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You Thought I'd Stopped Blogging, Didn't You?

Maybe you wish I had... 

Busy week. Probably mentioned a choral group that has rehearsed at my church before to some but may not have blogged about it.  Anyway, this year in addition to 6 Sunday afternoons in a row, this year, they used the church for a week as well. Longer days.  Much extra money for me. Yay!  I know I blogged about the prima donna pianist that accompanied the string quartet years ago. Well, this group had a harpist. (Or a "harpie" as I came to refer to her. )  Anyway, long story short, she got me in trouble with the sexton and managed to piss off the director himself with her antics.  Did I mention the extra money was good?

Speaking of money, I officially sold another copy of my first novella, Winter Storm. You can't buy a candy bar (at the "high school price" for that matter) with the amount of money I made but how many books have you published? 

So the health drama continues.  Clearly, mid-next month is longer than three days.  Their bill…