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I Blogged, No Big Whoop...

My regular readers, if you're still around, may remember that at least twice in the past I've gone into my "I'm going to die poor and alone" mental state. It happened again about a month ago now. In the past, as you may remember, this feeling coincided with getting dumped or rejected from a job. Sure the latter has happened but, truthfully neither event coincided with the feeling this time and that really bothered me. (Still sort of does...)

This may lead to real psychoanalysis later down the road but, for now, I've started vocational-related, but not vocational-specific, rehabilitation. So far, it's revealed a handful of things I never realized about my choices, which does not suggest they were bad choices but that they were simply done without me being aware I made them; like going to college. (Sure, grad school was conscious decision but college? Who knew?) I also, apparently, do not like the fact I'm only above average in math...Also my coun…

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