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There Will be More Later

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OK I Posted. So?

Complete sincerity: You believe in being
straightforward with others, and you expect the
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Four things to talk about in this post. First, on Friday, my parents and I went to see Something's Gotta Give with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. Hilarious movie although I didn't need to see Jack's ass or Diane naked. I was also disappointed by Amanda Peet's strip tease. Ah well.

My mother's birthday was yesterday so my dad has taken her out to see Harry Connick Jr. this evening. I meanwhile I'm running Windows Update and such on their computer. My parents are dial-up in a T1 world so this is taking forever of course.

In case you are keeping score I will be working at the Roxbury Community College starting next semester. Wheelock turned me down today. …

Worst Holiday Post Ever

You are Comic Book Guy. You are a lazy slob who
eats all day and read comics! What a life. By
they way here's a hint, wipe the Nacho Cheese
off your chin!

~*~What Simpsons Character Are You?~*~
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I was looking for something holiday themed but I was distracted by this.

Anywho, I might not be posting for awhile as I am going home for a well deserved break. Truthfully, my posting may become more sporadic next semester ( They'll still happen don't you worry.) due to a full load of classes and a job. (Wherever it may be.)

If I can't continue with my reviews, I just want you all to know I enjoyed writing them probably more than you enjoyed reading them.

Happy Holidays

It Continues

I had my second interview today. It went better than I feared last night and my possible supervisors are very nice. They did not hire me on the spot and, frankly, I'd be surprised if I'm not working in Roxbury next semester but hopefully I'm wrong. I think I accurately portrayed that I know many of the skills and am a quick learner. Again that teacher's name was brought up, this time not by me, with a similar reaction.

Last night, I played Trivial Pursuit with Her and a couple other friends. I won, although, I think on some level, I was trying to let Her win. Instead of "Harlem," I said a street was named after Malcolm X in SOHO.

It Has Begun

Today, I had the first of the two interviews. I had allowed myself an hour and forty-five minutes to get there and it took only an hour- fifteen. The interview, including tour, took twenty minutes. I was hired on the spot which makes me question just why I want this job. It certainly isn't the money... So anyway, I'll have a job next semester no matter how well it goes tomorrow. During the interview, I name dropped the professor of my Online Information class and the two people interviewing me exchanged the funniest look: I'd categorize it as the "poor child" look. It was all I could do not to crack up.

Busy Week

Well, the plan to go home tomorrow is shot to hell. Wednesday and Thursday I have job interviews. The first interview will require me to change subway trains twice. I've never done this let alone by myself. I think this makes me more nervous then the actual interview itself. The downside to this job is the long trip to get there and not getting paid.

The other interview on Thursday is just next door and pays but I think these people may be more picky since it involves money.

Tomorrow, I have errands to run. I need laundry detergent and a birthday present for my mother. I'm also going to apply for another job here at my school library. I'm not sure when I'll be able to fit in an interview though. It'll have to be Thursday I guess.

When I go home on Friday, I'm going into a coma. (If you look at my entries before previously going home, I'm sure I said the same thing.)

Alll Rrriiigghht!!!

You are Quagmire, a disgusting womanizer. You have
no respect for women and think of them only as
things you use once then get a new one. Like a
freaking disposable camera.

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With the fun stuff out of the way, let's get serious again.

So here I am, alone with her, or at least as alone as one can get in a busy cafeteria, and all we talk about is when we're going home for break; a conversation we already had of course. I suck.

I got a phone call from my father earlier this evening. Because of a death in the church, of a high ranking member, if you will, no less, I could be going home on the bus on Tuesday or getting picked up Friday. Neither option really appeals to me.

Before you all are like "You are narcissistic!" I'm upset by this death as well. When I worked in the office, we worked very closely on a few projects and he taught me how to make ma…

How Many of These Are There?

You're Ron Weasley! You're not the leader of the
pack, but you aren't a follower either. You
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I know we've all taken a dozen Harry Potter quizzes but I thought, what the hell...

I don't really have much else to say. (Mwahahaha!!) Saddam has now been captured. If this was accomplished ten years ago under Bush Sr., I wonder how our lives would have been different.

On Fox News Sunday this morning Sen. Kerry was asked by Chris Wallace if this event made him want to retract his statement that Bush's foreign policy sucks. Kerry replied, "Not one word." and went on to list for like five minutes all of the president's foreign policy screw-ups such as North Korea, nuclear waste floating around Russia an…

More Musings

Now that I have more time to think I have things going through my mind. These will be ignored by the readers of my blog but I need to get them off my chest.

How does one know if someone is worth pursuing? What are traits that are too hideous to ignore?

If we share different politics, for example, will a relationship work? I can think of two examples where yes, they do: one with people I know and one celebrity example. My experience seems to suggest that when politics entered the picture the relationship went south.

I used to be hung up on interests, as Lady Vader may remember. I've met someone here that shares music interests (not all but some) down to favorite song. I don't think even She Who Shall Remain Nameless But Blogged About Frequently and I were at that level. (Ok, yes, we both knew all the words to "You'll Be In My Heart" but who doesn't?)

The downside, in this category, as I can see is that she is not into Star Trek! I know interests aren…

Musings of a Quiet Geek, Sports Edition

The World Is MINE! by DemonacName:You will conquer:your Home Town (and rename it South Park).Your title will be:Prince/Princess (you didn't want to be presumptuous)You will succeed by:Sending back a computer virus from the future to eliminate the opposition.Your Enforcers will be:LiveJournal writers (their numbers are ever-swelling, and their criticism can cut you like razor-wire!).Your first act as ruler:Have Pinky and the Brain imprisoned (just in case).Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Topic One: Pettite out of Pinstripes. Sweet! (I'm amused he wants Clemens to join him in Houston.) I'm not worried about Kevin Brown. Yes, he had a good year last season but John Burkett had a good year the season before joining the Red Sox and look how that turned out. I will also point out Brown is older.

Topic Two: Financially, the Red Sox pursuing A-Rod makes no sense at all. Financially was the only reason that made sense in trying to dump Manny but, in pursuing A-Rod, thi…

I Now Have More Time For This...

You will live in Apartment.
You will drive a Orange Outback.
You will marry Julie Benz and have 3 kids.
You will be a Literary agent in Beverly Hills.

An Orange Outback?

Go to Play Mash if you want to try it for yourself.

Tis the season...

You are 'Silent Night'! You really enjoy
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You like the traditional carols, and probably
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Stick a Fork in Me. I'm Done.

I had my last two classes yesterday and today. Yesterday, I received a care package from my mother's church. The purpose of which is to help college students get through finals. When I received mine, I was halfway finished with the last assignment of the semester due this morning. (That's a fun story but I'm too exhausted to relate it.)

Today, I tried to get boots for the second time this week. The first time, on Monday, I was told they had nothing in size 10. Today, all they had in my size was the boots worth $120, $150. A straight male would never pay that much for boots and a gay male would find them way too ugly. So for the next week or so, I will continue to trudge through puddles and snow in my sneakers. I haven't fallen yet but we're due for freezing rain tomorrow...

I may be going home Tuesday. I was going to stay for the party I mentioned earlier but, as I also said earlier, my friends will all be gone by the 17th and this boot thing makes me …

A Possibly Quick Post Today

Ok, yes, I'm avoidant to a point. I'm half done with the Role of Research paper though. (Still due tommorrow.) I should explain also that I may be highly obsessive but I'm not compulsive. I've compulsively bought one cd but thats it. I am not narcissistic! I care about other people! As far as the histrionic rating, I don't know what to say. On a certain level, I admit do crave the spotlight but on another level I don't want it at all. After reading the definition, yes, I'll admit I'm moderately schizotypal. I guess, on a certain level, I am moderately borderline. After reading the definition of dependent, I should be thankful I wasn't labeled very high.

In other news, Battlestar Galactica will be thoroughly reviewed after it's all done but I will say: Where is Cassiopeia? Will they redo the other episodes?

Oh my God...

DisorderRatingParanoid:ModerateSchizoid:LowSchizotypal:ModerateAntisocial:LowBorderline:ModerateHistrionic:HighNarcissistic:HighAvoidant:Very HighDependent:HighObsessive-Compulsive:High
-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

Many of you who read my blog, and know me well, would you say this is accurate? I am amused by the antisocial level so I guess there's a bright side to this...


It was good. Having Will undercover was kinda fun and, even though it's kinda typical TV, having him kill Allison was an interesting twist. I don't have a problem with him going back to Wisconsin. If the Covenent really wanted him dead, they would have found him. Why Sark thought he was dead just implies to me that he's an idiot, one that tortures his own father but an idiot nonetheless.

Not that it's that surprising but apparently "Julia" helped Lazerey fake his own death. Why, I'm still not sure. The fact that Syd apparently willingly had her mind wiped seems to imply Juila is indeed her and did something really bad.

The container of flesh labeled "Milo Rimbaldi" suggests to me that he predicted a time that cloning would be possible although why he thought someone would want to, I don't know but remember both Syd and Sloane appear in his journal.

Poor Sloane, Syd doesn't know Lindsey put a contract out on her. If I were Sloan…

I Had a Really Good Title For This But It's Gone...

First of all, because of the damn snow, we had a foot and a half fall here in the city, our cheesecake was not delivered on time. Argh!

Second, my new mother was on E! Am I losing my mind? Did I ever have one because I can't get that stupid thing out of my mind...

You are Wintergreen.
You are cool and collected. You are very
comfortable with yourself and what you do.
Even if you have a lot of responsibilities, you
always manage to be in control. You are
sometimes laid-back and you are always the
voice of reason. However, others may see you
as lazy or detached sometimes, unable to act
Most Compatible With: Lime

Which Tic-Tac Flavor Are You?
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He-man was very good last night. Of course, if I had to complain about something, it was way too easy to stop the Snakemen and turn Teela, Man-at-Arms and Meckaneck back to normal after being changed into Snake People. I loved how Orko threatened Rattlor into talking by enlarging a mongoose. That was …

I'm Pretty Sure my Father is Younger than Me...

Who are your Celebrity Parents? by opp_girl_4_tpYour NameYour MomJulia RobertsYour DadNick LacheyCreated with quill18's MemeGen!

Well, at least my mother isn't Jessica Simpson...In the same vein, Julia Roberts wouldn't be a bad mother considering she had to have gotten pregnant at age 10 or so...

To update you: I finished the Modern Publishing paper and have started the Role Of Research paper. It's going slower than the other paper which is really not surprising.

Ah my first Boston blizzard...I guess I'll have to write that paper...

Yesterday, we had a very nice wine and cheese party in the living room of the dorm. Once again, my stereo was blasted for the music. I loved the smoked gouda...You'll remember that this wine and cheese party was supposed to be in October. I'm glad we finally had it.

Tomorrow we will have a Goodbye Tea for the December grads of the dorm. At last count, there were ten people graduating this semester. There will be chee…

I Wasn't Expecting This to be That Accurate...

You are naturally born with a gift, whether it be
poetry, writing or song. You love beauty and
creativity, and usually are highly intelligent.
Others view you as mysterious and dreamy, yet
also bold since you hold firm in your beliefs.

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The Modern Publishing paper will be done today! (Due Tuesday.) Yay! Then I move on to my Role of Research paper. (Due Wednesday.) Eh.

I have a question. I'll be done with classes on the 10th. I was planning to stick around for the end of semester party on the 18th but it seems that none of my friends will be going. Do I stick around anyway or just go home?

Haven't taken one of these in a while...

You are 87.98% pure
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Take The Ultimate Purity Test
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Amazingly, I'm a Guy

You are Captain Jack Sparrow, the heat's gone to
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unpredictable. You love your rum and your ship
and for a Pirate you're a pretty good guy.

Which Pirates of the Carribean character are you?
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I haven't actually seen this movie but Lady Vader and other women drool over this guy so I guess this is good.

As I figured. I seriously bit myself in the ass not doing anything on those papers over Thanksgiving. I haven't finished even one and time is running out! Argh!!! (You may be asking why am I not working on it now. ::shrugs::)

I can't stand anime but I guess the following is accurate.

Your anime hair color is green.

What is your anime hair color?
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You are a Two-Handed Sword

What historical European weapon are you?
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I don't have much to add after writing that huge post last night but I thought you'd be interested the star of The Whale Rider was on the Tonight Show last night.

Finishing my Modern Publishing paper seems harder than I thought. I'm having too much fun with certain sections and having no interest in other sections...

Thanksgiving Weekend

I'm touched I was missed by at least one person. An anonymous reader read one of my stories as well... Thank You Lady Vader for the former. I could have posted while I was home but I went home for a change of pace. I did nothing for days and loved it.

On Wednesday, I went home to CT and saw Enterprise which is unusual for me but the WB decided to start their repeats before everyone else. I thought the concept of the episode was good. Having the Xindi collecting all the different blood types would ensure the whole human race wouldn't be left out of dying when the weapon was set off. Archer was right in suggesting that the Xindi were hiding in the past. They had to pick a time where blood type was kept track of so we're talking twentieth century anyway so why not make it 2004? I liked how they had it in Detroit instead of somewhere in California as it has been lately. (I think the TOS episode "City on the Edge of Forever" was Chicago.) I also loved how T&…

Just a Quiz Before I Go

Your soul is bound to the Rose Petals: The

"'ve come undone and all hopes of mending
me are gone because the pain took my soul.
Can't you see? The only one who can put me
back together again is me."

The Rose Petals are associated with sorrow,
reflection, and wisdom. They are governed by
the goddess Persephone and their sign is The
Teardrop, or Broken Love.

As a Rose Petal, you are always self-reflective and
may be hard on yourself. You probably have
been hurt in the past by other people and can
sometimes distance yourself, as a result. You
don't usually let other get too close to you,
but you are very good at mending your spirits
back together by yourself.

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A Quiz to Break up the Monotony

Does this mean I'm attracted to my father?

You should be dating a Pisces.
19 February - 20 March
Your mate is loving and caring, trusting and
hospitable, and romantic. Though he/she can be
self-pitying, temperamental or dependent, the
fishes are quite romantic in bed.

What Zodiac Sign Are You Attracted To?
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According to this, Leo's are honest. The one I dated wasn't...

Sunday TV Recap

I like the way this works. I bitch about something on here and the problem is corrected. I had complained this weekend that Enterprise was not shown and then I come across it at 5:45pm yesterday evening. Overall, I was very impressed with the writing and acting of this episode. I'm not entirely sure of T'Pol's motives for kissing Sim. (It could have been nothing. If you blinked you missed it.) Will this lead to a love triangle between Archer, T'Pol and Trip? That might be fun. Yeah, it was kind of done with Worf, Troi, and Riker but Riker and Worf were not really good friends. Trip and Archer are. The other possible explanation of the kiss is that she was making a man who was marked for death happy. Maybe I'll try that...Archer showed in this episode concern for his friend but didn't totally abandon his determination to complete the mission. In that scene where Sim wanted to fly one of the shuttles, I was honestly thinking, "Do you want to deny Tr…

Saturday TV Recap

I basically covered two-thirds of his last night since Enterprise wasn't on and I already said all I can about the episode of He-man last night except I am curious what the Snake Men's plan is. (It's only a half hour show!)

I enjoyed last night's Justice League almost as much as I enjoyed this week's episode of Angel. Who knew a cartoon could do that? When the team split up, my common sense that they'd get back together at the end of the episode was totally forgoten and even when they did, there still was uneasiness in the air. Again, Hawkgirl practically beat GL over the head with the fact she's interested in him and he still doesn't seem to get it. Not surprisingly, it was Batman and Superman that were the first to leave. Batman has always been a loner and Superman can be very hot tempered; sometimes more so than Hawkgirl.

The Secret Society was made up of some interesting characters. I love Clayface and, as stupid as a talking gorilla with psyc…

Musings of a Quiet Geek

Tonight, this blog will live up to it's title. The following is random comments I have about many topics.

One: Why are the stars of The Invisible Man, and I'm not referring to the two hot women from that show, on Las Vegas right now? And why is this show on right now anyway?

Two: Hillary Duff on American Dreams? Here I was thinking the worst casting was Third Eye Blind as the Kinks but I'm afraid I could be wrong...

Three: limp bizkit's cover of the Who classic "Behind Blue Eyes" is not bad but they don't have the best part of the song where it says, among other things, "If I swallow anything evil, stick your finger down my throat ..." I do find it funny though Fred Durst directs the video in which he makes out with Halle Berry. (Cut! Let's try it again but, this time, let's have more tongue...)

Four: While we are discussing horrible covers of classic rock tunes, I must say Kid Rock's version of "Feel Like Making Love&qu…

Let's Call This Post... Wednesday TV Recap!

Smallville was infinitely better than last week's rather unoriginal FOW plot. While it's certainly no surprise that Lionel had his parents killed and is secretly trying to keep Lex from exposing this secret, this episode gives us a glimpse into Lex himself. If you grew up in this environment, you too might become a supervilain although I am curious what will ultimatelty turn him against Superman. Could that fight at the end of the episode lead to that? Hmm. Lana's statement at the end of the episode about maybe hanging with Clark will get her killed was a step the writers needed to take but I was afraid they wouldn't. They need to keep her from learning the secret for at least another few months and Lana and Clark were getting way too close.

It's been like 20 hours since last night's Angel and I only just stopped drooling. That episode rocked so freaking hard. Obviously, Eve or least that guy she's "massaging her neck" with is certain…

This Is Just Not Funny...


Which Batman Villain Are You?
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I wonder if a professional can tell me why I'm always a woman on these things but I really don't have the time.

I know I said in the first post, all the way back in mid-September, that I didn't care if anybody actually read this blog or not but I'm feeling really unloved like the 26 year old "uber virgin" I am and no, it isn't just that no one is reading the blog. It's also that no one is reading my writings, really asks me to go anywhere, to do anything. Even my parents don't seem to care what I'm doing except to bitch because I'm not eating breakfast. Why am I even bothering to bitch about this here since, as I said, NO ONE GIVES TWO SHITS!!!

This may sum things up quite nicely:

You are a stale donut. You are cold and impassive,
and people tend to stay away from you.

What kind of DONUT are you???
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Charmed I'm Sure

Today's post will contain more than the usual stuff mainly because Alias was not on last night. I'm including personal news as well which, is course, what people do on these things I suppose.

Charmed I will label "good" but perhaps that is not as accurate as it should be. The main plot with the most original "Beauty and the Beast" twist I can think of, was very good. I was disappointed by Leo's attitude although maybe it was just the "protective father" angle which is understandable. I would have liked more of this plot and less of the other two plots especially the Phoebe plot. I know they have to have yawners, i mean romantic interludes, like that on an Aaron Spelling show but that was just boring. To be clear, I had no problem with Phoebe and Cole, in the beginning anyway, this Richard and Paige thing has potential and the continuing saga of Piper and Leo is an intriguing storyline. Is my problem with Jason the fact he has no magical…

Saturday TV Recap

If I had to give last night's episode of Enterprise a grade, it would be B+. Overall, the episode really tried to be TNG, but it didn't quite make it. The writers correctly made the reason the humans were there not the Preservers since no one knew about their existence until "The Paradise Syndrome" but "enslaving the slavers" is a rather dull plot considering. The opening teaser really wasn't that good. After watching it, I was like "So freaking what?" Though I hate saying this, there needed to be more scenes with Trip in the town. He seemed to fit in so nicely. I think they should have played that up. And more of T'Pol on the planet for the opposite reason. That pulse rifle the MACO had was cool but it might have been nice for them to show why they don't have anything like that in the 23rd century. Did Travis appear in the episode at all, for even five minutes? Kill him and have Porthos fly the ship...

Now since I'v…

A Quiz or Two to Tide You Over

Sad or Pained Eyes--- Please don't look so sad.
Don't look at me like that... it makes me feel
sad too. When people look at you all they see
is sadness and they wonder why you show this,
but they never ask in fear of what you're
answer might be- if any.

What Eyes Do You Have??(many outcomes-- with pictures)
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I so love this movie!

You are Vizzini. You are an intellectual
phillosopher who makes Plato and Socretes look
like morons. Perhaps you are over confident in
your brain power, or perhaps you should never
underestimate a man in black. You always have
a plan and people turn to you for ideas on how
to make money.

Which character from The Princess Bride are you? (with pics)
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Out to Lunch

My parents called me this morning to tell me they were coming up here to Boston to take me out for lunch. We went to Durgin Park at Government Center. (Right near Quincy Market.) I had the "Poor Man's Roast Beef." It was a thicker slab of beef than I was expecting. It also came with mashed potato and mixed vegetables. I had a big bowl of Indian Pudding for dessert. That was damn good although perhaps not Herbal Essence good...I splattered au jus from the beef on my shirt.

Random comment to close: The wind is fun out there today...

Let's Have a Quiz...

Again, posted for my personal amusement.


What Type of Drunk are you? (pics and many results)
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I spent my whole afternoon looking for "A New Rain: The Story of Jesus in Song" which is a Christian Folk album put out in 1977 by Stephen C. Rose on Persephone Records. As far as I can tell, it is not on CD. so, when I go home for Thanksgiving, guess who will be transfering it from LP to tape? Hint: Not you!

My God! No wonder I can't find Christian Music:

You are the Quizilla Quiz:
"Do you want sex? Would you have sex with ME?
Please have sex with me!"
You are super sexually frustrated and your aim as a
quiz is to attract cyber sex partners to your
email address. You like to know what size
people's boobs are and what their favourite
possition is.

What sort of Quizilla Quiz are you? (fun)
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Short and Sweet or Maybe Not...

Last night's Smallville was a disappointment. "Freak of the Week" (a term even they use) stories just don't get it done for me any more. With that in mind, the episode was good for what it was. I don't picture myself blasting Pink, least of all that song, while being on the run but... Because of the rod in my spine I was told I can never have another MRI. If thats what will happen if I do, I want one now. Messing with a woman's electrical impulses to affect her emotions may be the only way I'm ever going to get any especially with a hot chick... I don't particualrly enjoy Clark's "I'm afraid you'll die if you stay with me but I don't want to see you with another guy anyway" attitude but we must remember he is a teen male and thats what they do. (I never did of course...::looks around suspiciously::)

Angel was very good last night. Spike rocked. When Wesley's father said his son was "Head Boy" I was surpi…

Damn I'm Hot...

I'm posting this simply for personal amusement.

Sexy, gorgeous, sultry bianca. You know how to use
your body in order to get what you want. And
damn, you can work it.

Which Othello Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I created my own quiz on Quizilla but it's not working as well as I had hoped so I'm reluctant to give the link. Besides, it's for girls only and LadyVader has already taken it...

Role of Research was ok I guess. We convinced the teacher we all needed to register for clases next Wednesday morning so we're not starting class until 11:00 instead of 9:30. I honestly don't know when I have to. I need to research this...


I would like to apologize for the misunderstanding I related today here on this site. It was indeed a misunderstanding. They did go to the same showing of the movie I did but left the dorm later I guess. Again, I apologize.

If This is Just an Illusion, Please End it Now...

This is the result of the second time I've taken this quiz. The first time I was the Twins, not having seen the second film, I have no idea who they are. This result I know and I must say I am a bit surprised:

You are Morpheus, from "The Matrix." You
have strong faith in yourself and those around
you. A true leader, you are relentless in your

What Matrix Persona Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I saw the third film this afternoon. I was planning to go with "friends" but they apparently went to the 12:30 and decided not, or just forgot to, tell me after inviting me not once, but twice, yesterday if I wanted to go. This is the second time in as many days these ladies have irritated me. Actually, you could say it was just one big irritation. Last night, they asked me if I wanted to go see They Might Be Giants in concert. I mentioned that I didn't hate the band. And then, when the time came, they acted like they never invited me at all. While bo…

Sunday TV Recap

Last night's Charmed was probably one of the best episodes of the season. Wyatt already rocks and now it turns out he's the true weilder of Excalibur? That rocks even harder. Holly Marie Combs is the best actress on a Aaron Spelling series ever. (My apologies to Catherine Hicks and Jenny Garth.) She actually conveyed successfully how the sword's power was controlling her. I was disapppointed Lady Vader was not on IM last night. Being the King Arthur expert that she is, I would have liked to hear her thoughts on how King Arthur, the sword and the Lady of Lake is real but not Merlin or anything else aparently. Convienent that Chris was loaded up with other things to do. I think the writers were afraid that if they had him in the episode they'd be forced to reveal a secret or two. This development with Wyatt lends credence to Chris being after Wyatt before he becomes completely invulnerable to attack. Of course, that "all my life" comment he made a few …

Saturday TV Recap

It's been said elsewhere but I agree that the episodes of Star Trek where you glimpse an alternate timeline are among the franchise's best. "The Visitor" and "Yesterday's Enterprise" to give good examples of this. "Twilight" was not an exception to the rule. The episode totally rocked and most aspects that viewers might find questionable were erased when the timeline was erased. By "aspects" I am refering to the apperence of the Yridian. (Then again, first contact with that species hasn't been established as far as I can remember so...) and the use of Ceti Alpha V: the whole point of Kirk putting Khan and his people there was because it was borderline uninhabitable. As I said, this nitpick was erased when the timeline was so there's no problem. I have two comments that weren't erased. First, T'Pol must have been in great pain when that thing fell on her leg for her to show it as she did. Spock had these moment…

I Actually Wrote That Paper.

I've been saying on this blog for awhile that I'm going to write that paper for Modern Publishing that isn't actually due until a week from this Tuesday. Today, I actually did it. When have I ever been that responsible? I thought I'd put it off a few more days at least. I am really impressed with myself.

Justice League and Enterprise tonight! Woo Hoo!

I don't even watch this show anymore but this guy rocks:

John "Sully" Sullivan.. pretty laid back.
Dont get mad TOO easily, but better watch some

What Third Watch Character Are YOU?
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Wednesday TV Recap

Smallville was interesting. Comic books have never deal with Jor-el really. What was he like as a teenager? What was his father like? It would be an easy task to aim a starship torwards Earth specifically towards Smallville even so it's entirely possible he sent his son somewhere where he knew he'd be safe. This hasn't been contradicted in any comic I've ever read and is kind of cool actually. The fact that there is that Native American connection suggests to me that "Joe's" visit to Smallville wasn't by coincidence either. One thng I'm unclear about is, Jor-el flies yet Clark still hasn't figured it out yet. (Or at least knows he has.) Is this kid an idiot or what? And what about this revelation Lex's grandparents were murdered? Why should we care?

When I first started watching last night's episode of Angel, I was rather amazed on how simplistically stupid it was. Then I realized what it reminded me of: Buffy The Vampire Sla…

I'm Speechless...

You are most like Louis XIV of the French, who was
an absolute monarch who fought for most of his
70 year reign, but in reality, only conquered
few lands.

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Ok, this I can see...


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I Really Have Less Than Nothing to Say.

I retook the city quiz and was Seattle this time. I wonder what that says about me. The two cities aren't that similar. I took other quizzes as well but none were all that exciting so I'm not including them here although feel free to check out what kind of poop you are at Quizilla...

My Modern Publishing class was alright. We had our fifth guest speaker who showed us the ins and outs of book design. While this wasn't the most boring of topics, it wasn't as fun as it might sound. She focused too much on children's books for my tastes. Oh well.

Someone Explain This Quiz Result To Me.

Congratulations, you're New York City, the Big Apple.
What US city are you? Take the quiz by Girlwithagun.

Charmed was very good last night. The best part was Wyatt scaring away Mommy's dates. That eye thing was awesome. Does that mean he can orb objects or people with eye beams? I would love to see that. The subplot with Phoebe was lame and unneeded. As a producer, I think Alyssa, who's been bashed on this blog a lot lately must have seen the script and bitched she had nothing to do. The main plot with Paige was all right. She's going to be seriously hurt if she continues down this "setting out on her own" road she's on but there is potential for good story here so I hope they continue it. While I loved the banter between Leo and Chris in the time travel subplot, I'm not entirely sure of why it was there. We didn't learn much in terms of who Chris is and why he's really there. I would have liked to know more on this front.

Last we…

Warning! Post Contains Strong Language.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Sundays exist do they not? Of course they do and, for many, Sundays are the only day they have time to get things done so even if mail isn't delivered on Sunday which I have no problem allowing postal workers the day off but you should still be able to pick up a package that arrived late Saturday when you were at school function on the other end of the fucking state especially if said package contains needed medicine or perhaps perishable food items.

Ok maybe thats not a big deal to any one but me but here's another thing destroying the good mood I was in only yesterday. Again, maybe this is just me but why the fuck isn't there a change machine or machine to put money on your card on the residence campus where people actually are on a fucking Sunday as a opposed to the main campus where it's all fucking locked up so if your card key doesn't work you have to hope that someone cares enough to open the fucking door for you, or in m…

And Now for Something Completely Different.

In about an hour, I'll be going to the first of two Halloween parties. (The second one is tommorrow night.) I'm not really dressing up but I look just like Harry Potter anyway so there you go.

Last night, a group of friends here at the grad school were supposed to take me out for "beer and dessert" which is not as odd a combination as it sounds. Only one actually showed up. One friend is coming down with something and one had work to do. I have no problem with this but two apparently forgot or something and got ready for bed and I don't know where everyone else was. WTF? Anyway, I had fried cheesecake. Can you feel the arteries clogging? Actually, it rocked. I recommend it. And was good with Amstel Light to boot.

I'm so enjoying being able to sleep now and just kick back but, alas, all good things must come to end soon. Starting Monday, I'll be working my butt off ir at least trying to although keep in mind I'm a "Lazy Ass Hamster&q…

I Haven't Had a Good Rant in Days

My life is surprisingly good right now but I need to comment one subject. Putting Manny on waivers? WTF? Yes, I admit, from a business point of view, this move makes sense if someone other than the Yankees is stupid enough to take that albatross of a contract but who but the Yankees can afford that? Um...I can't think of any one.

Therein lies the problem. Given the Yankees outfield problems, Manny really isn't a good fit for them but Georgie Porgie may be interested anyway. He likes to be the manager way too often. As a Red Sox fan, I love that but my point is he may try for Manny. This would not be good. The Yankees do not need another bat.

The deal is most likely not going to go through which means Manny will be stuck on a team that doesn't want him. You thought he was a half-ass player last year? This'll probably not end well.

You are: Johnny Damon
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Good Intro, No?

You are most like Chloe Sullivan.

What Smallville character are you most like?
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I took a completely different Smallville quiz and I was "hot stuff" Lana Lang. (There were no pictures.) While Chloe is not unattractive, I'm less likely to defile myself...

On the episode last night, I have to say that this was the best episode of the season. I was worried that the season would lose steam but I was clearly wrong. I also was worried that the episode would totally screw with contituity but, for now at least, Perry just thinks he imagined the whole thing. Of course, one has to wonder why he doesn't ever seem to remember the incidents with Clark when Clark mysteriously disappears at the sign of trouble and someone with the same powers as Clark exhibited shows up but then no one ever seemed to notice Superman was Clark without glasses and perhaps a different hairstyle...This episode does explain how Clark was able to get a job with the Planet so eas…

Well, You Didn't Decide So...

The best thing about the last episode of Smallville was The Traveller effect. That totally rocked. It reminded me of the Doctor Destiny character that appeared recently on Justice League although that character could influence everybody's dreams and use them to incapacitate people. Tomorrow Perry White appears. Will he hit on Martha?

Poor Spike. On one hand, having a vampire ghost as he refered to himself is a cool thing. He did pick up a cup at the end of the episode though so maybe he's slowly solidifying. We'll have to see.

There are many things I liked about Charmed this week. It was interesting to see the different desires of the sisters although I think Phoebe's really didn't work for me. Why would she want a talk show? Her character really has ceased to make any sense most of the time although finally her empathic sense legitimately fit into the episode. I have another question. Why was Wyatt real in Piper's fantasy when no none else seemed …

I'm Back!

For those of you who care, I went home this weekend so thats why I haven't posted in eons. For my next post, probably tomorrow, I'm giving you options on what you want to hear. If you don't pick I'll choose myself and you'll have to live with it. Hopefully, my tagboard will actually show up some time as well...

A) Smallville
B) Angel
C) The novel, Art of the Impossible
D) Bend It Like Beckham
E) School of Rock
F) Charmed
G) Alias
H) My Birthday
I) Combination of two, three, four, etc.

Not Much to Say

Ever since that class ended, I don't have much to write about any more. Um my cousin had a baby about a week and a half ago I think it was. It's a boy: [name deleted]. Everyone is doing fine. I can't wait to subvert the kid to the dark side. His father is into Monopoly, The Simpsons, cheesy horror films and the guitarist Buckethead so take what you will from that...

Anyway, this means that, of the three close cousins on my father's side, there's only two left to marry and procreate. Somehow I doubt it'll be me to go next. In many ways, this is not a bad thing. I'm waiting for my life to begin frankly. I'll be 26 on Sunday and I feel my life hasn't begun yet. Unless I live past age 100, my life could easily be a complete waste.

On the bright side, we have good TV on tonight...My God, lilkittyngurl was right. This is sad...


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I Thought This Was Deuce...

It's been many moons since I put a quiz on this thing so here you go. Once agan I'm a woman but what a woman!!!

You Are: Xenia Onatopp!

As the femme fatale of "Goldeneye", you
tried to use your gorgeous gams to pilfer off
007 during sex. Too bad his skivvies had a gun
holster sewn into them.

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I'm male but ugh:

Yay! you're Carson Daly. you may not be too bright,
or funny, or interesting, or spontaneous, but
atleast you're pretty...kinda....It's all good
every generation needs a Carson where would we
be without the famous TRL VJ...oh yeah now i
remember in the same place!

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Gee, What Will I be Talking About Today?

I don't really have much to say about the particular episode of Charmed last night. It was more or less forgettable although I have seen worse hours of TV. What I do want to talk about is the break up of Piper and Leo's marriage. It seems more and more likely Brian Krause is going to leave the show. Here are the facts/rumors: He and Alyssa dated a while back and supposedly aren't getting along now. If he leaves because of her, and I've said this before, what a primadonna she is! First Shannen, now perhaps Brian, has left a good deal because of one woman that really adds nothing to the show anymore. Now that the Phoebe/Cole storyline has finally ended, there's nothing for her character to do. This empath thing is fairly weak if you ask me. Dump her. Unfortunately, I can't see how they could get rid of her and keep the show going unless Paige has a fullblooded sister or their mother is a major slut. Oh well.

Alias last night pretty much wrecked my drugg…

More Observations

A now former classmate of mine made the comment that blogs are "for people with diarrhea of the mouth." I never really considered this statement to apply to this site but today I just have a lot on my mind and since no one is on AIM...

My favorite sketch on SNL last night was the "Don Zimmer Sports Spectacular." It took him awhile to get into character but Darryl Hammond's Bob Costas impression was dead on. My only complaint about the sketch was that, as a Sox fan, I know what both of the Fenway ballgirls look like and Halle Berry was not right for the part. Granted only New England viewers would know this and even then only viewers who followed the Sox but there are "Researchers" listed in the closing credits. Turing on the news is not adequate research, ok? Oh and God bless George Wendt for saving that Cubs sketch from the toilet.

This brings me to what I really want to talk about: whether or not Grady Little should be fired as manager of…

What Will be the Topic Today?

Last night, there was some good TV that I want to comment on. Let us begin with Enterprise. Once again, I am impressed that they are really trying to do stuff with Hoshi this season. This story started out as a classic "Beauty and the Beast" tale which, though has been done before, has many ways to keep it fresh. The writers managed to do this but perhaps that was the problem. Why would Hoshi want to stay with someone who would willing kill 80 people? (There are only 80 people? Even with the MACOs?) It was like the writers didn't know how to end it so they decided to make him childishly evil. A better idea would have been to have him sacrifice himself to save Hoshi.

An interesting development in the main storyline appeared. The Expanse was created? As others have suggested, this means it can be destroyed. Was it the Xindi or someone afiliated with them who did it? The way this series goes, it's the most likely scenario but, as uncreative as that is, tha…