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The Wildest Is Yet To Come!

I'll give you a complete post another time but here's a quiz to tide you over:

You are Rizzo the Rat.
You have few friends, but are loyal to those you do
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Rodentia Digesta Lotta Grub
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"Rat On A Hot Tin Roof"

"The Pest Is Yet To Come"

You got it, I'll eat it.

See "Favorite Food".

"When do we eat?"

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Sports Post

After seeing Schilling's performance last night, I'm worried. The Sox need either him or Clement to step up and pitch the way they've shown they're capable of or they won't even get to the World Series. Yes, you read that right. Of the American League teams, only Cleveland really scares me so we can survive with one or the other.

The Series itself is different. We'll need both in top form to win, home field advantage or no.

I'm not convinced they're are different quiz results:


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Trivial Post

To briefly update you, I heard back today about rescheduling that library test. Of course, that was the only time the test was being offered, damn it. Maybe next time, my father said. Isn't he helpful?

Before next week, Lady Vader may be wondering what I thought of Charmed so here it is: I can't say it sucked but I still stand by my assertion they should have stopped at season six. I'm unclear exactly why they didn't just have the real Wyatt scare the demons since, well, he could. I suppose he's too young. How dare they actually follow real time in the child's growth. No other show does. And why are they all cousins now? Are they the "Witches of Hazard"? Oh well.

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When It Rains...

There's now two complications, or wrinkles to my plans to go down to Florida. I was contacted by a library in the southern part of the state to take another one of those tests. (I can bring my own calculator!) Unfortunately, it's set for when I'm down in Florida. I'm trying to reschedule but I'm not holding my breath.

Also: my uncle, the father of the cousin I'm going to see, had a heart attack this past week. No one wants me to cancel and he did come home today but things probably won't be as sunny as I first thought.

In addition to these complications and everything else going on, I find out this afternoon that another aunt and uncle are splitting up and my aunt has moved out. It's an ugly situation.

Here's a lighter note to end on:

Your arch-nemesis is:Captain Kirk

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What's the Name of That Chick With the Long Hair?

I was going to use that title when my post was going to focus on mainly just the season premiere of Lost but so much more has happened to me recently. Anyway, after seeing that season premiere the other day, I have scenes from the Star Trek episode "Shore Leave" in my head but I'm sure there is another explanation for what was found in the hatch. We'll have to see, of course.

I also saw the series premiere of Invasion which bares quite the resemblance to a novel of the same name by Robin Cook but the details are so different that I don't believe it's actually based on the that book. It's not too bad so I'll probably watch it more. Oh, and just so you know, caring optional, I didn't see Surface because it looked way too lame. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

In other news, Wednesday, I was contacted by a woman, who turned out to be really hot btw, from an employment agency representing a payroll company. They saw my resume posted online. Today, …

Days of the Cat

So, the cat is still here. Animal Control doesn't take cats. We called two shelters yesterday but they're full. We've been keeping her on our screened in porch but we let her in the house occasionally and she seemed to like wet food, scraps Susie didn't eat, and really liked it so my father bought her a dish of her own and she scarfed it right down. At first we were skeptical that she could be someone's given the neighborhood but now we're having second thoughts so we're making signs to put up. Susie has seen the cat and, other than hissing and screaming for awhile, seems to be taking it in stride though we're trying to keep them separated as much as possible. Hopefully, this will be cleared up soon because this is adding more stress than I need right now.

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Stray Cats, Television and Maybe More

So this morning, my mother wakes me up to tell me that there's a cat that was apparently abandoned. I acknowledge I heard her and roll over to go back to sleep when my mother asks me if I'm getting up. Her intention apparently in telling me was to get me to keep the cat company on the porch. The animal control department seems about as reliable as a furniture delivery people or cable installers. You apparently leave your name and number and they may or may not get back to you. This is not the first cat that has appeared in our yard but this one seems the most domesticated. Does anyone else have a mother like mine? I really don't think so.

So last night I watched the Emmys. I love the fact Boston Legal and Lost were acknowledged. Those are two very good shows, however, while I haven't given it much thought in the past, Jennifer Garner should have gotten Best Actress this year for many reasons such as Medium sucks and Jennifer is mentally "there" during intervie…

House of Bones

First off, I loved House. There were so many quotable lines. I loved how they actually gave Cameron something to do. ("I'm over you. I hate you like everyone else.") Who knew LL Cool J could act? Wow. I keep going back to the video for that irritating duet he did with J-Lo. I was interested to note that Sela Ward is listed as a "Special Guest Star." Many a Star Trek actor, most notably Diana Muldaur, had that billing and appeared in every episode for a whole season or more. This is only the first episode so I'll be interested to see if this is the case or if it's more like Whoopi Goldberg where she'll only appear in most of the episodes. After all, there will probably be many times where "Mommy and Daddy are fighting."

On the other hand, I was very disappointed by Bones. It seemed they were hyping Brennan to be a House-like character but really she's just a stereotypical MIT-type nerd. She's a female Gil Grissom with martial arts sk…

I'm Really Not Picky About Pie.

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So just to keep you readers informed, I am indeed headed down to Florida to visit my cousin over Columbus Day weekend. I'm looking forward to it and it seems she is as well so that's good... My confirmation e-mail from the airline took more than a day to arrive so I, being used those things happening instantaneously, was a bit worried last night.

If I posted yesterday, I may have pointed out that the trend now with my matches is to put me on hold but one who did that finally just closed it today so I guess I won't discuss this much further except to say it's nice to know some of them are at least putting some thought and reflection into it and not making rash decisions.

Another trend seems to be that many of the matches, more than half, that seem most interested in me are two to six years older which I think is interesting. In many ways, I'm mature for my age but am admittedly immature in others so we'll have to see.

I Do Like Lemon Flavor...

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I don't really have anything worth commenting on to say but I'm taking this opportunity to say two things. I discovered yesterday that Smallville and Alias are premiering the same day. I knew that they would be in the same time slot but I didn't hear about the premiere dates or at least didn't pay attention which I know may surprise one or two of my readers. I was just going to watch the one that started first and then tape the other one then re-evaluate during repeats. Now, except for the repeat thing, I can't go for that method. Remember when TV watching wasn't complicated?

The second thing I want to relate is that I'm thinking of going down to visit my cousin in Florida sometime soon. I still need to work out the details but I really need to get out of here. I'll keep you posted.

More Fairly Random Thoughts

I have to say I was excited at first to see that I had an "Anonymous" comment to my last post. I thought it was just going to be a reaction to my political comments. I was a bit disappointed to discover that it was actually spam. I say "a bit" because it does appear that I have a comment. I really don't care most of the time if anybody reads this or not but I like it to look like I have readers. It makes me seem a lot less of a loser.

So I read in the paper today that Jeri Ryan is joining the cast of The OC. I didn't know this previously and, as a Star Trek fan, this pisses me off. I haven't found a good website on my favorite franchise in quite some time. This must be rectified!

Did anyone read the obituary of Bob Denver in the paper this morning? They took a huge section to describe the cast of Gilligan's Island. If he, Dawn Wells and whoever else is still alive died in a freak accident, maybe I could see them going in that direction. Yes, the show …

More Musings and Observations

On Friday, we watched a bit of the Concert For Hurricane Relief or whatever it was called. People complain about the media being too liberal but they cut Kanye West off when he pointed out "Bush doesn't care about black people." Interestingly, I was thinking all that day on how lucky it was that the victims were from states that actually voted for him. Can you imagine how slow the response would have been if the Northeast was slammed?

Sunday, we went up to OOB, or Old Orchard Beach, ME for those readers not in the know. I went into the men's room of the restaurant where we had dinner that night and discovered how some patrons got around the "no smoking" policy. I wonder why I've never encountered that ingenuity before...

We went up mainly to see my Bosnian "sister," F and her family, who live in the area, and say good-bye. After a trip to Bosnia they'll be moving to Detroit. It's a long story why they're moving but this really was o…

I Hate Levitation!

Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me with
JoshuaitisCause:early morningsSymptoms:extreme dehydration, mild levitation, squeaky voiceCure:cryogenic freezing until science catches upEnter your name, for your own diagnosis:
Get this, I finally heard from one of my matches the other day and she reveals she's a Yankees fan. ::Shrugs:: If it doesn't bother her, I'm ok with it but it'll still make things interesting.She is one of only five matches from CT that have given me the time of day out of like 80. This is when all they really know about me is what I look like and how tall I am, some of my interests and some things about my personality. Why is this state so stuck up?