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When A Geek Posts

The major event of my birthday this year was going to another play but, unlike last year, this was at the Ivoryton Playhouse instead of on Broadway. We saw "An Inspector Calls." The play was very well acted and the plot was very suspenseful. The only drawback I can stress is that when the first act ends, there was some confusion as to if it was intermission or actually over. It could have been over but no one came out to give bows or anything. There was no mention of how many acts in the program as is usual and the director never gave a hint either way when she introduced it. It turned out all right but... This was the most "community theater" experience I've had here in Connecticut in that you could eat in the theater but the actors were still mostly professional. It was a very good time.

Yesterday, I went with my mother and a colleague of hers to a Christian Education conference. I personally went to a workshop on children's literature where most age appr…

Birthday Trivia

Tomorrow is my birthday. Yay! Last night, I discovered some trivia about the day I'm going to now share with you because I'm geeky like that:

I knew I shared a birthday with Hillary Clinton, Pat Sajak and Jaclyn Smith but I also share the day with Natalie Merchant and Dylan McDermott. Quite the posse...

What really blew my mind was the events of the day. I knew about the Shootout at the OK Corral and that The Who recorded "My Generation" like 12 years earlier (than my birth not the Shootout) but I discovered last night a possible reason I have a huge interest in Star Trek: The spaceshuttle Enterprise, named by President Ford for the ship on the show, had its fifth and final test on that same day in the same year as my birth!

In an unrelated matter, I have Jessica Simpson's new song "I Belong to Me" stuck in my head and I want it out!

Update For Inquiring Minds.

The interview yesterday went well I think. It's hard to tell when the interviewer has a pokerface the entire time to get a totally accurate impression but I still feel pretty good about it. I certainly asked more questions than I ever have in interviews previously and I even mentioned that I had looked at what databases they had on their website which I had done one other time but I think it worked better here. The only thing that could sink me is if they found someone who had professional budget management experience. She really hopes to have someone in place by Election Day but I guess this is dependent on when she can meet with the board so it may not be until December. I'm not postponing the surgery unless I have a good reason to. As far as living there, there is a apartment building right next door. I don't know if there's any vacancies but that would be great if I could work that out.

Not that anyone asked but, the doctor's appointments went well on Thursday…

Remind Me

Remind me to complain how boring and unexciting my life more often because as soon as I did, it got really exciting really fast. Last night, we had four visitors arrive from Korea. They like ziti and garlic bread. Go figure. They will be staying until Sunday night. I told my mother (AKA Hyacinth Bucket) she was making way too much salad but did she listen? No. Now we have this huge-ass bowl of salad in the fridge...What's really irritating is first the fork we use to serve catfood went missing now Susie's dish is missing as well...

Tomorrow, I have a physical to prepare for my surgery then I go to my orthopedist's to fill out consent forms. Woo Hoo! I hope I can find time for a haircut as well because...

Friday, I have a job interview at a library in Massachusetts! It's a reference job but I also will be conducting a book group. I've never done that but it sounds really fun. Sure, I'll be stuck reading many book that sucks but isn't that what book group i…

First, I Would Not Call It "A Party"...

Thursday night we went up to Maine to celebrate the 8oth birthday of my grandfather's wife. As I suspected, especially since my partners in crime couldn't make it, the affair was fairly yawn-worthy. The highlights included my aunt, my mother and I speculating just what kind of sandwich my mother was eating. My aunt said if you don't know what it is, it's usually chicken and then I said something like, "let's go with that..." Another highlight was when I mentioned to another aunt that the eclair piece I was eating seemed to have the cream sucked out of it. My "grandmother"'s son sang, as did she actually. During his performance of a Christmas song he wrote, (Yes, you read that correctly.) his wife was wandering around the room doing other tasks but piped in when he needed a backup singer...

Friday night, we saw a movie with my uncle and grandmother from the other side of the family: Monster-in-Law. I've noticed I've been giving go…

More Movies

Last night, my father and I rented two movies from Blockbuster as TV was crap. The family movie was Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing and Charm School. I don't mind non-linear offerings (Hell, I love Alias and Lost) but this movie did it in a very aggravating way I think. Though his name appears on the package and others that have infinitely more to do don't, Danny Devito only appears in one scene but it's a good scene so I suppose we can forgive whoever made that decision. Speaking of the cast though, amazing. There isn't one cast member you haven't seen somewhere else. I wasn't sure if I'd recommend it when I started watching it but it grows on you.

The "Me Movie" watched today was Ultimate Avengers II. You can read what I thought of the first one here but I thought the plot of this one was much more original. I recommend watching the first one beforehand anyway, however, because it will make more sense.

You Are 7 Up
Understated and subtle,…

Madman Has A Blog

I don't have anything to say of any import except to say the career is still going nowhere so the move to Portland is looking good.

Now what I really wanted to comment on today was the political scene here in Connecticut. There are only two congressional incumbents who's jobs aren't being threatened; my district congressman being one of them. The other three districts however seem quite heated and so I'll have to watch a buttload of political ads that have nothing to do with me for the eternity until election day. Being from the two district state of Maine, I didn't have this problem there as the incumbent of the other district never had a serious challenger so this is rather new to me. (Not my first election down here but it seems especially annoying this year.) I will say this: the Republican incumbents all seem to stress their opponents will raise taxes. First off, not very original. (Not a cigarette tax! No!) Secondly, one of the main reasons I can never be a …

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