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My Christmas Vacation-The Movies

The night after I arrived home we rented a couple movies. The one we watched as a family was called Once. Some may call it a chick flick. There are two kinds of chick flicks: Comedies which I generally enjoy if Whitney Houston isn't starring in them and Dramas which I generally do not. This probably falls into the latter category but, you know what? I liked this movie very much. Part of the reason is that generally enjoy music movies, like School of Rock and Sister Act if not musical theater. The stars of this movie actually wrote the music they're singing and it's good!

The next day, I finally got to see Eragaon. This was about a year in the making as I was scheduled to see this movie with JRRyan in the theater when my father broke his wrist ice skating that very night. Anyway, overall, this was a fun time waster of a movie. What I found fascinating, though, was 16 year old Christopher Paolini didn't get all his inspiration from fantasy novels. He got it from Star War…

More In The New Year

I Am A: Neutral Good Human Cleric (5th Level)

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Humans are the most adaptable of the common races. Short generations and a penchant for migration and conquest have made them physically diverse as well. Humans are often unorthodox in their dress, sporting unusual hairstyles, fanciful clothes, tattoos, and the like.

Clerics act as intermediaries between the earthly and the divine (or infernal) worlds. A good cleric helps those in need, while an evil cleric …

Probably The Last Post of 2007

Two more Christmas movies to discuss. During the snow storm on Thursday, my aunt stayed over and brought a DVD with her: A Christmas Miracle at Sage Creek. I don't want to ruin the whole movie but it has David Carradine as a "Scroogian" rancher who has this beef with this Native American family (Wes Studi and Irene Bedard) living on his land. Technodude went back to painting but I enjoyed it and I think my aunt did as well...

My cousin and I later watched Little House on the Prairie: Bless All the Dear Children. Laura and her husband along with Issac go in search of their daughter who was kidnapped by a psychotic frontierswoman. Meanwhile, back in Walnut Grove, we have the hilarious hi jinks of Jason and Nancy, who really is more of a bitch than her older sister, Nellie. What these two storylines had to do with eachother, I have no idea...

Of the non-Christmas variety, we also finished the miniseries, Tin Man which is a re-telling of The Wizard of Oz . (Or is it a sequel? …

Another Book, Another Party

During my dance class reading on Wednesday, I finished another Star Trek book. The Buried Age by Christopher L. Bennett, whose Orion's Hounds was the first Titan book I truly enjoyed, was another Lost Era novel; this one filling in the gap of Picard's life in between the so-called "Battle of Maxia" where the Stargazer was lost and his taking command of the Enterprise-D prior to "Encounter at Farpoint."

As with most of the "Lost Era" books, my interest in the actual plot of the book, in this case finding a member of a extremely ancient race and falling in love with her, paled in comparison to the geeky references found within. For instance, you know exactly why Picard gets so irritated with Phillipa Louvois in "Measure of a Man." Another small reference I enjoyed was that the Galaxy-class was supposed to launch on 2361, the bicentennial of the Federation but of course was delayed until 2363-4. Was that Bennett's doing or the Okudas…

My Question is: Why Would I Want The T-Shirt?

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I am a

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Band Name: Effie Waller Smith
Album Name: Alberta General Election, 2001

1. List of Archbishops of Tours
2. Fibre Multi Object Spectrograph
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4. Barbara (village)
6. The Scornful Lady
7. Golden Bagel Award
8. Leicester Central Railway Station
9. Fenton Dock
10. Tomorrow's Brightest Minds
11. Binary Form
12. La Plata Lake
13. List of United States Supreme Court Cases, volume 137
14. Carisopodal
15. Zambian Presidential Election, 1991

I would have to say only 6 or 7 song titles make any sense...


This past Saturday, I went to a Christmas party held at the home of one of the seminary students. It was a small gathering but fun. We drank homemade hot apple cider and each decorated a gingerbread man for the tree. Mine came out pretty well. After a lunch of pie, (Did I ever tell you the story of going to my mother's cousins? Where I was told their would be dinner and we just ate the pie we brought ourselves?) we put together a gingerbread creche. My sheep sucked. Damn fine motor control problems!

As of this past Sunday, I am officially a member of my church. I received a certificate, a rose and a piece of cake for the honor. I also had more than one comment about how they already thought I was a member. It was somewhat funny.

I've watched more Christmas movies recently. I watched Home Alone 4. I don't think I even bothered watching the third film but this one was not bad. Loved Clare Carey now playing Kevin's mom and the kid now playing Kevin wasn't bad although …

Why Am I Posting When I Have No Important Content?

You Are a Gingerbread House
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Before I show the next result, I just want to clarify that I'm a librarian and read a lot:

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He Punched A Reindeer? WTF?

My cousin/roommate is really into Christmas specials and movies so the other day, we watched the holiday classic Jingle All The Way. (Conan O'Brien reference.) Like Jersey Girl, I figured it couldn't be the steaming pile it seemed to be. In some ways it was worse but I ended up watching the whole thing so what does that tell you? I'm way too amiable. That's what it tells you. I love Phil Hartman and miss him and I love Sinbad but Danny Devito needed to be in this movie! Jake Lloyd, playing Ah-nold's son, can't act. If they do a remake of Shane, he should be the kid because, well, watch this movie or The Phantom Menace because that will answer your question. Can I just ask why Rita Wilson appears in mediocre films all the time? (Well, she did once joke that she had to sleep with the director to get in That Thing You Do...) I mean she's married to Tom Hanks! In summary, watch Batman and Robin instead...

A Smattering of Topics

Reading a friend's blog recently, I realized that, despite things in my life going at snail's pace, I've probably never been happier. I love my volunteer job which only confirms two things about me: I want to be a librarian. Too many people in my age bracket don't really know what they want. Some think they know yet aren't happy now that they're doing it, some think they know but don't make the attempt to see if they're right for legitimate reasons like they can't afford to right now or not so legitimate reasons such as they're too scared so I find it satisfying that I know what I want.

The trick is now finding a way to make it financially a reality. I'm working on it but, meanwhile, I realized the second thing about me: I don't need money to be happy. Of all the jobs I've had, it was the volunteer jobs and the internships that tapped into my interests. Given how our society works, most would probably argue that I need to change my a…

You Missed Me! (I'm Telling You That You Did.)

Music- "It's All Over Now"- The Rolling Stones

I had to shut the cat out to actually get this post out. I'm catnip...

The Sunday before last, and I can't believe I forgot to write about this previously, I went with my aunt, her co-worker and my cousin to see a stage production on the life of Henry W. Longfellow. It was held in the little theater on the second floor of Portland Stage. It was good but you had to pay attention the way the story was presented. There were three performers: Longfellow and a man and woman who are other characters as needed and sometimes act as narrator or Greek Chorus if you will. I liked it.

Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' house consisted of us, my uncle and grandmother, who I drove up with, and my aunt so it was a small but good group.

Friday before my grandmother and uncle drove back, my uncle, father and I watched the classic Paul Newman movie Cool Hand Luke. I'm ashamed to say I'd never seen it before. Great movie.


Think Of Your Own Title

Music: "Faithfully"- Journey

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It Was Snowing Earlier!

Music: "Driver's Seat"- Sniff'n The Tears

First, let me describe my final day at work before the holiday. I went, did a little ILL and then, when really nothing was going on, I went home. While I'm writing an important, or at least possibly important e-mail, that I don't want to discuss right now but may later, I get a call from my pastor who is also an adjunct faculty member. She needed help finding some material and wondered if I could come back. So I do; after finishing the email, of course.

When I got there, she gave me the list of books she wanted to find and made me tea and a plate of animal crackers. I actually found most of the books in our collection and was able to request the others through ILL. This was the first time I had done that for a patron, although I had done it for myself, so it was kind of cool on a certain level but all this trudging back and forth has made me a little tired. Thankfully, I can rest tomorrow...

I close on a personal note. …

You Knew I Would Eventually

moar funny pictures

Ok, it got cut off but you get the point.

Another Book Read

I just finished one of the books I received from my birthday. Maybe I have been reading too many Star Trek books lately but Act of Treason by Vince Flynn was a totally awesome book and his best book to date. Remember when I discussed his last book, Consent to Kill and given what happened in that book I wondered where Flynn planned to go with the series? I'm still not entirely sure as this book could be considered a transition book on at least two fronts but I will say this book was even more awesome in that Flynn gives Irene Kennedy, DCI in his books, certainly not a background character anyway, a bit more to do than he has in the past. I hope this continues.

The biggest thing I enjoyed about it though was the villains of the piece for series protagonist Mitch Rapp weren't Arab terrorists as they have been pretty much starting with his second book which really kicks off the series. (His debut novel, Term Limits, was more of a stand alone novel though it was made clear in the l…

Just Wanted To Post A Quiz

Baseball: I Was Happy, Now I'm Pissed.

Yesterday's announcement of Dustin Pedroia winning the American League Rookie of the Year was totally awesome, especially considering the vote of the Baseball Writers of America takes place before the playoffs begin. He deserved the honor even more so after.

Today's announcement of C.C. Sabathia winning the American League Cy Young Award upset me. The Indians pitcher was neck and neck with Josh Beckett most the year yet the final vote, which also took place before the playoffs, apparently was 119 points to 86. Maybe what happens in the playoffs should be considered. Beckett was far and away the better pitcher during October. Hell, his own teammate, Fausto Carmona, pitched slightly better and he ended up fourth in the voting. Even if Beckett still didn't win, the vote should have been much closer than it was. Once again, Boston doesn't get the respect it deserves. Simple as that.

On a completely unrelated topic, I found a new internet radio station specializing in Classi…

And Then There's Books...

Last night at dance I finished reading a trilogy of Star Trek books. Technically it's a two volume set and then an addendum or "missing piece" of the story I suppose you could call it. It began with The Eugenic Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh Volumes I and II which takes place in the latter 20th century and incorporates real history into this story supposed by an early Trek episode. (I love old science fiction shows and movies that take place in "the far future" of 1987 or in this case, 1996.) The author, Greg Cox, through these two books, successfully in my opinion, makes it entirely possible that genetically engineered superhuman warred against each other during the 1990's without the average citizen like ourselves noticing. There were not just Trek references in here but references to other things pop culture-wise such as The Stepford Wives and even the Marvel Comic character "Black Panther."

The three books had Kirk, Spock and com…

Busy Weekend # 1232

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This weekend I went with my cousin/roommate and his mother to a science fiction convention in Springfield, MA. It was so much fun. The guest panel was mostly female which is OK with me but, as occurred to me last night, the age range was pretty diverse. I saw talks/Q&A sessions with and go…

Recent Events

So this weekend, well, Thursday, I went up north to the parental units to celebrate my natal day. The bus ride was pretty good thanks to my aforementioned mixes. My parents were both there at the station and we drove home where my father, bless him, had a six pack of my favorite beer (Amstel Light because domestic is skank) waiting in the fridge.

Friday, the actual day, I organized some of my books in my bedroom or the room that is mine when I'm up and there isn't any more important guests. My grandmother and uncle arrived in the afternoon and then was present time!

I received some good stuff this year. The Traveling Wilbury Collection with both albums and a DVD. (The DVD has a documentary of how the band was formed and all their videos. Yes! They have videos!) I also received the third volume of The Superfriends otherwise known as "the Firestorm series" and a DVD of Paul McCartney's 2005 tour.

Finally, I received Vince Flynn's latest paperback and an autograp…

So This Month Has 12 Entries...

I'm leaving this afternoon for my parent's house and a weekend of wild birthday fun.(Yeah, right...) Over the past couple weeks I've burned three mixes for the trip up (and back down). Should be fun. I'm also looking forward to the bus trip only being half as long.

Last night, was the first week of dance I had to get tough to get them out. They started to clean up at the right time but they were going way too slow so I went into Event Staff mode and shut the lights off on them...

I leave you with a fairly accurate quiz result to tide you over until I return:

You are Oscar Wilde

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OK, I Was Aparently Wrong.

Yes, I was wrong. I predicted that the Sox would win in 6 games and it took 7. Their was debate by those I talked with but I think the way this post season has gone was eerily similar to 2004. That year, the Sox swept the Division Series had a battle in the Championship series forcing them to play all seven games and then swept the World Series. This year, they swept the Division Series and had a battle in the Championship series.

Am I suggesting there will be another sweep of the World Series. Hard to tell. Colorado had huge momentum going through the playoffs and Boston has it now. Sox manager Terry Francona said recently that, basically, momentum only goes as far as that day's pitcher. Managers and players always downplay these things so who can tell if that statement is accurate or by how much.

Joe Buck, or, as I like to call him, a word that rhymes with his last name, pointed out last night Colorado took 2 of a 3 game set this past regular season but I will point out what all…

Good Mix Playing. I Had To.


To review:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend your cool...

Opening Credits: "I Won't Back Down"- Tom Petty. Cool!
Waking Up: "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues"- Neil Young. Again, cool!
First Day At School: "Bathwater"- No Doubt. I don't get it.
Falling In Love: "Goodbye to You"- Michelle Branch. Wouldn't this be a better "Break-up" song?
Fight Song: "See You When I Get There"- The Wallflowers. Actually, the song works.
Breaking Up: "Two Worlds"- Phil Collins. The title works but not really the lyrics.
Prom (Perhaps Grad Walk?): "Baby Grand"- Billy Joel and Ray Charles. That would work as a Grad Walk or Prom song but perhaps too cool for either…

The Good and the Bad

Since one of my readers' husbands works for the Post Office, I will try to be as diplomatic as possible but there was an incident yesterday that rather pissed me off. Granted, it was maybe 20% my own fault. I was charged on my way home from work to go to the post office and mail off a Inter-Library Loan package.

This was the second time I had done this; for work I mean. The first time I did it I was told specifically to hand it to the guy at the desk despite the fact we have a postal machine. I felt stupid standing in line for no apparent reason.

This time, I thought "Why don't I just put it in the box and save time?" It wasn't until I had already dropped the package in that I noticed the 13 ounce limit sign. How long has that been effect? And what is the purpose of that? Anthrax can weight much less than that and every package over 13 ounces must be a bomb... It also occurred to me later that maybe the weight issue has to do with what kind of truck they use but …

What? It's Different!


To review:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend your cool...

Opening Credits: "I'm Not Running Anymore"- John Mellencamp. Opening Credit songs never have anything to do with the movie. Awesome song anyway.
Waking Up: "Good Enough"- Sarah McLachlan. That would not wake me up...
First Day At School: "Wrong All The Time"- Ringo Starr. ::Spittake::
Falling In Love: "Rock and Roll Music"- The Beatles. Huh?
Fight Song: "One Lonley Night"-REO Speedwagon. The aftermath, obviously.
Breaking Up: "Rainy Day Women #12 and #35"- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Drunk maybe but not stoned!
Prom (Perhaps Grad Walk?): "Trouble"- Shawn Colvin. More interesting than my prom actuall…

National Treasure 3, Perhaps?

I Told You There Would Be More

Since I was asked, let me tell you more about the dance group I "monitor" at my church. It's called "Ecstatic Dance." I haven't actually watched it as I stay in another room and read while it goes on but from what I can hear and see. It seems very yoga-like if yoga involved loud music and the occasional primal screaming. Some weeks, maybe ever other week, they have a "real" instructor, as they did last night, telling them to do things with their breathing and to get in circles, etc. The music is eclectic and the participants are either hippy/yuppy-types or just college-age. There were a couple hotties this week but that is neither here nor there...

I'm still recovering from doing the church bulletin today. All-told, it took me 5 and half hours. The main problems with it was not doing before for this church as their bulletin is way more complicated then the ones I used to do for my father, having to use the wost mouse I have ever used, and figur…

Most Likely More Later

The last time the Red Sox won the division, in 1995, they faced Cleveland in the ALDS and lost. Now in 2007, the two teams will face off again. This time in the ALCS. Not the most exciting piece of trivia, especially considering Manny plays for us now, but I had to start somewhwere. What I hear now is that the Sox are putting Beckett, Schilling and Matsuzaka with either Wakefield or Beckett, coming back on short rest, to take Game 4. The first two games don't scare me despite facing the Indians top two pitchers.

Game 3 is a bit worrisome but not as much as the next one. I think Wakefield is done for the season. I have visions of him going out there and pitching like Roger Clemens did the other day. Yes, Tim is like 5 years younger but they're both injured. Wakefield will be back next year. Clemens won't be; especially if Joe goes. What's the other option? Beckett on short rest. While Josh seems to turn it on in the posrtseason, I'm not sure if that's a good ide…

I Think We All Know What I'm Thinking...

Go Sox! Boo Yankees!

I've developed an addiction to doing this:

Musical Magic 8 Ball
Go to your music player of choice and put it on shuffle.
Say the following questions aloud, and press play.
Use the song title as the answer to the question.


1. How does the world see me?
"Stuck Inside a Cloud"- George Harrison. LOL!

2. Will I have a happy life?
"Forever Man"- Eric Clapton. So it'll be long but will it be happy?

3. What do my friends really think of me?
"Shangri-La"- Don Henley. I guess they think I live in a fantasy world.

4. Do people secretly lust after me?
"Real Love"- The Beatles. So it's not just lust then?

5. How can I make myself happy?
"Life in the Fast Lane"- The Eagles. Take more risks?

6. What should I do with my life?
"Here With Me"- Michelle Branch. Just sit here and blog. ::headdesk::

7. Will I ever have children?
"Watching the Wheels"- John Lennon. I have absolutely no clue.

8. What is some goo…

Likesbaseball. Likesmusic.

JRRyan would understand the reference. Anyway, there wasn't just one game last night there was two. Who walks Ortiz just to get to Manny? The Angels, that's who. Morons. Yes, his power numbers was down this season but he was battling injuries and he produced. Last I knew, he was the active career leader in grand slams so for him to hit a three run jack is not out of the question. I love it.

The Yankees losing was perhaps even sweeter. Joe Torre always looks like he needs a potty break even when the Yanks are winning but you almost feel sorry for him. You can almost see him packing his bags and being forced out of town on a rail. Yes, the Yankees could still win the next three games but only one team has ever pulled themselves out of a hole that large. I'll give you a hint who that was. No, actually, I won't. The paragraph above is enough of a hint. Did you notice that the Canadian Soldier ants where primarily attacking them not the Indians? My aunt suggested it was a p…

Quick News and the Return of the Musical Magic Eightball!

I'm sure you all want to know this: I'll be making a little extra spending money as my church needs someone to "babysit" a weekly dance group and I'm getting paid for it! Woo Hoo! Sure it'll really only pay for my weekly groceries but that's a huge chunk of my expenses so good.

Musical Magic 8 Ball
Go to your music player of choice and put it on shuffle.
Say the following questions aloud, and press play.
Use the song title as the answer to the question.


1. How does the world see me?
"Imagine"- John Lennon. A dreamer, I assume. Yeah, OK...

2. Will I have a happy life?
"Don't Treat Me Like A Stranger"- Tom Petty. I'm guessing "No."

3. What do my friends really think of me?
"No Questions Asked"- Fleetwood Mac. Does that mean "Don't Ask, Don't Tell?"

4. Do people secretly lust after me?
"Rainy Day Women #12 and #35"- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. So only when they're stoned …

A New Record?

I may actually break this year's record for number of posts in a month but so what? Two things have developed that I want to discuss. (Ok, four or five but in two catagories.)

First, go Sox! Yankee fans may argue that their team stopped trying but I will point out their "B-Team" won and it was their "A-Team" playing last night lost on a bunt! Anyway, Matsuzaka gave me hope that he can still pitch. Yay! I think the Angels won't pose too much of a challenge in the first round but they better not slack off...

This week, my cousin and I tried out two new shows. Journeyman has much pontential. We see it as a cross between Quantum Leap and The 4400 and maybe a little Seven Days thrown in. Interesting mix. I also enjoy the casting Kevin McKidd would indeed have made a great Thor but I guess that won't happen now. It's good to see Gretchen Egolf as his wife. She was great as the evil senator on Roswell and, oh, she was also the department head on Martial Law

This Survey Looked Awesome

1. Get something published
2. Find love
3. Get my library career off the ground

1. Joshua
2. Josh
3. Jason (Most common mistake)

1. likestrek
2. sci_fi_nat
3. sci_fi_nat2000

1. eyes
2. butt
3. fingers?

1. English/Irish/Scottish
2. Greek
3. Native American

1. Being on a mountain
2. crossing a busy street without a walk light
3. asking a woman out...

1. food
2. conversation
3. sleep

1. Red Sox Tee
2. Army green shorts
3. boxers

1. Bob Dylan
2. Traveling Wilburys
3. Sheryl Crow

1. "King of Broken Hearts"-Ringo Starr
2. "Congratulations"-Traveling Wilburys
3. "Because of You"- Kelly Clarkson

1. meaningful con…

So There Will Be a Ninth Post...

First off, the important news: I mentioned this through Twitter but, in case you missed it, right now, all the church office needs is back up help doing the bulletin while the secretary is on vacation. I may also be there to answer the phone on Tuesday and Friday but that would be it.

My fears of a reprise of 1978 for my Sox about a week ago may have been unfounded as they are on the cusp of clinching the division depite the recent skid and Yankee surge. All they need is to win two more or the Yanks to lose two more. Of course, with the wild card, they probably could have gotten in the playoffs anyway but getting the division would be so cool. I would have prefered the Yankees not making the playoffs at all but them not having home field due to wild card rules is kind of sweet...

To quote Elton John, or more accurately Bernie Taupin, "I want love":

This Is My Life, RatedLife:
5.5Take the Rate My Life Quiz


Family Business

So my aunt and uncle came up from New Jersey on Tuesday so Wednesday, we went to Applebee's to meet them and my grandparents for lunch. Overall, I suppose it was a good experience but I would recommend the soup and salad option unless like a very small lunch. I was expecting big bowls of both not little tiny ones. The food itself was very good, however. Because of the handicapped taxi being very busy my cousin and I had to hang out in the parking lot for probably 45 minutes. Let's say I enjoyed the margarita, well, margarita and a half really, I had later... (It didn't hurt that I finally know that waitress' name as well...)

Saturday, I went up with my aunt and uncle to see my parents' new house. There was a turkey dinner at the church there that night to benefit the family of a baby whom is home now I guess but was born three months early. I also set up my parents' DSL for them on their desktop and upgrading their anti-virus software as well.

Sunday, we went to…

Reversion To The Old Ways

Since there seems to be no rhyme or reason to which of my posts get comments and which don't, I'm going post whatever I feel like. Sure, I love comments but I must face facts that I'm not going to get them.

No, I'm not going to review every episode of every TV show I'm going to watch this new season again simply because it doesn't appeal to me any more. To be sure, I will write about some of the new series since that does still interest me but not every episode...

I am going to go back to complaining about my love life occassionally though because, if I can't discuss it here, where can I? Remember that workstudy student I mentioned being interested in? Yeah, well she's married apparently and I think even has at least one child so even if she didn't commute from such a long distance, nothing is going to happen with that. (Boo!) This is the first time I've discovered information of this nature before I made a complete ass of my self so this is good…

Hmm Busy Am I...

Wednesday night, I went to the Opening Convocation worship service at the Seminary where I work and the dinner afterwards. I had a good time and was able to help a work study student I've become interested in put away the hymnals...The dinner, put on by the ladies group of my church, was awesome: ham, rice and beans, and salad followed by apple crisp.

Yesterday after work, I met with my pastor about joining the church. I won't bore you with everything that was said but I may help fill in for the secretary when she goes on vacation next month on a most-likely volunteer basis, of course...

Today, my boss took me out to lunch to the Mexican place I frequent. I go there so much that the waitress, whom I also am interested in despite the fact I know she's a smoker, listed what she thought I'd order and then explained to my boss when she gave a quizzical look, that I was "her buddy" whatever that means. I'm sure it doesn't mean what I want it to mean, however…

Must Do Quiz...

Don't know what to say about this but I love the Companion...

Which Doctor (from Doctor Who) Are You?

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Late Night Quizzes

Weird picture but I think somewhat accurate:

My sphere is Ronin (Look for great Ambition and Success), and my class is Defender (Peaceful, yet Potent). I am a Sentry. You believe in defending the ones you trust, and you will defend them with all your strength, that's for sure. But who is worthy of that trust? You and you alone decide who is worthy, who is not worthy, and when your moods change. Your friends will heed you as an excellent force to have on their side, but your enemies will loathe you with a passion unequaled. What kind of Warrior are you?

I think I think my history and lit score is too low but the rest is probably accurate:

Probably Deserves A Post By Itself Anyway

I forgot to mention that I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows this morning. This post contains spoilers for all those readers living under a rock so you've been warned! Overall, totally awesome book but I agree with many that the epilogue at the end was either not necessary or needed major reworking. If JK's next venture into the Potter-verse is about Albus Severus and not his godson, Teddy, I will not be happy as Albus reminds me of that kid from Shane whom I, and everyone else I know, wanted to smack hard. (Oops! KJ warned me to never mention that movie again...) Ooh! Longbottom is now Professor of Herbology? What happened to Sprout? It's only been 19 years... I think Malfoy marrying a Muggleborn or half blood would have been a cool shocker but I didn't write this did I?

One of the best parts of the books was the two or three chapters where it was just Harry and Hermione and not Ron because he has always been the Cletus to Harry's Roscoe P. Coltrane. I…

Good Weekend

Though there is one more day, this has been a very good Labor Day weekend. Saturday, we took the bus to the Olive Garden. I didn't even know it was so easy to get there by bus. Cool!

We came home and while the roommate's friend made apple strudel, we finally got to watch the movie Ghost Rider. Overall, I thought it was an awesome movie with cool special effects. I never really read the comic although I did read a few issues of the Spirits of Vengeance comic where he teams up with Johnny Blaze; whom he actually is in this movie since it's an origin story. I thought Peter Fonda made a much better Devil than Bryan Cranston in that recent Fallen miniseries but did I really have to point that out? As old flame Roxie Simpson, Eva Mendes was the exact same character as she was in Hitch. As soon as she realized he was telling the truth and was Ghost Rider, she was all over Blaze because flaming skeletons in spiked leather is sexy I guess... Nicolas Cage didn't disappoint as he…

Another Music Activity

Comment and I'll give you a letter. In your journal, list 10 of your favorite songs that begin with that letter.

I was given the letter "M"

In no particular order:

1. Mississippi- Sheryl Crow (or Bob Dylan)
2. Manic Monday- The Bangles
3. Morning Song- Jewel
4. Most Likely You'll Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine- Bob Dylan
5. Make You Feel My Love-Bob Dylan (Billy Joel's version isn't bad either)
6. Martha Say-John Mellencamp
7. My Back Pages-Bob Dylan (or any version really)
8. Most of the Time- Sophie Zelmani (Or Dylan)
9. Mother-John Lennon
10. Magic-Paul McCartney

The Art of the Impossible

Good book but anyway not the point of this post. Yesterday, we went to the Sidewalk Art Festival downtown where there are artists of various quality and prestige selling their creations. They basically shut down the street alolwing people to walk up and down in the street to view the art. Even though it's gone on a good chunk of my life I've never actually gone. Of course, I live right here now.

We arrived home to great news. My copy of Harry Potter finally arrived! I haven't had a lot of time to read so I'm only on Chapter 3 but hopefully that will change soon.

We actaully had a couple of young and single people in church today so things may be looking up in the friend, maybe more, department as well...

I don't think this quiz is all that accurate but then I don't think of KJ Kofsuske as a kangaroo either so...

You're an Oyster!

You don't have a ton of complexity or identity on your own, so you've
made an effort to focus on making a nice and sturdy house…

There's Only One Way To Rock

Last night, there was an Alumni Happy Hour put on by my college at a restaurant downtown so I went. The music was great as was the appetizers and beer. I went over to give my drink order and I couldn't think of anything. I mean I wasn't craving anything in particular so I asked the waitress what she recommended. She said they just got some new Sam Adams Octoberfest so I just went with that. Most of the TVs in the room we were in was tuned in for the Red Sox game but it was raining so hard in Chicago, I knew they'd never get the game in. I had a great time but left early as there was no one I knew who attended. My class sucks...

I overslept this morning by about an hour but somehow we managed to get the section of inventory done anyway as it wasn't as bad as it looked and there was still time for a little shelving.

I admit I'm more extroverted than I use to be but I can't believe I'm this extroverted. (I think it's the fact that I'm not scared of soci…


So first off, I was notified of a refund by Amazon for that damn book with no questions asked and the same day I filed it at that! I wonder if that seller had other complaints. They certainly don't mess around. I also won a copy of the book on eBay for a about a dollar less so good news all around there.

Over the past couple of months or so I've been reading the Star Trek: Crucible trilogy. I think it would be best to go in-depth about each book seperately.

McCoy: Provenance of Shadows was the first boook and probably the best of the three. In the episode "City on the Edge of Forever," which the trilogy has a base, McCoy goes back in time to the 1930's and changes history. Kirk and Spock go back to stop him. This book delves into the lives of the McCoy that changed history in the span of the 30's to the '50's and the McCoy who was stopped and brought back to the ship. I liked the fact it had his daughter Joanna in it and explained such things as why …