Saturday, May 11, 2013

Drama Both Real And Imaginary

So to update everyone on my post-surgery recovery: I have returned to Portland and gone back to work. Still on painkillers and not at 100% energy-wise but I'm feeling well enough for my non-high energy life so woo hoo?

Amos the cat is still making me pay for leaving him. Complicating matters, I don't have the energy to fight with him.  He could be pretty fat when all is and and done.  Anyway, he got up on the cabinets again after a catnip fix but got down before I could snap a picture. Oh well...

News on the new fall season are emerging.  Really, the only two shows I care about given the axe were Body of Proof  and Vegas so that's niceHonestly, after their cast shake-up, Body of Proof's writing went down hill. The first 3 or 4 episodes seemed derivative of Castle and this season mind you!  I think they hit their stride after that though. This week's episode was probably the best of the season.

When the period drama Vegas was announced with it's three stars all movie caliber actors (Dennis Quaid, Michael Chiklis and Carrie Anne Moss), I knew CBS would put it on a short leash.  I think it was already DOA when they moved it to Friday.  Clearly, originality with good acting and awesome writing  (I just was the series finale  was chock full of dialogue I would write myself.) is frowned upon in today's society. Case in point, on rival ABC, only the inane Wipeout does well in their Thursday 8pm slot...

One of my other new favorites, The Americans on FX was renewed for a second season.  Though the '80's are an easier period to fake than the '60's,  (At the hairdresser's, I read an article in Entertainment Weekly that they have no plans to actually dress their characters in clothing one would wear in 1981. Also, Keri Russell is the probably biggest star they have in the cast.) period dramas thrive on cable while they crash and burn on broadcast TV.  Partly it's because cablers are less worried about advertising and their seasons range from 13-20 episodes rather than 22-26 but is there more to this than that?

The exciting news is Joss Whedon's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, was picked up as a new fall series.  This will last a full season as ABC and Marvel are both owned by Disney but what happens after that.  Granted superhero dramas based on Marvel or DC Comics have a better track record than ones that aren't (M.A.N.T.I.S and The Cape) but even then 3 years seems to be the average. (Smallville was a huge exception.)   The awesome new series Arrow was renewed on The CW or a second season so maybe now is the time to strike? Let us hope!

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Am I Ironman?

As many of you know, it turns out the flu I thought I had was actually classic shunt malfunction symptoms (horrible headaches and chills) that was always told to look for.  In 35 years, I had never experienced them and really am not looking forward to ever experiencing them again!  Again, this discovery came from going to a different doctor.  This time, instead of my eye doctor, it was my primary care physician.  According to this blog's archives, I was apparently irked, the first time I went to see her after moving to Portland,  she wanted me to touch base with the neurosurgery office.  My shunt has now malfunctioned twice since.  [Insert morbid laugh here].  The medical opinion is that this malfunction occurred because 35 years worth of scar tissue was impeding the flow of cerebral fluid into my abdomen.   Overall, I really don't feel as bad as the incident last summer.  My aunt says I'm an "old pro."  Lucky me, huh? I'm currently recuperating at my parents but I'm planning on returning to Portland in a couple days. We'll see.

I had mentioned on here I was having difficulty switching my health insurance policy.  The new Maine policy kicked in just in time for this.  Woo Hoo.

Saw Ironman 3 this weekend.  Overall, a totally kickass movie filled with action and humor.  The inclusion of Advanced Idea Mechanics was sweet. Making Extremis a Super Solidier formula ties in with both Captain America and Hulk in this cinematic universe so that was also awesome as was Tony suffering from the PTSD after-effects from The Avengers.  As I figured, this was a better conclusion to a superhero trilogy than Dark Knight Rises with less plot holes and the changes from the comics honestly irked me less for whatever reason. Though the ending was just as final, the more open ended nature allows for continuation without some made up character taking on the Ironman-tle. (Though, in this case, they have Rhodey to legitimately do just that...) 

As I mentioned on Facebook, I don't have nitpicks but there are a couple things I may have added. Using The Mandarin as a fake villain was a great and somehow, not clique-feeling, plot twist but The Mandarin is too great a villain to just blow off like that. I myself would have stuck in a line that the real one is still out there.  Just from a geek point of view perhaps, I would have loved to have Pepper in armor more.          
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