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And Now for Something Completely Different.

In about an hour, I'll be going to the first of two Halloween parties. (The second one is tommorrow night.) I'm not really dressing up but I look just like Harry Potter anyway so there you go.

Last night, a group of friends here at the grad school were supposed to take me out for "beer and dessert" which is not as odd a combination as it sounds. Only one actually showed up. One friend is coming down with something and one had work to do. I have no problem with this but two apparently forgot or something and got ready for bed and I don't know where everyone else was. WTF? Anyway, I had fried cheesecake. Can you feel the arteries clogging? Actually, it rocked. I recommend it. And was good with Amstel Light to boot.

I'm so enjoying being able to sleep now and just kick back but, alas, all good things must come to end soon. Starting Monday, I'll be working my butt off ir at least trying to although keep in mind I'm a "Lazy Ass Hamster&q…

I Haven't Had a Good Rant in Days

My life is surprisingly good right now but I need to comment one subject. Putting Manny on waivers? WTF? Yes, I admit, from a business point of view, this move makes sense if someone other than the Yankees is stupid enough to take that albatross of a contract but who but the Yankees can afford that? Um...I can't think of any one.

Therein lies the problem. Given the Yankees outfield problems, Manny really isn't a good fit for them but Georgie Porgie may be interested anyway. He likes to be the manager way too often. As a Red Sox fan, I love that but my point is he may try for Manny. This would not be good. The Yankees do not need another bat.

The deal is most likely not going to go through which means Manny will be stuck on a team that doesn't want him. You thought he was a half-ass player last year? This'll probably not end well.

You are: Johnny Damon
How cute are you? Keeping to yourself may be your
greatest quality, and people *heart* you for
it. Never a nega…

Good Intro, No?

You are most like Chloe Sullivan.

What Smallville character are you most like?
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I took a completely different Smallville quiz and I was "hot stuff" Lana Lang. (There were no pictures.) While Chloe is not unattractive, I'm less likely to defile myself...

On the episode last night, I have to say that this was the best episode of the season. I was worried that the season would lose steam but I was clearly wrong. I also was worried that the episode would totally screw with contituity but, for now at least, Perry just thinks he imagined the whole thing. Of course, one has to wonder why he doesn't ever seem to remember the incidents with Clark when Clark mysteriously disappears at the sign of trouble and someone with the same powers as Clark exhibited shows up but then no one ever seemed to notice Superman was Clark without glasses and perhaps a different hairstyle...This episode does explain how Clark was able to get a job with the Planet so eas…

Well, You Didn't Decide So...

The best thing about the last episode of Smallville was The Traveller effect. That totally rocked. It reminded me of the Doctor Destiny character that appeared recently on Justice League although that character could influence everybody's dreams and use them to incapacitate people. Tomorrow Perry White appears. Will he hit on Martha?

Poor Spike. On one hand, having a vampire ghost as he refered to himself is a cool thing. He did pick up a cup at the end of the episode though so maybe he's slowly solidifying. We'll have to see.

There are many things I liked about Charmed this week. It was interesting to see the different desires of the sisters although I think Phoebe's really didn't work for me. Why would she want a talk show? Her character really has ceased to make any sense most of the time although finally her empathic sense legitimately fit into the episode. I have another question. Why was Wyatt real in Piper's fantasy when no none else seemed …

I'm Back!

For those of you who care, I went home this weekend so thats why I haven't posted in eons. For my next post, probably tomorrow, I'm giving you options on what you want to hear. If you don't pick I'll choose myself and you'll have to live with it. Hopefully, my tagboard will actually show up some time as well...

A) Smallville
B) Angel
C) The novel, Art of the Impossible
D) Bend It Like Beckham
E) School of Rock
F) Charmed
G) Alias
H) My Birthday
I) Combination of two, three, four, etc.

Not Much to Say

Ever since that class ended, I don't have much to write about any more. Um my cousin had a baby about a week and a half ago I think it was. It's a boy: [name deleted]. Everyone is doing fine. I can't wait to subvert the kid to the dark side. His father is into Monopoly, The Simpsons, cheesy horror films and the guitarist Buckethead so take what you will from that...

Anyway, this means that, of the three close cousins on my father's side, there's only two left to marry and procreate. Somehow I doubt it'll be me to go next. In many ways, this is not a bad thing. I'm waiting for my life to begin frankly. I'll be 26 on Sunday and I feel my life hasn't begun yet. Unless I live past age 100, my life could easily be a complete waste.

On the bright side, we have good TV on tonight...My God, lilkittyngurl was right. This is sad...


What Fruit Are You? (With Images)
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I Thought This Was Deuce...

It's been many moons since I put a quiz on this thing so here you go. Once agan I'm a woman but what a woman!!!

You Are: Xenia Onatopp!

As the femme fatale of "Goldeneye", you
tried to use your gorgeous gams to pilfer off
007 during sex. Too bad his skivvies had a gun
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What James Bond baddie are you?
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I'm male but ugh:

Yay! you're Carson Daly. you may not be too bright,
or funny, or interesting, or spontaneous, but
atleast you're pretty...kinda....It's all good
every generation needs a Carson where would we
be without the famous TRL VJ...oh yeah now i
remember in the same place!

What Talk Show Host are You?
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Gee, What Will I be Talking About Today?

I don't really have much to say about the particular episode of Charmed last night. It was more or less forgettable although I have seen worse hours of TV. What I do want to talk about is the break up of Piper and Leo's marriage. It seems more and more likely Brian Krause is going to leave the show. Here are the facts/rumors: He and Alyssa dated a while back and supposedly aren't getting along now. If he leaves because of her, and I've said this before, what a primadonna she is! First Shannen, now perhaps Brian, has left a good deal because of one woman that really adds nothing to the show anymore. Now that the Phoebe/Cole storyline has finally ended, there's nothing for her character to do. This empath thing is fairly weak if you ask me. Dump her. Unfortunately, I can't see how they could get rid of her and keep the show going unless Paige has a fullblooded sister or their mother is a major slut. Oh well.

Alias last night pretty much wrecked my drugg…

More Observations

A now former classmate of mine made the comment that blogs are "for people with diarrhea of the mouth." I never really considered this statement to apply to this site but today I just have a lot on my mind and since no one is on AIM...

My favorite sketch on SNL last night was the "Don Zimmer Sports Spectacular." It took him awhile to get into character but Darryl Hammond's Bob Costas impression was dead on. My only complaint about the sketch was that, as a Sox fan, I know what both of the Fenway ballgirls look like and Halle Berry was not right for the part. Granted only New England viewers would know this and even then only viewers who followed the Sox but there are "Researchers" listed in the closing credits. Turing on the news is not adequate research, ok? Oh and God bless George Wendt for saving that Cubs sketch from the toilet.

This brings me to what I really want to talk about: whether or not Grady Little should be fired as manager of…

What Will be the Topic Today?

Last night, there was some good TV that I want to comment on. Let us begin with Enterprise. Once again, I am impressed that they are really trying to do stuff with Hoshi this season. This story started out as a classic "Beauty and the Beast" tale which, though has been done before, has many ways to keep it fresh. The writers managed to do this but perhaps that was the problem. Why would Hoshi want to stay with someone who would willing kill 80 people? (There are only 80 people? Even with the MACOs?) It was like the writers didn't know how to end it so they decided to make him childishly evil. A better idea would have been to have him sacrifice himself to save Hoshi.

An interesting development in the main storyline appeared. The Expanse was created? As others have suggested, this means it can be destroyed. Was it the Xindi or someone afiliated with them who did it? The way this series goes, it's the most likely scenario but, as uncreative as that is, tha…

Class Dismissed.

My Online Information Services class is over. I have survived. The grades aren't out but there's no point worrying about those. Now is a time to celebrate, blast the radio and rock out! WOO HOO!!!

I finally saw the Stargate SG-1 episode "Enemy Mine" last night. That has to be the most mind numbing episode of the series I have ever seen. Chaka is not a character worth bringing back despite the fact the Unas are an interesting concept if not an interesting entity. What I mean this is, it was interesting the first time but not a third time. I will also say that someone should have knocked that moron to a submissive position instead of waiting for him to give in. I fail to see what he's doing in the Stargate program in the first place. While the program is run by the Air Force, what is really needed are officers who aren't the typical military stick-up- their-ass types who also like to blow shit up but instead officers who have a sense of diplomacy. O'…


Your soul is bound to the Second Totem, Luna:
The Wolf

Luna appears as a pair of coral colored wolves.
She embodies empathy, nurturing, insight,
and warmth
. She is associated with the
color coral, the season of spring, and the
element of wind. Her downfall is pathos.

You are most compatible with Doves and Ravens.

Which Animal Spirit Totem Are You?
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I think I only clicked one of those qualities; maybe more. Odd but at least I'm not a Cockroach...

This Should Have Been the Year

Why did Pedro pitch the 8th? What was that supposed to accomplish? He pitched 7 good innings. That should have been enough. As several commentators said last night,Timlin should have gone in in the 8th with Williamson pitching the 9th. It was working! What was Grady thinking? Hey! We might win this. How can I blow it? Argh! Pedro isn't the pitcher he used to be so there was absolutely no reason to sacrife the game to keep him happy at least not at this juncture in the season if indeed that's what Grady was thinking. I just don't know. This was the year. The chance to win a World Series may never come again.

On a sort of lighter note, did you see Yankee GM Brian Cashman celebrating after the game? I sear it looked like he was saying, "Yay! I won't be fired!"

In other news, could I be anymore boring?


What is your life rated? (PG, PG-13, etc.)
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Well, I am in Boston...

Sam Adams. Brewer, patriot. You come from the
greatest city in America and are damn proud of
your heritage. You are well respected and
deservedly so. Rock on.

Which Beer are you?
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I really don't like Sam Adams. I haven't tried Sam Adams Light though. That might be good. My favorite, Amstel Light, was not a choice.

Look over to your right to see a new feature I just added.

Go Red Sox!!!!

Surprise! Not Doing Work!

Angel rocked last night. Angel has no reason to help Spike and many reasons to hate his "grandson." One being Spike got to have sex with Buffy frequently. Um...That may be it really. Anyway, how could they have had a werewolf episode and not even make reference to Oz? Seth Green is a big time star so he has no time to appear but shouldn't he have been at least mentioned? If I remember correctly, Angel and Oz got along fine. John Billingsley must have quite the contract to appear on Stargate: SG-1 and this show since all three are done by three different production companies. The previews say there will be brief nudity next week so set your VCR, Lady Vader!

Why has no one ever come up with kryptonite bullets before? That seems like a no brainer to me although, I will admit, even I had never thought of it. Once again, Lana complains Clark won't let her in. He was telling her the truth though. He did not gain special abilities from the meteor. Quite the opposit…

God, I need a drink...

I'll review Angel and Smallvile tomorrow because, as Lady Vader put it, my "brain is squishy."

Yay, Red Sox! World Series here we come! Ok, yes, we have to win tomorrow but Pedro is due for a good game. You can't keep a good pitcher down for long.

The way this is put makes me sound so incredibly boring...

You're goin' down! FOR THEIVING!
Please rate if you liked!

If you're a goth please visit and join
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Maybe I Should Take This Quiz a Third Time....

Wonderful!You are Prue.You are the protective big
sister.You are powerful and strong.Your take on
being a witch is neither good nor
take things as they come.You might lighten up
though, feel free to live and enjoy'd most likely be happier.

which Charmed character are you?
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The first time I took this quiz I was Piper. I prefer Piper.

I recieved my Modern Publishing paper back today. I got a B+. I may have to talk with her about it. Her problems with it, and I agree that they were problems, but I am at a loss as to how to find the editor of Coma or, perhaps harder to do, find the numbers of the first print run. These are things that may come in handy for later assignments. We finished up presentations of our books but time was short due to everyone going on and on and on so I sacrificed a chance to tell the class all the hard work I put in. I could have said so much more. Oh well, it was all in the paper so at least the teacher was a…

I Have Colorful Cubes Too?

You're a.....Rubix Cube!
Wow! You are one complicated toy.
You're cubes are bright and colorful, but to play,
you must have lots of logic to figure you out.

What 80's Toy Are You?
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What Type of Jedi Are You?
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New Theories

I feel more rested today so I'm going to do work. Yes I am...

First, the shows last night. Charmed was very good. Jenny McCarthy's sisters looked so familar but I can't place where I've seen them before. Anybody have any ideas? Oh well... Chris's comment about "all my life" was intriguing. Does this mean that he's not after Wyatt but perhaps is Wyatt? If this is the case, what is he doing in the past and what about those scenes where Chris is talkng with Wyatt? As Lady Vader mentioned last night, Chris isn't here to get his parents back to together since he's basically responsible for splitting them up. Maybe that's the mission. Maybe he has to split them up to protect them or Wyatt, which is himself. But would a person with good purposes do the "Darth Vader" thing on a woman as Chris did with one of the Valkaries? This bares further analysis.

Remember when I said the new season of Alias reminded me of The Ne…

So Tired

I did nothing today. I hope I'm not coming down with something. Today was a complete waste. I have a massive project due Saturday as I think I've mentioned a couple dozen times but did work on it? No. Charmed and Alias tonight. I may blow off work tomorrow and review them. I'll try to do both.

Once again, I don't know what to make of these quiz results:

You're Hamlet! One of Shakespeare's greatest
works, you're full of complexity, subplot,
character devlopment, deep inner must be an intriguing person!

What Shakespearean play are you?
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I Hope Nothing Was Stuck in This...

Here's another quiz. I hoppe you enjoy it.

Which Delicious Sweet Baked Good Are You?
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When You Build Your House, Call Me.

You are "Sara"

What Stevie Nicks Song Are You?
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I know you didn't miss me so I won't ask. I also know I do song quizzes a lot but I saw this the other day and couldn't resist.

One more week of my Online Information Services class! Yay! I question sometimes if I would have liked the class more if it was a less condensed full semester but there are other reasons the class sucked so my answer would be probably not....

Finally One of These Damn Things Is Actually Me

You are a mystery dream. You show things that
people usually don't understand until a certain
time. You are mystifying and amazing, but you
can be confusing at times.

what kind of dream are you?
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Oh, and thanks for respondinig so quickly with your opinions...

Because You Asked For It

Lady Vader wanted more quizzes so I found one that should appeal to both of my readers.

You are Doctor Beverly Crusher of the U.S.S
Enterprise. You are a great friend and
supporter. You recongize people in need and
help them whenever you can. You are also very
trusting "If there is nothing wrong with
you, maybe there's something wrong with the

What Star Wars/Star Trek character are you
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Shut up all of you.

We had another guest speaker today in Modern Publishing: Melanie Kroupa who has her own imprint at FSG. This means she can have her name on the book and basically authorize it to be published herself. This honor is generally earned but Jackie O and Julie Andrews have/had imprints as well. (Hope for my writing?) Anyway, Melanie basically used the time to give "sales pitches" for books she had been involved with. No as interesting as Susan. The rest of class we started presentations for our books we had just done papers on and…

Forgot to Welcome Sataideuce

Welcome Sataideuce, you old Minbari you. I hope you come back. The readership of my blog has doubled! Yay!

Decided to bring back an oldie but goodie:

What Is Your Battle Cry?Yea, verily: Who is that, prowling on the terrain! It is Likestrek, hands clutching two hardened pitas! And with a cruel scream, his voice cometh:"Blood and souls for my dark lord! I lay waste to the landscape until my loins find satisfaction!!!"Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?
created by beatings: powered by monkeys

Again, There's A Lot to Say.

After watching Charmed and Alias I can sum up what I thought about the episodes in just a few words: My lingering suspicions were all but confirmed.

Chris is most certainly after Wyatt since he repeated to Leo the exact opposite. Wyatt demonstrated yet again that he's very powerful now. As an adult, with proper training, he'd be unstoppable. I do have a question though: Chris's memory was also erased by the Cleaners. If Chris is from the future, wouldn't he know this whole scenario was going to happen and try to make sure Wyatt stayed non-existant?

In other news, my evil twin or clone theory regarding Sydney has even more support now. I will say also that Project Christmas did come to mind but that was quickly eliminated. Perhaps too quickly. The truth must be awesome. I have a question about this show as well: Why is Sydney still using the "Mountaineer" codename? Doesn't the CIA change codenames after a two year period? Then again, the White…

Drinking with Lesbians

Sounds like a great title for a movie doesn't it?

My Online Information Services class so irritated me yesterday. The professor met with us individually to discuss our progress. During my time I was basically bitched out for not killing a tree with the ammount of work I pass in. Yes, the first assignment I probably should have spend more time analyzing search engines but the other assignments my data was self-explainatory to a mentally retarded monkey. Ok, I admit also that, on yesterday's in-class assignment, I didn't explore all the diffrent ways to search the questions, my bad. My excuse is I was hungry and don't work quickly anyway. In short, I don't think this was a fair test of my ability although I'm beginning to question if I even have ability. I'm probably going to fail this class because she's too f@#$ing lazy to teach us properly. If she doesn't have time to teach this class properly she shouldn't have agreed to teach it. May…

So Much to Say

Angel was so awesome last night. Having both Spike and Harmony on the show will make this show sooo goood. ("Blondie Bear!") The angle of actually behaving like lawyers with scummy clients brings an interesting angle to the show. I can't wait to see how exactly they work this to their advantage. Making Gunn into "Lawyer Boy" was a good move. They need one to make this work and, as Eve pointed out, he had nothing much going for him. Two questions, will those commandos ever follow orders or must they all be killed and just how long can you keep a character in a coma when everybody knows the actress is no longer on the show?

Smallville: I'm curious how this season will go. The current storyline, as good as it is, can only go so long but then what do they do? If they follow the comic, Lana won't discover Clark's secret until next season, or at least this year's season finale. Unless, Jonathan can actually stop "Kal," I'm afra…