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It's Not Nice To Insult the Mentally Ill...

I'm sure I'll lose followers for this but my head is about to blow apart.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle have made idiotic statements. Dan Quayle said "A Mind is a terrible thing to waste and not to have a mind is being very wasteful." Al Gore invented the internet. John Kerry's favorite Red Sox is "Manny Ortez." George W. Bush made up his own vocabulary. (Which may in fact just make him a trendsetter.) Our own Vice President Biden called Obama "clean and articulate" and later was asked on the ticket!

I won't argue with Sarah. Maybe she can see Russia from her house. I mean it is a pretty damn big country... What I can't forgive her for though is her irresponsibility posting a political enemies list and actually calling it a "Hit List." Her folksy charm may be amusing to city mice with Master's degrees but that isn't the audience she speaks to; or possibly for. It's the everyman gun enthusiast or the CEO w…