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I'm On A Roll With the Comments.

Lady Vader was right. I did some research using the company's website and they are indeed commission based. I too got a call like that I think way back when I graduated college. I went for the interview that time and forgot my resume! At the time I was still new to the job searching thing so I didn't know at the time it wasn't for me. Now, I do so I'm back to square one. Oh well...

Did you see the TV section of the Hartford Courant a week ago Sunday and it's Charmed cover? OK, the cover was one thing. I'm pretty sure Kaley is over 18 but I still feel like a dirty old man anyway. Inside the cover, does Alyssa look especially whore-ish or is that just me?

OK, so I was all right with Alan Embree going to the Yankees but I know Mark Bellhorn signing with them will bite the Sox in the ass. He did go 0-fer last night but when the Yanks and Sox meet up again, it could be a major problem.

Career Question

I need some career/job advice. I was just invited for an interview at a financial advising place. (They apparently saw my resume online.) Aside from much customer service experience and a stint at a payroll company, I can't imagine why their interested in me. They do train. My question is should I pursue this even though it's pretty far away from library work as you can get and still be customer service? I know I need to broaden my career horizons a bit until libraries remove the stick but is this the way to go?

Oh, and a received a letter today from a nearby library that says they may be inviting me to take another test... They addressed the letter "Dear Applicant."

Packin' It In

I am sorely tempted to do just that. I don't think my life has ever gone this badly. For one, and I've already discussed this at great length, for the second time, I choose a career and it leads nowhere. (Ok, third if you count wanting to be a superhero in elementary school. If they gave me claws when the fused my spine in 8th grade there may have been a shot there but no...)

I'm not counting my dream of becoming a novelist even though I haven't be able to write a damn sentence since my cat died late last year. (Bessy was clearly my "mews." There was a brief time of enlightenment during my infatuation with Heather but that was fleeting at best.) Someday that could still happen.

No, today I want to discuss my lack of a love life. This recent crop of matches at eHarmony seem to check their e-mail about as regularly as I do laundry. (Ok I suppose they could check it more regularly than that and just read a couple at a time but that's still weird.)

The two dea…

View From The Couch

Yesterday morning, we had a new couch delivered. It's red striped and cushy. It isn't a sleeper like the old one so the delivery guy moved it around very easily. Surprisingly, even with the door wide open our cat didn't escape. Going back to discuss the old couch a bit more, the town picked it up this morning and you could hear them grinding it outside my window from like 7 to 7:30 this morning...

In the last two weeks I took two employment tests. The first one, held a week ago last Thursday in a town that has the same name as Cupcake's, I did horribly on. I don't know if it was the heat, the fact it was held around dinner time or that I'm just an idiot or a combination of things but I was well below the minimum score of 70 for my application to be considered further which is all right, I understand they have to have some kind of cut off. There were a lot of people applying.

On Thursday, I took the second one in Lady Vader's current town. I did so much better…

First Try and Aren't They Good...

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Yes, I'm Bored...

The first time I looked like Yoko Ono, then Sally Jessie Raphael. I'll have to compare in depth this image and the avatar image of my Yahoo Messenger. Maybe when I'm really bored.

Things to Write About

I don't know if this happens to anyone else with a blog but lately I've had things to say but, when I'm actually sitting here ready to type, I really don't want to talk about them.

Here's a short recap:

Sunday- Went to a wedding in Maine with my mother and grandmother. I'm second cousins with the groom. The UMaine Volleyball team was in attendance. I was too shy to ask if they wanted to dance...

Tuesday-Went to Block Island with the family and got probably the worst sunburn I've gotten in a while on the ferry ride over...

Today-Went to Dinosaur State Park over in Rocky Hill. We made a fossil...

Hmm. Interesting.

More Emotional

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So True...

I took the "What's So Funny?" quiz on gURL.comMy sense of humor is...

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What is your sense of humor?

Musical Toilets

On Monday, we went to see the third matchup, or at least the third one we've been to this season, between our favorite minor league team the Portland Seadogs and the New Britain Rock Cats. The third time was the charm because the Seadogs finally won. Maybe it's just me but it seems the Rock Cats have a different number of mascots every game we go to. I think their between inning contests are completely lame as well. In Portland, and I'm pretty sure it's the same in Norwich, the kid races the mascot around all the bases not just second to third. How cheap is that? I was pleased that the two boys they had singing "Take Me Out To the Ballgame" knew the words this time, the previous time they didn't, because now I don't have to rant about how this "God Bless America" crap is ruining America's pasttime.

Recently, I've been really enjoying Garbage's new album, "Bleed Like Me." I think it's hands down the best album they…

Only The Best

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I'm posting this amusement only because it's worthy of comment and I'm kinda bored. Does this mean I'm marrying myself because the way things are going that may be my only option. Wouldn't Lavender be to busy pining after Ron? Screw Cedric I say. The outcome sounds like a damn fine party to me.

I'm Cranky And A Bit Nostalgic.

You are

What Rejected Crayon Are You?

You know, I can't remember the last time I actually had the flu. Admittedly, that's really here nor there but I figured I'd share what was in my head because isn't that what blogs are for?I am getting so tired of this heat. I said this last night but I will say it again: I want a freakin' pool!You know when something's wrong when the thought of Congress messing with daylight savings time pisses you off. I mean I suppose it won't be that big a deal except for having to tell all three computers in the house, "No, it's not time to change the clock." The death of Peter Jennings at a relatively young age these days is kind of sad in itself but I think what really bothers me more is that now all three newsmen of the Big Three that I and those of you who are around my age grew up with are gone. One could say the death of Pope John Paul II also fits into this category of "Links To My Childhood That Are Now Gone…

Four Outings and a Dental Appointment

On Wednesday night, my mother's church planned an outing to hear the carollon concert at Trinity College so we brought a bucket of KFC. It was quite the international outing. The theme of the music was very French; including that stereotypical French tune La Vie en Rose. In addition to that, one of the church members who attended was German and the refugee family from Russia their church is hosting also came. It was a pretty fun evening.

On Thursday night, we went out to the movies and saw Must Like Dogs. Not a bad film but I understand the comment from one reviewer who asked how John Cusack can pay for his lifestyle. In any case, not really that big a deal. Since I am in that world of online dating, I found it fairly accurate although I haven't had a face to face meeting with anyone yet myself...

To celebrate finishing, and surviving VBS, we went out to dinner on Friday. Granted, it's a rare occurrence that I'm out with anyone other than my parents but it never fails th…

At Least Partially Accurate

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Kids! Watsa Matter With Kids Today?

This week, out of the kindness of my heart, I agreed to be a tribal leader for my mother's Vacation Bible School at her church. I was told I wouldn't have to do anything; just escort kids from one class to another and that I wouldn't have teach anything! In reality, this turns out not to be the case. One: I have to provide discipline. Two: I have to pass out their snack and all the frickin' joy that goes with that. (I have 3rd graders who apparently still aren't old enough to understand the concept of sitting down and being quiet.) and Three: Yesterday, I think it was, my dear mother suggested that the tribes discuss how God loves us. Doesn't this sound like teaching to you?

On the bright side, I have two assistants who are around 13, I think. The girl is, thankfully, one of the more competent of that age. To me, from my assisting with two middle school age church school classes many years apart, this is a slowly dying breed. The boy is all right: he doesn't…

Another Quiz Because I'm Lazy.

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