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Endings and Beginnings

I’ll begin with the “important” news first. A couple of weekends ago now, I and my family went to Boston so that I could march in my third commencement ceremony. Yes, I officially in every way am now a Master of Library Science. Of course, I’m still looking for that first professional job but it’s a beginning.

Some may be surprised to learn that I’m taking this “fresh start” thing to the extreme: I’ve applied for, among other places, an Academic Librarian Residency at the University of Minnesota. I know some of you are thinking that’s a long way to go, far from anyone I know but, really, no one comes down to Connecticut to visit anyway. In fact, most don’t even e-mail so it probably won’t be that different.

Now for the fun stuff. Revenge of the Sith was an exhilarating experience. It’s kind of sad that now Star Trek and Star Wars (proposed TV series non-withstanding) are now done. My parents and I went to see and and ended up in the IMAX theater. (Sure, the movie wasn’t in IMAX format b…

And Here I was Thinking that I Wouldn't be a Woman

I am:Octavia E. ButlerA voice truly unique in all of literature.

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