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Classic Example of Nerd vs. Average Viewer?

Saw Batman v. Superman this weekend. Overall, I really enjoyed it. Seeing Superman, Batman AND Wonder Woman on screen made me squee with as much delight as seeing Avengers the first time, as it should.

Man of Steel for me was both the best Superman movie and worst Superman movie. Director  Zack Snyder still admits he finds the character boring.  In that movie, Superman is inexperienced as superhero and consequently, there's more death and destruction  then we're used to.

Batman's mistrust of the Kryptonian in Batman v. Superman comes from this. Also, the film reminds you, Bruce seemingly hasn't let go of the anger over failing to stop the death of his parents as a child. (The movie hints that the events happen sometime after the death of Robin #2 Jason Todd at the hands of the Joker. No Robins are specifically mentioned so we have no idea how many this version of Batman had. Those readers who don't know anything about Batman after the '66 TV series are probably …