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Likestrek's Wild World of Sports (and Other Stuff)

The whole Donald Sterling controversy is surely blazing inferno in our society and I must put my thoughts down for posterity. Conservatives pounced when the NBA cracked down on it.  "We're allowed to be assholes!" a friend commented on Facebook. Like fuck you are! In this particular case, as owner, Sterling was the face of a NBA franchise which, theoretically, should be a family friendly thing.   

"If you don't agree with his policies, just boycott." Yes, you could, still, for that matter, but the NBA still did the right thing for removing the reason for doing so. I have never been to LA so I couldn't tell you how far apart where the Clippers play from where the Lakers play but let's assume the NBA aren't just money grubbing whores and LA needs both teams for the greater good.

"But he's been a racist since he bought the team back in the '80's." We didn't have the internet so info didn't travel as quickly.  The Clip…

Justice Is For The Young?

I recently finished binge-watching the first season of Young Justice on Netflix. What an awesome show! Fans of Greg Weisman's other stuff (Gargoyles, Spectacular Spider-man) know that he perhaps overcompensates for the lack of continuity found in many cartoons of my '80's childhood by have continuous threads throughout the show that you'd find in dramas like LOST or Once Upon a Time which is kinda awesome but I can see how that choice could play into why the shows don't last beyond 2 seasons.

I'd love to know what age group he was targeting.  The plots were very complex for a show where the main cast was teenagers. What was also fascinating about the season was it guest-starred heroes that figured prominently in Batman: The Brave and The Bold (which was the previous DC cartoon on the air) such as Green Arrow, Black Canary, Captain Marvel, Red Tornado, Aquaman and of course Batman; not to mention villains such as The Brain and Monsieur Mallah. (Actually, those …

Reviews and Rant

I was looking forward to the new Captain America  sequel coming out this weekend.  I discover it wasn't listed on the website  of my local theater or their phone listing.  This has been happening more and more lately.  Neither Green Lantern nor The Wolverine were shown.  (Man of Steel  must have been and I wasn't in town for  Ironman 3 or Thor: The Dark World.) For years now, they've been the "art house" theater of the Portland area. (Which I think is stupid but whatever...)  Currently, they're showing the Grand Budapest Hotel on 2 screens (TWO screens!) and will be showing 2 parts of  Nymphomaniac.  Who the hell wants to watch a sex movie with Shia Lebouf?  What kills me is this theater is situated between 2 comicbook shops! (TWO!) Because I don't drive, and because the theater in Falmouth which was directly on the busline is no more, the best option is to take the bus to So. Portland, get off at the grocery store and then walk from there. Coordinating b…


I actually wrote this blog post in my head months, or maybe years ago, but decided not to share the thoughts with you all.  But, now with the seizure meds or whatever, the filters for what I think you want to read and what I want to talk about are gone so...

A review I read of the How I Met Your Mother finale mentioned in passing that his friends hung out in a bar like on this show and not in a coffee house like on Friends. I would say, given the choice, my friends are more likely to go to a coffeehouse. (Strictly speaking, it might be accurate to say a 70/30 split...)

This comment mad me think of other TV shows and why or why not I liked them. Judging by what's popular in specifically the sitcom genre these days, my family life was/is completely different than everyone else's.  My family is more like the Huxtables or the Keatons than the family on Raising Hope for instance.  (Yes, we all have at least one advanced degree and watch PBS...). 

As I know I've mentioned before…