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Once Again, Things That Make Me Go Hmm

I Do? I Guess...

You are a Folkie. Good for you.

What kind of Sixties Person are you?

Not So Freaky Friday

I was thinking that my imaginary readers may want to know what my impressions of the new Battlestar Galactica series. Overall my comments aren't different from when I commented on the mini-series so feel free to check the archives for that I think it was last January. I will add that I think Ronald Moore is focusing too much on everyone's inner psyche. It's alright for Baltar to be a little insane and for there to be conflict between characters but I think it's laid on a little thick. I realize that it may be more realistic than not having it but this is science fiction not reality. If you're new to my mind: "Realistic science fiction," as I term it, sucks. This is why I never could get into the X-Files. Pretty much everything on that show could really happen or does really happen for all I know. Oddly, I kinda liked Knight Rider and Viper but that's the only exceptions I can think of.

Oh, in case you're wondering, Hawkgirl is easing her way back …

Might As Well Post

I've been thinking and I've thought of more movies that I either recommend or do not recommend.
Recommend: Hellboy and Sideways
Do Not Recommend: I Robot

Watched a classic episode of Charmed this morning. It was the one where Prue and Cole go back to the Old West to save Phoebe and stop a curse. The best part was when Victor told Leo to watch out for Whitelighters. Ah. Amusing. The episodes just aren't that good any more. Interesting sidenote: the writers of the episode have been on the Alias writing staff since the beginning.

I suppose Charmed is probably the main thing I miss right now about the downgrading of my relationship with Lady Vader. (BTW If you're reading this, I perfectly understand why it happened.) Don't get me wrong. I miss other things but that is just the first thing that comes to mind.

It seems that more and more, my friends are moving away from me. To clarify: I mean in a metaphorical sense. None have really been physically near me for quite sometim…

I'm Back

I know you didn't miss me so I won't ask. I'm back because there are many thoughts I need to get down. As some of you know, I finished my masters program and am now searching for work. Many of the entry level jobs in my field seem to be in Florida. (I have two aplications out down there.) We're at the halfway point of the tv season so here are my thoughts. The first two episodes of Alias have been quite good. I like how they have kind of gone back to how it was it the first season with one mission per week. I'm curious to see if Nadia will rescue Syd every week or not. I admit that I haven't been giving Charmed the attention I used to. First there was the Red Sox. (I am still so happy about that.) I think there will finally be a new episode of that tomorrow. Overall, I really haven't been that impressed this season. I really can't put into words why. Smallville has been really good this season although perhaps not as good as last. There has been …