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Playing Denfense

It's all come down to this. The Defenders event series did what they purported to do. Introduced 4 separate characters and successfully combined them into fight a bigger evil. Or did they? The Hand was an obvious choice of a villain given their history spans time and their reach spans the globe. One thing I had trouble with at first was The Five Fingers of The Hand was comprised of a North American, South American, African and two Asians. Why no Europeans? It seriously did not occur to me the two "Americans" probably left K'un L'un prior to the discovery of the New World until later. I'm disappointed in myself... (Incidentally, these original creations are the closest Marvel equivalent to DC's Ra's Al-Ghul or Vandal Savage I can think of which I find a bit mind twisting...)

There's a debate going on just how much of the previous series you actually need to see to understand what's going on. Just  Daredevil  season 2? Both seasons? Both seasons…