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More Aggravation

Last weekend, at my grandmother's, it turned out my young cousin was in fact there. It made sense he would be but she hadn't mentioned it so I wasn't sure. Anyway, even though he supposedly had an earache, he got me to play with him a lot. My knees really enjoyed playing with cars on the floor...After lunch, we played multiple rounds of hide and seek. (Last night, coincidentally, we watched the Monty Python episode with World Hide and Seek Championships that went on for over eleven days.) On the bright side, taking the bus worked out quite well.

That experience is not the aggravations I refer to in the title of this post. This is described in the paragraphs that follow. Monday, while waiting for my agency to get back to me about a possible assignment that I'm still waiting for, mind you, I get a call from a health care company here in town regarding a data entry position. After I assure them it's ok that I look overqualified, I set up an interview. Keep in mind, th…

Much Has Happened

First, just before I went to the Ash Wednesday service in the late morning, my glasses broke. Let me tell you how fun it is to tape up an earpiece when you can't see all that well... So, Thursday, I went to the mall on the bus to take care of it. Apparently, a spring hinge popped out. She replaced it free of charge. Maybe I looked really pathetic; I don't know.

The Ash Wednesday service was intimate as there was only about 14 people total. The president of Bangor Theological Seminary participated as the Portland campus is right there at the church. I've known him for about 20 years. He was clearly taken aback when I introduced myself. I'm a bit taller now...

While I was at the mall, I bought a wooden "media tower" for my DVDs. Friday, I put it together, screwing in 30 screws and everything. I rock. Someday, I'll post pictures.

Soon, I leave to go to my grandmother's for lunch.

A Quick Note Before Lunch

Welcome back to winter in Maine. We got dumped upon pretty well yesterday. We spent a good chunk of the day watching Season 3 of Mad About You and eating chocolates my parents sent up. Yes, we had a very feminine snowy Valentine's Day. Go us!

Today, I really needed bread so I trudged out into the cold. Yay for Rite Aid across the street because even just going that far, climbing over snowbanks, really pissed off my knee. It was like, "I'm going to dislocate on principle!" Thankfully, it didn't but it'll be awhile before I decide to go out there again.

I think I'm going to go warm up some soup...

New Addictions and Other Stuff

Ok, lately I've been addicted to the Internet Checkers game that comes with Windows. As you know, I've had broadband access for awhile but something about my new life makes me want to play this game. I certainly can't be more bored than I was in Connecticut so that can't be it. Any ideas? Anyway, I'm not that good at it. I severely beat some French-speaking person once and, another time, I was losing badly then the guy, or gal, made one stupid move allowing me to triple jump him causing the game to end in a draw but otherwise it's been not good at all. And yet, I'm compelled to play.

Did I tell everyone we finally figured out how to access the network printer so there will be no repeat of that Tuesday morning fiasco. (Well, the boots thing will probably happen again knowing the PCA help around here but...) Can I get a "Woo Hoo?"

I went to church this morning. I still church shopping but I think I'll try this church again. Probably through the mo…


Since I mentioned that I was going to see my agency yesterday, I thought you might want an update. I woke up early and was doing well with time until I was trying to find my boots. I hunted high and low and couldn't find them. It turns out, apparently, that some idiot put them in the closet by the door which I would never think to look for them.

That problem solved, a new one arose when I realized that I needed to print a copy of my resume to bring with me. Since I don't have a printer of my own (that I can hook up to my computer anyway) and we can't figure out why I can't access my cousin's printer through the network we set up, he was able to get files I put in the shared folder. (The reverse still isn't true but we're working on it.) This wasn't working yesterday. So I tried e-mailing it. The first two or three tries didn't show up in his inbox until after I left. The next try finally worked, however. Yay! Right? Well, after all that, it must of f…

First Quiz Of The New Year

Well, I think this quiz proves I won't starve in this new life:

Familiar with Foods
You scored 50% Food Knowledge!

You had an okay score. You obviously know a bit about the foods of the world, but not near enough. There are so many ethnic cuisines out there. Travel or try some local ethnic restaurants.

Link: The Foods of the World Test written by coronacarina on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

I had a woman call me from Boston I guess but there was so much commotion neither of us could hear so she just e-mailed me instead. She had seen my resume and thought I might be good for an administrative assistant opening through a Maine client. Unfortunately, it wasn't on the busline so I had to say no but she'll keep me in mind for something else.

I called my agency's Portland office today and set up a meeting for tomorrow morning so thing's are shaping up even better now.

New Home, New Post

Hello from the snow-covered state of Maine! I have actually moved and am pretty well moved in. I have the new bank account and bed and the bus pass. I have my computer and internet set up (as you can see) and I have food. Monday, I should be able to get things set up with my agency so yay!

I need to still figure out where to find a DVD case and an adapter to hook my old printer up to a USB port but, other than that, things are going well.

I even encouraged my cousin to get a blog of his own. Check it out!