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"Spider-pig, Spider-pig..."

So we went to see The Simpsons movie yesterday. This movie was so awesome. I suppose there are nit-picks if I thought about it but I really can't think of any. I mean, yes, many beloved characters weren't really in it but that leaves room for sequels. The highlights were the pig and them still sticking to Fox even on the big screen. If you love the TV show, you'll love the movie so go out and see it!

Also yesterday, I finished the second book in the new Star Trek: Vanguard series: Summon the Thunder. No, it had nothing to do with wrestling. Honestly, while sporadically good or really good, it really wasn't as good as the first book, written by the series co-creator, but then I suppose it's hard writing in a universe not created by yourself. Although, I personally find it easier but I'm strange that way. The only thins I'll mention specifically is that this book brings in the Romulans and adds to the mythos of both the Klingons and the mysterious Tholians whi…

Rant and Update

First off, I must ask: Where the bloody hell is my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows? I ordered the thing five days ago! I'm going to start reading spoilers soon! I really want to read this book!

Anyway, so I'm still volunteering at the library. We're in the middle of an inventory now. I've also looked in the catalog, one, to see if we had certain new books already and, two, if we did, to see which branch. This week, I've been assigning call numbers to new books. I haven't done that at all since school and that was Library of Congress (LC) classification anyway while here they use Dewey and Cutter numbers. Tomorrow, I won't be going in as the librarian is out today and tomorrow and I did all the work she left for me already.

Things Are Pretty Good

I figured it was time to update you on what I've been up to this week. On Monday, I started my volunteer job at the seminary library. I've only gone in for a couple hours each day but I went in all week. This week, I did was move books out of the chapel area and other shelving but I was told I might do some cataloging and other tech service stuff so that'll be good. Sure it's been all grunt work but someone has to and I didn't really do any of that when I worked at RCC so this has been good.

Yesterday and today the cell phone problem was corrected. Yay! The battery was delivered yesterday and after charging it, it still didn't seem to work. The booklet said I needed to wait until the "battery icon" disappeared. It never went away which concerned me but I pressed the power button today and it worked! Yay again! I also finally got around to setting up my voice mail. Of course, only three people have my number...

The last couple days, I've really been…

This Was Supposed To Be Titled "Brooms and Baseball" But, Now, Forget It...

Saturday, my aunt and roommate went with me to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Overall, I loved it but I'd be lying if I didn't have quibbles but there was much I enjoyed about it. In the book, I found the character of Luna annoying as all get out but she totally rocked in this movie. "I'm hungry. I hope they have pudding." Delores Umbridge was also great. I did, however, miss the heavy Scottish accent Cho had in the last movie. (My cousin pointed out that she still had one but from a different region. I say it isn't the same.)

I actually approved of them cutting the Quidditch stuff out of this movie but the OWL scenes, including the studying, being cut was disapointing. They had the scene with Fred and George but they didn't make clear they actually left school so what really was the point? Speaking of confusion, how exactly could the students ride creatures only Harry and Luna could see? I'm pretty sure it was explained in the book b…

Behind On My Surveys...

The Ultimate Survey <3

...::About Me::...<3

Full Name: William Henry Harrison
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: brown
Height: 5'11"
Shoe Size: 10.5
Ring Size: It was 6.5 in High School.
Graduating Year: H.S. was 1997, Undergrad was 2001, Grad was 2005 (January)
Birthdate: Oct. 26, 1977
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio


Concert: I think it was Peter Paul and Mary at the Cumberland County Civic Center in 1987...
Best Friend: My current roommate
Crush: My kindergarten teacher.
Pet: a yellow and white cat named Sunshine
Sport: I was never into competive sport

...::Have You Ever::...<3

Sky dived?: No.
Bungee jumped?: No.
Gone out of the country?: Canada only. (More than once, mind you...)
Beaten someone up?: No
Gotten beat up?: Not severely.
Killed an animal?: Do insects count?
Swum in the ocean?: Is "swum" a word?
Broken the law?: Underage drinking and public intoxication. (Not at the same time.)
Smoked?: No plans to.
Smoked weed?: No plans for this either.
Chewed tobacco?: Wow I'…

Well, It's Part Three...

In the last installment, our heroes cleaned their teeth, closed a bank account and ate cheeseburgers. And now, possibly, the conclusion to "The Sword of She-Ra!" (Or something like that...)

Tuesday (July 3rd), we drove up to Maine and I reconnected with my roommate and his cat. Nothing of import happened.

Wednesday, my grandmother had a barbecue. My cousin had to be there of course. We played with his cars and his action figures. It's after afternoons like this that I wonder why I want children...

I returned to the apartment to find my cousin/roommate and his friend who came up for the day were going to the movies as soon as my aunt arrived. We went to see Ratatouille. I loved it. Patton Oswalt of The King of Queens was perfect as Remy the Rat and it has Peter O'Toole in it! I have no nitpicks. (Sad, huh?)

I debated whether to share with you what happen that night but I've decided I will. My aunt had removed the closet door so we could stick one of the litterboxes in…

Part Two.

When we last left our heroes yesterday they had just gone to a concert at a casino in CT. And now, the continuation!

The next morning, Thursday, I went to the dentist for a routine cleaning. I was lucky enough to have the associate dentist herself instead of a hygenist. My regular readers know why I say "lucky." Yes, she's very cute. I think I had the most fun conversation at the dentist that day than I've ever had in my life; at the dentist... I had mentioned I had moved to Maine and was down for a concert. "Poison?" she asked. "No, that was a few days ago. You don't look like a '80's metal fan..." When I told her I had gone to see Bob Dylan she didn't seem that surprised. I don't know what that means...She told me her boyfriend loves Poison and goes every year. She added that he "thankfully" doesn't make her go...

That night, I think, we watched the movie Illusion which starred Kirk Douglas as a film director on…

Part One?

I know I've asked this question many times but why is it when I have things to post about I don't have time to post?

Anyway, we have a lot of ground to cover so let's not waste any more time. As many of you know, I spent much of the week before last down in CT mainly to see Bob Dylan and Jimmie Vaughan in concert at one of the casinos down there, get a dental cleaning and close a checking account. Other things happened.

As I've done before, I took a city bus to the station. This went well except for one problem: my cell phone dropped out of my pocket. When I got home, I called the number to see if anyone answered. Not surprisingly, no one did but I later called Metro and thankfully, my phone was turned in. I made arrangements to pick it up when I got back to town but more on that later.

I got to CT just in time for the closing worship of the UCC's General Synod. Because of security measures, I had to assume the identity of a teenager from my mother's church whom …

More Later, I Promise!

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