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My Take On The Healthcare Bill and Other Musings

So the process of healthcare reform has taken a huge step. Sure it's a small step but look what will take effect in a few short months: sick children will no longer be denied coverage. How in God's name could that be a bad thing?

Children can't be kicked off their parents coverage until before the age 26. When I came of age and had to get my own coverage, health insurance was a good hundred dollars cheaper a month. Giving out kids a few more years to get a career off the ground in this economy is a good deal.

Most importantly, many who don't have coverage will soon. Sure, some don't want to have health insurance. I'm guessing they're the same people who don't want to wear seatbelts. Possibly the same people who use the kid's heads as ashtrays but now we're just getting silly...

People have claimed it's a violation of their civil liberties. These same people supported illegal wiretapping of American citizens and racial profiling and voted to…