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MLB Divided More Like NFL?

After reading this article this morning, I was inspired to blog. I personally like the wild card but I admit the Sox could have tried harder this weekend.

I've never understood why the Nation League has 16 teams and the American League has only 14. Why not 15 each? Having teams hurting for money makes it hard to think about making even more teams but what do I know? Also, I've never understood why the Phillies and the Pirates are National League. One should be in the American League.

The teams the writer of the piece put into the North and South divisions are crazy. Detroit, Minnesota (Where from Mary Tyler Moore re-runs I understand it snows year round.) and Colorado in the South? Really?

To that end here are my suggestions for division break up:

AL East
Boston Red Sox
Cleveland Indians
New York Yankees
Philadelphia Phillies

AL North
Detroit Tigers
Minnesota Twins
Toronto Blue Jays
Chicago White Sox

AL South
Baltimore Orioles
Kansas City Royals
Tampa Bay Rays
Expansion Team

AL West
Los Angele…

Media Report


Now that we have NetFlix, we've been watching more movies lately. First was the animated Superman: Doomsday. Overall, it was a great film but too short. I realize the whole "multiple replacement angle" may have been too convoluted for it but it still seemed more simplistic than it really should have been. Running at only seventy-something minutes, they could have expanded it more...

Last night, we watched 88 minutes with Al Pacino, Alicia Witt, William Forsythe, Amy Brenneman, Neal McDonough and Leelee Sobieski. Going into it, my roommate thought it would be a 24-type thing but, thankfully, it really wasn't. Don't get me wrong, I like the show but I prefer originality...They did it in such a way, everybody seemed too obvious to be a suspect. I really enjoyed it.


Forged in Fire is, hopefully, the first Star Trek: Excelsior novel. Telling the story of blood oath pact three Klingons made with Trill Curzon Dax. Adding Captain Hikaru Sulu to the mix wasn&#…

Thoughts on a Holiday Weekend

This whole controversy on permission slips being handed out to parents on whether they want their child to watch President Obama's speech to them is just one more example on the whiny losers conservatives really are. I personally think children should know who their president is. You only have to watch one installment of "Jaywalkin'" to see most adults have no grasp of current events. (As an aside, back in '84 I supported John Glenn for president while my parents were for Walter Mondale. This wouldn't happen today...) I'd assume the plan is just for him to wish the kids a good school year.

Since kids aren't old enough to vote, I seriously doubt he's trying to use it as an opportunity to pass health care reform. So why demand a permission slip? But what if he does exhibit a point of view different than the parents? My feeling, as a non-parent, is that it's good to expose them to such points of view. At the very least it gives families somethin…