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Something For Everyone...Maybe. (Probably Not...)

For many reasons, including no time or ambition to do so on my part, I have not posted in awhile but I was told recently that people actually enjoy reading this so I have returned and have a few things I want to discuss.

1. The first season of  Black Lightning  ended awhile ago but was quite enjoyable. Time will tell but at least for now, the writers have found a formula unlike other superhero series from Smallville  to the present shows on The CW and Netflix. One way to look at it is they haven't finished the setup. Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning may have one daughter Anissa who has joined his fight as Thunder but Jennifer still technically isn't Lightning yet.  (Yeah, Black Lightning AND Lightning? But given her electricity-generating power, what else would you call her? Generator Y?) And the big bad Tobias Whale doesn't seem to be finished yet. Hopefully, he won't become another Lex Luthor but, in some ways, he already is...

With viewers now seeing the inner-city …