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Brain Dump

Several topics have been ruminating in my head for days and I need to unpack them. Some are extremely trivial; especially compared to some of the other things I want to discuss, vent or whatever about but if you can't do that on your own blog, what is the point of having a blog?

1.  The Red Sox have been awesome and impressive this season.  What a turnaround.  I'm sure Juan Nieves  does the bulk of the work with the pitching staff . The improvement of the bullpen could be all him for all I know but Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz have definitely benefited from the return of John Farrell.

      Pitching and defense may win games but the offense has not disappointed. Whenever the team is able to play again, Ortiz will be back.  Sure he's not going to hit 50 homers but we'll probably get 20-30 added to the mix which would be awesome!

2.  The search for the second fugitive has cancelled not only the game (despite all the talk yesterday from player on how the people of New En…