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A New Record?

I may actually break this year's record for number of posts in a month but so what? Two things have developed that I want to discuss. (Ok, four or five but in two catagories.)

First, go Sox! Yankee fans may argue that their team stopped trying but I will point out their "B-Team" won and it was their "A-Team" playing last night lost on a bunt! Anyway, Matsuzaka gave me hope that he can still pitch. Yay! I think the Angels won't pose too much of a challenge in the first round but they better not slack off...

This week, my cousin and I tried out two new shows. Journeyman has much pontential. We see it as a cross between Quantum Leap and The 4400 and maybe a little Seven Days thrown in. Interesting mix. I also enjoy the casting Kevin McKidd would indeed have made a great Thor but I guess that won't happen now. It's good to see Gretchen Egolf as his wife. She was great as the evil senator on Roswell and, oh, she was also the department head on Martial Law

This Survey Looked Awesome

1. Get something published
2. Find love
3. Get my library career off the ground

1. Joshua
2. Josh
3. Jason (Most common mistake)

1. likestrek
2. sci_fi_nat
3. sci_fi_nat2000

1. eyes
2. butt
3. fingers?

1. English/Irish/Scottish
2. Greek
3. Native American

1. Being on a mountain
2. crossing a busy street without a walk light
3. asking a woman out...

1. food
2. conversation
3. sleep

1. Red Sox Tee
2. Army green shorts
3. boxers

1. Bob Dylan
2. Traveling Wilburys
3. Sheryl Crow

1. "King of Broken Hearts"-Ringo Starr
2. "Congratulations"-Traveling Wilburys
3. "Because of You"- Kelly Clarkson

1. meaningful con…

So There Will Be a Ninth Post...

First off, the important news: I mentioned this through Twitter but, in case you missed it, right now, all the church office needs is back up help doing the bulletin while the secretary is on vacation. I may also be there to answer the phone on Tuesday and Friday but that would be it.

My fears of a reprise of 1978 for my Sox about a week ago may have been unfounded as they are on the cusp of clinching the division depite the recent skid and Yankee surge. All they need is to win two more or the Yanks to lose two more. Of course, with the wild card, they probably could have gotten in the playoffs anyway but getting the division would be so cool. I would have prefered the Yankees not making the playoffs at all but them not having home field due to wild card rules is kind of sweet...

To quote Elton John, or more accurately Bernie Taupin, "I want love":

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Family Business

So my aunt and uncle came up from New Jersey on Tuesday so Wednesday, we went to Applebee's to meet them and my grandparents for lunch. Overall, I suppose it was a good experience but I would recommend the soup and salad option unless like a very small lunch. I was expecting big bowls of both not little tiny ones. The food itself was very good, however. Because of the handicapped taxi being very busy my cousin and I had to hang out in the parking lot for probably 45 minutes. Let's say I enjoyed the margarita, well, margarita and a half really, I had later... (It didn't hurt that I finally know that waitress' name as well...)

Saturday, I went up with my aunt and uncle to see my parents' new house. There was a turkey dinner at the church there that night to benefit the family of a baby whom is home now I guess but was born three months early. I also set up my parents' DSL for them on their desktop and upgrading their anti-virus software as well.

Sunday, we went to…

Reversion To The Old Ways

Since there seems to be no rhyme or reason to which of my posts get comments and which don't, I'm going post whatever I feel like. Sure, I love comments but I must face facts that I'm not going to get them.

No, I'm not going to review every episode of every TV show I'm going to watch this new season again simply because it doesn't appeal to me any more. To be sure, I will write about some of the new series since that does still interest me but not every episode...

I am going to go back to complaining about my love life occassionally though because, if I can't discuss it here, where can I? Remember that workstudy student I mentioned being interested in? Yeah, well she's married apparently and I think even has at least one child so even if she didn't commute from such a long distance, nothing is going to happen with that. (Boo!) This is the first time I've discovered information of this nature before I made a complete ass of my self so this is good…

Hmm Busy Am I...

Wednesday night, I went to the Opening Convocation worship service at the Seminary where I work and the dinner afterwards. I had a good time and was able to help a work study student I've become interested in put away the hymnals...The dinner, put on by the ladies group of my church, was awesome: ham, rice and beans, and salad followed by apple crisp.

Yesterday after work, I met with my pastor about joining the church. I won't bore you with everything that was said but I may help fill in for the secretary when she goes on vacation next month on a most-likely volunteer basis, of course...

Today, my boss took me out to lunch to the Mexican place I frequent. I go there so much that the waitress, whom I also am interested in despite the fact I know she's a smoker, listed what she thought I'd order and then explained to my boss when she gave a quizzical look, that I was "her buddy" whatever that means. I'm sure it doesn't mean what I want it to mean, however…

Must Do Quiz...

Don't know what to say about this but I love the Companion...

Which Doctor (from Doctor Who) Are You?

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Late Night Quizzes

Weird picture but I think somewhat accurate:

My sphere is Ronin (Look for great Ambition and Success), and my class is Defender (Peaceful, yet Potent). I am a Sentry. You believe in defending the ones you trust, and you will defend them with all your strength, that's for sure. But who is worthy of that trust? You and you alone decide who is worthy, who is not worthy, and when your moods change. Your friends will heed you as an excellent force to have on their side, but your enemies will loathe you with a passion unequaled. What kind of Warrior are you?

I think I think my history and lit score is too low but the rest is probably accurate:

Probably Deserves A Post By Itself Anyway

I forgot to mention that I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows this morning. This post contains spoilers for all those readers living under a rock so you've been warned! Overall, totally awesome book but I agree with many that the epilogue at the end was either not necessary or needed major reworking. If JK's next venture into the Potter-verse is about Albus Severus and not his godson, Teddy, I will not be happy as Albus reminds me of that kid from Shane whom I, and everyone else I know, wanted to smack hard. (Oops! KJ warned me to never mention that movie again...) Ooh! Longbottom is now Professor of Herbology? What happened to Sprout? It's only been 19 years... I think Malfoy marrying a Muggleborn or half blood would have been a cool shocker but I didn't write this did I?

One of the best parts of the books was the two or three chapters where it was just Harry and Hermione and not Ron because he has always been the Cletus to Harry's Roscoe P. Coltrane. I…

Good Weekend

Though there is one more day, this has been a very good Labor Day weekend. Saturday, we took the bus to the Olive Garden. I didn't even know it was so easy to get there by bus. Cool!

We came home and while the roommate's friend made apple strudel, we finally got to watch the movie Ghost Rider. Overall, I thought it was an awesome movie with cool special effects. I never really read the comic although I did read a few issues of the Spirits of Vengeance comic where he teams up with Johnny Blaze; whom he actually is in this movie since it's an origin story. I thought Peter Fonda made a much better Devil than Bryan Cranston in that recent Fallen miniseries but did I really have to point that out? As old flame Roxie Simpson, Eva Mendes was the exact same character as she was in Hitch. As soon as she realized he was telling the truth and was Ghost Rider, she was all over Blaze because flaming skeletons in spiked leather is sexy I guess... Nicolas Cage didn't disappoint as he…