Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Today's debate: DC vs. Marvel

The controversy blowing up the internets right now is which is better: DC or Marvel comic movies.  This was exacerbated the other day when WB made the apparent announcement that the DC movies won't be action comedies (Like the more popular of the Marvel movies) but stay with a more dramatic tone.  (Case in point hardcore DC fans like the Green Lantern movie even less than the average movie goer...)

Then there's a third group (Seemingly headed up by DC groupies) that wonder why we can't get along. I personally am a fan of both but let's face it, liking two sides of anything literally equally isn't likely or even likely possible. 

To that end I've been pro-Marvel since I was like 6 years old. I watched both SuperFriends  and Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends but liked the latter more. Truthfully, with my admitted bias, it holds up just a bit better to this day. On the other hand, Marvel has not put out a cartoon of Justice League's quality since. (Yeah, the 90's Spider-man and X-Men cartoons were extremely enjoyable (and re-watchable) but not quite up to par.) (It should be noted the best DC cartoons since keep getting cancelled by their second season...)

I've mentioned before that I thought Ironman 3 was a better ending chapter to a trilogy than Dark Knight Rises but that's not the full story. In many ways, the latter is a better movie. On the other hand, while both movies featured fairly shitty (and obvious) surprise climaxes, Ironman 3's was just a bit more tolerable given the epilogues of both films.

Hardcore DC fanboys seem to love the destruction porn at the end of Man of Steel while many others seem to hate it. (Bear in mind, I'm perfectly OK with Zod's death at the end.) The Superman I grew up with, and the one featured in the Justice League cartoon, would have done a better job of leading the battle away from the city's heart.  It's been pointed out to me, by even people that are as non-biased in these matters as it seems to get, that Superman is "the boy scout" in the comics he used to be. So what? It's the Superman I want.  If DC fanboys want others to respect their opinion, they need to do the same...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Long Form Tweet(s)?

Since I last posted, I've seen 2 movies (Well, in the theater anyway...)

1. Lucy with Scarlett Johansson was an interesting and entertaining movie. So what if people technically already use 100% of their brain and nothing interesting happens? In a recent post, I profesed my enjoyment of the new summer TV series  Taxi Brooklyn  which is based another Luc Besson film. I'd imagine that that movie is very similar to Lucy. This movie is an odd combo of serious and silly. While the aforementioned NBC series seems to balance this well enough, Lucy can't seem to. Oddly, my brain didn't feel like mush as it does after pretty much every Michael Bay movie.  (The Transformers series can't decide what maturity level to target. Does that mean maturity and tonality are different things? ::shrugs::)

2. The second film of the summer from Marvel Studios, Guardians of the Galaxy, had a tonal mix as well but did a spectacular job in the balance department...and soundtrack department... The characters were very likable. There wasn't really time to get into Rocket and Groot's back-stories enough for me but they have leave something for the sequel, right? I'm all for the change (from the comicbooks) in Star-Lord's origin (whatever it turns out to be) but Drax's backstory became a bit to cliched for my tastes. In the comics, Drax was created by Thanos' father, Monitor, to protect the Eternal colony on the moon Titan while, in the movie, he just wants revenge for the death of his family. Simpler for general audiences to swallow but feels like Harrison Ford as the Punisher. (Although, it could just be a false memory?) We are Groot.
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