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Wow. Have I Ever Gone This Long Without Posting?

This will be long but probably not too informative because, that's not how I roll...

Before I left to go up to keep my father and cat company in the absence of my mother who was at a church youth thing in TN, we watched the live action Alvin and the Chipmunks. Overall, it was a great film and throughout the movie they answered my "But what about this?" questions. (I'm still not sure why Simon could see with the random pair of glasses Dave gave him and not the pair Ian forced him to wear since neither pair was prescription but whatever...) I wanted more music as well.

When I heard that the Yankees were coming to town the weekend I was going up to see my father, I thought that was awesome timing. My team failed me. (I will discuss today's trade of Manny when I have all the facts...)

Sunday afternoon, we saw The Dark Knight. This movie totally rocked my socks. As you've already heard I'm sure, Heath Ledger was awesome as the Joker. Maggie Gyllenhaal added so…

I Hate Reusing Titles.

I was reading TV Guide's review of Wall-E yesterday and I really don't agree with it. They suggest that it's the best Pixar film to date. I think the exact opposite. They particularly liked that it shows humans will be fat and lazy a millennium to two from now. My thought is "Well, yeah..." but this is not really what I want from a cartoon. You know what I would like from a movie? Dialogue. Even silent movies have more than this movie. If you compare the latest cartoon movies, Kung Fu Panda had many big name stars while Wall-E had John Ratzenberger, Jeff Garlin and Kathy Najimy; in supporting roles! If you want to see a Pixar movie, better choices would be The Incredibles or Finding Nemo.

Recently, I finished The Eyes of the Beholders, a Star Trek: The Next Generation novel by A. C. Crispin whose Sarek is one of my two favorite Star Trek novels. Being new at that time, it takes places early in the third season. It was a good book subplots that were interestin…

Only One Thing to Say

The Incredible Hulk movie totally rocked. It was so much better then the Ang Lee massacre. One, they had a villain in Abomination and didn't waste Absorbing Man as the first attempt frankly did. I thought Eric Bana's acting wasn't terrible but casting Ed Norton in this one to me worked better on two levels: One, Norton is less "buff" so the contrast was more appropriately striking and, two, Norton is a writer/director himself which I think helps in the acting. Speaking of acting, I was very worried when I discovered Liv Tyler was supposed to be a cellular biologist but I was relieved when she didn't have a "techno-babble" lines because, ugh. (My roommate was disappointed Banner couldn't get excited. "Not even a little.")

I admittedly don't remember Abomination's origin from the comic but somehow making him a Russian-born raised in England seemed like just an excuse to not find a Russian actor. My other nitpick is the favoring o…

Sports Because I Don't Want To Talk About Me

It's almost the All-Star Break. The Red Sox aren't leading the division and, despite the fabulous win last night, really can't seem to win on the road. Are they trailing the Yankees? No. The Yankees really suck this season. I really think their reign of terror is over.

No, the real threat this season for the Sox is Tampa Bay. I watched the hideous sweep down in St. Pete earlier this week and I still can't fathom what changed for them to make them this good this late in the season. When the team was formed, it was filled with All-Star veterans who frankly were close to retirement and they sucked. Then, they switched it up and filled their team with cheap young talent that may have been better with better coaching but they sucked too. Now, they have natural born young talent and veterans who'd be on the bench on most any other team and given a chance to shine. I'm certainly not switching my allegiance but my "I support two teams..." tee may now be &qu…