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The Possibilities For A Title Here Are Legion

Late last week, I finally discovered the first season of the X-Men  related TV series  Legion.  The main character, David Haller is told he's a schizophrenic but he later discovers he's a mutant with a very high potential for psychic abilities. On the show, he's shown that he's only slightly more powerful than Jean Grey as he can do things she can't...unless she loses control and lets loose.

Haller and his friends face threats on two levels. From a government agency randomly known as Division 3 and a parasitic mutant known as The Shadow King (real name Amahl Farouk.) In my review of X-Men: Apocalypse, I noted the title villain shared elements of this character and actually said:

Oscar Isaac was very good as the title villain. To me, the story combined elements of the comic fight with him and also elements with the villain Shadow King, another powerful Arab mutant who will probably never be used on his own, as referenced in Storm's introduction and Xavier'…