Sunday, September 12, 2004

Happy New Year

Ok, no it isn't the new year in the traditional sense but my new class started yesterday and Charmed starts tonight so in a sense it is. Ok. Fine. Whatever.

I'm taking Collection Development which I'm sure means nothing to any of you but, then, who really cares anyway? To quote comedian Jay London, this post "will be over in a minute."

The Stargate quality was reversed this week. The original written by castmember Chris Judge, and his episodes always seem to be good, not only had the return of Jolene Blalock as Ishta but had an interesting plot as well. Atlantis just sucked. Not only was the fact they were on a fake Earth totally obvious, they revealed this fact in the promo of the episode! And why is it always the suave male lead on the show that is the one to figure it out first? Can't they mix it up a little?

We've had good stuff on Justice League the past two weeks. "Fearful Symmetry" introduced the character The Question. Other than the fact he has absolutely no face, I don't know anything about him but, then, maybe that's the point...Last night's was both hilarious and action packed. Booster Gold is perhaps a little too Flash but then I don't think the latter has had any lines so far in this new show. WTF?

I realized after reading Lady Vader's bog, that I neglected to mention three things my family and I did this past vacation. Traveling back from Toronto we stopped in extreme Western Mass (My professor described the area yesterday as just before you "fall off the world into New York."). We went to the Norman Rockwell Museum which I think is fairly self explanatory and The Mount which is Edith Wharton's summer house. This was interesting. The house is still being restored after it changed hands several times, including being a girl's school, but instead of doing it exactly which may have been impossible anyway, they gave interior decorators artistic license. In Ted Wharton's study you see a laptop on his desk and Maxim magazine on a coffee table. I thought the choices throughout the house were rather refreshing.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Um...Hee Hee!

Take the quiz: What SPIDERMAN character are you? (cool pics)"

Mary Jane
You are Mary Jane. Not very brave but loving in her own way. you know how to make people love you and your attitude.

I suppose this is somewhat accurate. I am doomed to be a woman I guess. Is this why I can't get one? Hmm.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Canada Dry and Other Stories

Here's some thoughts on my recent vacation: The Red Sox game we saw in Toronto totally rocked. (I know there's a whole other month to the season but last night was so cool.) My father and I went up most of the way of the CN Tower and that was fun. We were planning to go to this mall called the Distillery but who new there were two Mill Streets? We also went to Niagara Falls and visited the MGM store. It was mostly Bond and Pink Panther merchandise. Where's the Stargate stuff?

Once again, Atlantis was really good, with guest star Colm Meany, but the original show just was lacking in so many ways including predictability.

Two Justice League episodes to relate. "Hawk and Dove" was fairly interesting though you came realize the surprise ending a little too early. An appearance by Queen Audrey may have been interesting. "This Little Piggy" was not as action packed as I would have liked but Batman having to deal with former girlfriend Zatanna to change current love interest Diana back from a pig was too funny to not watch.

I called New Haven yesterday. They are still reviewing applications and won't be calling anybody for interviews until next week. Harrumph. Remember that part time bulk mail job I applied for? Well, that was just part of the job apparently they want someone to be part secretary and part handyman. Who qualifies for both except maybe a high schooler but I think they required a Bachelor's... Ah well...
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