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Olympics, Pancakes, and More

Now the Olympics are over, I want to share some of my thoughts on it. So some Olympic hopes fell through. What is this American need to win everything? (Ok, sure, dictatorships and Asian countries also have that need but that's just their personality.) Isn't just being there enough? Ok, yes, from the spectator point of view you don't get that consolation but who does that really hurt except the media covering the Games and who gives a rat's ass about them?

I know no one cares about this but I feel I must comment anyway. Did I miss something or did the writers of Charmed not explain how the Triad was still around even though it was even pointed out on the show that Cole vanquished them? I suppose it doesn't matter in the long run but I for one would've liked to know.

Tonight, we have the annual Fat Tuesday Pancake Supper to feast before Lenten season begins tomorrow. We'll have a pinata this year as well as the flipping contest.

I don't know why I always co…

The Price of Raisins

On Thursday evening, we used the last of our special Hartford Stage ticket things and saw A Raisin in the Sun. Of the three plays we saw this was the only one I had heard of before and actually seen. (I also read it.) It is such a great play and the acting here was great although one does wonder how they fair in the new house. Someone should try and obtain the rights to write a sequel. I originally saw it as a taped performance in college with Ester Rolle and Danny Glover. I think it was done in the eighties. At the time I saw it, I think Rolle was doing commercials for some psychic hotline.

Remember that financial crap I mentioned about the cancelled spyware software. Well, I received my bank statement today and they refunded my money! This means I have a little money in there if that date actually happens next weekend...

More Thoughts I Need To Share

This employment agency is a bit different from the other one. I don't know if they're just understaffed or they over booked yesterday but there was a bit more waiting around than I would have liked. The good news is that they didn't have me watch a damn employment safety video and much of the paper work on my skills and what not was done online before I ever went in so that was a time saver. I also like that they encouraged me to check in on a weekly basis if I don't hear from them. The particular job I applied for wasn't discussed. I took 6 computerized assessment tests on Word, Excel, two data entry and payroll. I was above average on the first two, average on the second two and below average on the payroll but I expected as much going into it as all I did at the payroll company was data entry. The thing that I don't particularly care for, although it certainly isn't a huge deal, is that they don't deal in paper checks and require direct deposit. Comi…

This Post Is Brought To You By Bonnie Raitt.

Ok, no it isn't. It's just me but I do have something to talk about... (You can call me Dennis Miller.) This morning I was called by another employment agency. This time, I actually contacted them first by applying for a job they posted. Anyway, I'm scheduled to go in tomorrow afternoon to do the paperwork/assessment thing. I hope I won't have to watch another employee safety video because that was deadly but I imagine I will. I also hope that this agency has better connections than the other one because that one, it seems, was a waste of time.

Tonight, I'll be joining a new church committee. Actually, I'm representing my other committee on the church council but it'll be different for me. I'll have to start taking serious notes.

In other news, I want to share something that's been bothering me for the last day or so in particular but it's been going on for quite awhile. I have no idea why I have this blog as I have no regular readership anymore. …

Wow. Three Days In A Row!

Ok, yes, I did write a lot in grad school but while I have probably even more time to do so now, I have less to say as commenting on TV has left me feeling unsatisfied. It doesn't in fact replace actually watching the shows together with a roommate as I'd hoped it would. Anyway, I do want it on the record that having Tom Baker of Doctor Who fame now on Monarch of the Glen rocks as hard as one might imagine it does.

I think this is why I'm not swimming in women. (Don't deny you prefer bad boys!):

How evil are you?

Do You Know Me?

I did this for a friend on her blog but it got me thinking. Since most of you who read this have never had an in-depth conversation with me, let alone met me in person, I was curious as to what response you readers would give to this. I'm curious to see the results.

Other than that, really, I just wanted to mention what an utterly boring day I've had today. Usually, my parents day off is one of the most exciting days of the week since I'm more apt to get out of the house. Did we do anything today? No. The most exciting thing we did today was read our books which I can do any frickin' time I want.

What does this mean? I need to figure out how to get a job now. Can someone tell me why the easiest jobs to get (truck driving, construction, warehouse, food service, etc.) are the ones that I can't physically do? How the hell is that fair?

Musical Randomness

Today, before I went to my bank to finish the problem I mentioned yesterday, I saw a new video from DMC which sampled a Sarah McLachlan cover of the Harry Chapin classic, "Cat's in the Cradle." As many of you know, I'm not into rap but that cover was pretty cool and want Sarah to include it on a album but, somehow, I seriously doubt she will any time soon as she did just put out an album. Too bad...

The other day, maybe yesterday, I saw a new video from Bon Jovi. There was something about it, I don't know if it was the music or the video or both but it reminded me a lot of John Mellencamp. I'm leaning towards the "both" camp...

Scotland and Financial Aggravation

So the "good" news is that I have applied for the job in Scotland. We shall see how that turns out.

Today, I exercised the old abs for like 20 minutes. It felt good. They are really my only problem area. I'm happy with my body as whole.

Tonight, I received in the mail that my account has been overdrawn again and it's for a purchase I didn't remember making so I go through the hassle of calling my bank to find out what the purchase was and am given a spelled out word that makes no sense to me and a phone number. It turns out it was for a spyware software that I no longer use and thought cancelled like a year ago that apparently automatically renewed. So I argue with the guy, very politely my father says, that this purchase was made. I think it's finally resolved except I need to make a deposit tomorrow just to make sure.

This is true much of the time but I did not, in fact, find this funny as it suggests.

Likestrek --


A person who laughs at anything …

Insert Title Here

In case anyone is a bit weird and, if you read this regularly, I suspect most of you are, you may be interested to know we were dumped yesterday with about 24-27 inches depending on who you ask. Yikes! It appears much has melted or blow away already.

Friday, the 'rents and I went to see Mrs. Henderson Presents with Dame Judi Dench and Bob Hoskins. I really enjoyed it as seeing her in a time period other than the Elizabethan or Victorian eras was quite refreshing. I recommend this if you like WWII or boobs. I myself am partial to both...

I've decided to apply for the Scotland job because what the hell? I'm still pondering the Alaskan job as my curriculum vitae, as is requested, ain't very impressive.

Oh, today, I went over to my father's office to answer the phone and checked out some new church school software we recently purchased. I really love getting paid to sit and read my book...

Thoughts for a Friday Afternoon

Query: Is it bad to attempt a relationship with a woman when you already know her friend is infinitely more attractive? No, I'm not discussing the two POIs but another woman who contacted me this morning.

I am very tempted to apply for a job in Scotland. The idea to move very far away both scares me and intrigues me at the same time. So too a job in Anchorage, Alaska. My parents have encouraged me to do it and they are my voice of reason but I'm still not sure. What say you?

And can I just add that while acceptance speeches are boring and many of the performances at the Grammys were quite good, I can't say having only like three awards an hour really pleased me.

Super Bowl Thoughts

The game itself last night was much more interesting than I would have thought. Of course it doesn't hurt that the team I was rooting for won...My parents didn't fall asleep but wanted to turn it over at 9 to Bleak House so I went upstairs to my room to see the rest of the game. As far as snacks we had most of a sleeve of Thin Mints and decaf coffee. Aren't we cool?

I say this every year but the commercials are getting worse. I say this because who could have guessed a commercial with Kermit the Frog could have sucked? I did like the Career Builder commercials but they were last year's campaign. (Guys, if you need new writers give me a call.) The Budweiser commercial with the baby clydesdale almost brought a tear to me eye but the best commercials was the one with Leonard Nimoy (duh!) and the MacGuyver Mastercard ad.

To update you from yesterday concerning the job situation, I inquired about the temp inventory job and right now it won't work as it is all over the sta…

Not Much New

I could discuss my dilemma of two POIs but it really isn't one yet. I can already feel it starting. It seems right now it may come down to who I'm most attracted to or, and I hope this is more likely, their interest in me. I'll be sure to keep you posted. I can say now that the third has dropped out of the running.

On the job front, I came across some more leads this weekend that I must follow up on tomorrow. The most promising is a temp inventory job. Doesn't that just scream excitement?

Once again, I'm watching the big game with my parents. We already ate the special sandwiches we ordered and the jello, both of which were supposed to be for tonight. If past years are any indication, they will be asleep around half time. Pity me. Go Steelers!

So true:

Paranormal Investigator! You're not anything
paranormal, but you sure are obsessed with
it. You're probably a more then a little
weird, and tend to have your head in the
clouds, but really you're a brilliant pers…