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Remember When CBS Was The Old People's Network?

This morning, I read this article on the internet and it greatly upset me for several reasons. One, of course 2 Broke Girls is "shallow." It's a sitcom for God sakes! Two, in what universe is  How I Met Your Mother any where near as good a show let alone better then Big Bang Theory? The premise is ludicrous.  It would not take more than 6 episodes to tell you how my father met my mother and that would be if I included the courtship, wedding AND honeymoon where my father fell asleep and my mother ate 5 tuna fish sandwiches. All 3 of which I will point out HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HOW THEY MET as they would have already done so at that point. Also, unless the father has dementia, or is just demented, why the hell would he start his story years earlier than he needed to? My father's first marriage isn't important to their story and dates he went on in-between have never been brought up... Now, if they call the show Bunch of Friends Who Frequent A Bar... Oh, wait. That…