problem awhile back. Our movie-loving cook friend decided it was time for us to get furniture again so we went out recliner shopping. (Hey, if she was willing to pay...) We ended up getting a recliner AND a Canadian rocker. Both are awesomely comfortable.

3. On Sunday, we watched The Gift with Cate Blanchett. Given this was directed by …

Movie Deja Vu (Good-ish and Bad-ish)

Valentine's Day-If I had seen Love Actually, I probably would have really enjoyed this film. The acting was more than fine except maybe for both the Taylors. (Who's idea was it to make Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift a couple anyway? Surreally lame.) There were several "surprises" in the movie. I figured out all but maybe two ahead of time. I feel stupid for not figuring out those two... I think director Gary Marshall's sister Penny could have done a better job on this movie...

Finally, a comparison of the soundtracks between Love Actually and this movie. Notice Maroon 5 being on both soundtracks. (Not a fan.) Also, fewer covers on the Love Actually soundtrack. (Eva Cassidy sounds just like Christine McVie on "Songbird.") Bottomline: Richard Curtis put so much thought into the soundtrack that process is a bonus feature on the DVD. I don't feel that from Marshall. Bottomline on the movie itself: If this was an SAT analogy, this movie compared with Lo…

Africa: Fact And Technically Fiction

Last weekend, I watched more research material. Somewhat anyway. After watching The International, I wanted to see The Interpreter, a movie the former supposedly was a rip off from. I didn't see that at all. Sure one had Nicole Kidman and the other had her best friend Naomi Watts but that's really where the similarities end. Sean Penn here reminded me more of Kevin Costner than Clive Owen.

And while setting it at the UN, that was really as "global" as it got. It was a great film in it's own right. I have to give a shout out to my book group for understanding the plot's real life origins. If I hadn't read When A Crocodile Eats the Sun I probably would have said Mandela as someone I watching it with did. No, the dictator threatened was clearly based on Robert Mugabe. Some of you will probably laugh but it also reminded me of the Manchurian Candidate...and Star Trek VI...

On Thursday, I went with the Seminary community downtown to hear the Soweto Gospel …

Because I'm A Lemming...

This wouldn't fit as my status on Facebook so here it is...

Go to Type your first name into the search bar, and then post the FIRST entry about it. Copy, paste, share!

Joshua is a sexy, masculine individual exuding the most desirable of traits. Although Joshua may be timid at first, his genuine and compassionate charm shine through above all things. He can be trusted with any secret and will always pull through even when the going gets tough. His understanding and supportive nature can put anyone at ease as he is never judgmental but rather always willing to listen with an open mind. He is the epitome of a true man.

My boyfriend is an absolute Joshua.


I Don't Really Like Short Posts

I was thinking I'd have a book review or even news on my own book to share right now but no. Instead here's reviews of two pretty different movies.

1. Havoc- This movie starred Anne Hathaway as a upper middle class socialite who's understandbly bored with the superficiality of her life and wants to experience something "real" like Hispanic gang culture. The movie was neither as good or as bad as that description suggests. Laura San Giacomo appeared very briefly in one scene and actually had no lines except to offer soup. She was either a friend of the production staff or needed quick cash. Not sure which. Shiri Appleby plays one of her friends and at one point says that hanging out with the gang was more fun than giving guys blow jobs at the local deli. After just re-watching Roswell, I really have a hard time picturing Liz Parker giving a line like that. My companions hated all the sex and violence but I give the film 3 out of 5 stars.

2. The second movie was Su…

Why Can't Movies Make A Decent Ending Anymore?

1. The International-This is one of those movies I like to call "reference material." The plot of a bank cornering the market on weapons deals to third world countries is something I wish I came up with first. The acting was superb. For some reason, I kept thinking what a great join Naomi Watts was doing hiding her accent as if she'd never done that before... The ending was both cool and WTF at the same time. I can't really explain it better without ruining the whole thing.

2. Push-Fascinating cast. The plot was interesting as well. I don't know how I feel that everyone has one of only four superpowers. I can't decide if that's more realistic or less...The ending wasn't great but as I sit here typing this, I can't remember why...

3. G-Force- This was a favorite of the weekend I think. Tracy Morgan as Blaster and Penelope Cruz as Juarez I think were my favorite characters. So much fun.

4. The Lovely Bones- Our company and I went out to see this on …

Somewhere Between Rant and Rave

I discovered TNT is making a TV series on my favorite Maine author Tess Gerritsen's Rizzoli/Isles series which is exciting news. First off, it should be called Rizzoli and Isles as Maura is just as much the star of the series. In fact Body Double for instance was really more about Maura than Jane. Whatever.

Angie Harmon is about the right age and personality to pull off Jane Rizzoli though, physically, I picture Meredith Scott Lynn more in the role. Of course not as big a name to star in series even on TNT so I understand. My one real gripe here is she sounds more from Jersey than Boston. Could be a problem. If she ever wears non-New England sports gear, heads will roll.

Sasha Alexander is totally wrong for the role of Maura Isles. I think more along the lines of Winona Ryder. Isles has the nickname "Queen of the Dead" for more reasons than just her job people! Oh, but that casting would upstage Harmon! Oh no!

My opinion of Vice Korsak is decidedly mixed. A greasy Bruce…

Snowy Holiday Musings

1. It's been awhile. I'll begin with a week ago this past Friday when I went down town to hear a band. A friend from high school plays drums. A couple other people from high school were there. It was a great time and welcome change of pace.

2. Finally had the Davis family Christmas party this past Saturday. Ugh. So boring. Only two presents for me as everyone else had already given theirs to me. Of course, I needed a calendar and another gift card is always good. Still not sure what I want to use it for. There was two kinds of apple pie.

3. Our movie loving cook friend spent the night before last. She makes some awesome nachos. Everything but the kitchen sink.

a. That night we went down to see Up in the Air. Overall a great movie with great story and acting but the ending, which I shan't reveal, was unsatisfying. Even an unrealistic ending would have been preferable. I can't really go into more detail without revealing much. I will say though that corporations that o…

Mad Libs!

Romeo and Juliet: Prologue Two cats, both alike in dignity,
In fair China, where we lay our scene,
From ancient sunshine break to new mutiny,
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.
From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
A pair of star-cross`d goats take their life;
Whole misadventured piteous overthrows
Do with their tree bury their parents` strife.
The fearful passage of their smelly love,
And the continuance of their parents` rage,
Which, but their children`s end, nought could swim,
Is now the 32 hours` traffic of our stage;
The which if you with prettyknee attend,
What here shall run, our toil shall strive to mend.

Random Holiday Thoughts

1. Gave my parents the new Beatles Trivial Pursuit game for Christmas. I thought the 3 of us would have an easy time of it but they added six levels of difficulty to every category. Of course we got a lot of 5 and 6 level questions like where did John go to school or what street he lived on. Yikes! Get this there's a movie category and we watched Hard Days Night. It didn't help. It was good though as my father took an early lead before my mother took over. I ended up winning merely on a dice-roll.

2. Got two big music gifts this year. My parents gave me Tom Petty's Live Anthology which though it's set up as a long concert, it's actually several different concert clips spliced together. You really don't notice. I love it!

b. Meanwhile my cousin gave me the John Lennon Anthology which is analogous to The Beatle Anthology as it's a compilation of outtakes, parodies and live tracks selected by Yoko Ono who also wrote the liner notes. This is great too!

3. Saw…