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Endings and Beginnings

I’ll begin with the “important” news first. A couple of weekends ago now, I and my family went to Boston so that I could march in my third commencement ceremony. Yes, I officially in every way am now a Master of Library Science. Of course, I’m still looking for that first professional job but it’s a beginning.

Some may be surprised to learn that I’m taking this “fresh start” thing to the extreme: I’ve applied for, among other places, an Academic Librarian Residency at the University of Minnesota. I know some of you are thinking that’s a long way to go, far from anyone I know but, really, no one comes down to Connecticut to visit anyway. In fact, most don’t even e-mail so it probably won’t be that different.

Now for the fun stuff. Revenge of the Sith was an exhilarating experience. It’s kind of sad that now Star Trek and Star Wars (proposed TV series non-withstanding) are now done. My parents and I went to see and and ended up in the IMAX theater. (Sure, the movie wasn’t in IMAX format but it was fun to pretend.) I thought the movie rocked. Sure we all know what happens but it’s the how that was fascinating to watch. All the loose ends between the two trilogies seemed to be tied up quite nicely. Reviewers have complained about the acting particularly Hayden Christiansen but I think as Anakin slowly turned to the Dark Side the acting improved from everyone. Natalie Portman was great throughout although Samuel L. Jackson only showed his acting range just before Windu died (pretty cool scene by the way) yet no one complained about that...Another complaint I’ve read was Padme’s cause of death. Yes, it was a tad lame considering she had just brought new life into the world but perhaps they reminded her too much of her “lost love.” Yes, they can make perfect prosthetic limbs but there is no cure for a broken heart! Anyone who has left his freaking house and fallen in love knows that.

Alias’s season finale last night was pretty good although not as mindblowing as they are capable of. I think having a two hour episode right before the finale instead of the finale itself was not the way to go but God forbid you actually have a new episode after sweeps has ended. (I do on occasion wear white after labor day.) The cliffhanger can’t turn out to be that major. We know the part about Irina killing Vaughn’s father must be true since he brought it up when they were alone. The only thing I can think of is that the Vaughns were Russian defectors and Micheal knew that Syd’s mother killed his father long before it was revealed to Syd.

This season of Charmed was all right but not stellar. As I mentioned elsewhere, they’ve jumped a whole school district of sharks. I don’t really know what will happen next season but the women are all contracted to be in it. While this is not the way Wyatt turned evil in that future Chris came from, eerything else is eerily similar. The sisters are supposedly dead, Leo has seemingly abandoned his children although not because he’s a full-time Elder and Grandpa Victor is in line to become baby Chris’ best friend and mentor as future Chris described....

I’ve said this numerous times but I will say it again. Enterprise was just finding it’s stride when UPN axed it. As I feared, B and B took the opportunity to throw it all away in the finale. Was the finale about the signing of the Federation charter as would be befitting the series? No. Bringing in the Riker and Troi angle would have made a good sweeps stunt for a normal episode but it did not make for even a good season finale let alone a good end to a series. Someone once said you should write about what you know. B and B seemed to take this adage to prove they apparently know more about The Next Generation than a show they are credited with creating themselves. What does that tell you about their creative IQ? The Shran angle was very forced. It seemed simply that they wanted to have the character one last time which is understandable but they could have easily linked it to the charter-signing. The final nail in the coffin was when they didn’t actually show Archer’s final speech to the delegation would you want to hear it?

A new show that I’ve enjoyed this season is House. The writing is very smart and witty. I was worried for a couple episodes there that Dr. Cameron wasn’t coming back. She balances the cast very well amid the egotistical males. When you’ve had as much medical drama in your life as I have, you know that asshole doctors such as these really do exist. I think bringing Sela Ward into the fold next season is an interesting development. We’ll get to see House have to deal with seeing a woman he loves but can’t have everyday. I’ve been there. It’s rough but good drama.

It’s probably less surprising that another new show that I’ve enjoyed is Lost. I was disappointed that they didn’t actually reveal anything this season but it keeps you tuned in so I suppose that was a good decision on their part but it is so frustrating.

Though it was as stellar as last season, Smallville still packed a punch, particularly in the season finale. I had suspected when they introduced the three Stones of Power storyline that it would lead to the Fortress of Solitude but it was still very fun to watch. I will say this though. Clark, tell Lana the truth now!


Tusc said…
You deserve a comment. You post things on everyon else's blogs and they don't seem to return the goodwill. The buggers!

While I can't speak to most of the series which you watch, I can offer my empathy for Enterprise. I thought that, of the past several iterations since Next Generation that Enterprise has the most potential. I was never a DS9 or Voyager fan. The crew, the stories, the skimpy clothing and sexual tension... all wonderful parts of the Star Trek genre! =) It shall be missed.

As for Revenge of the Sith, I am also waiting to go fool myself at the IMAX theatre. It might be this weekend, but I don't know yet. Have a date in Madison on Friday, followed by a potential outting on Saturday to see a polo game is Westport. Possible stop at a vineyard en route. Maybe Sunday then, if my buddy doesn't come share pictures from his trip to Alaska.

Also... AMEN, BRUDDA to the comment regarding those who leave their house and fall in love. There's no cure and no recourse. It's like getting stabbed. You're either going to bleed out over time, or you have to pull your convulsing body the length of the blade to the hilt. I tried the latter and it did no good. But hey, at least I put in more effort than the faux Picard clone in the last NG movie. He got stuck and could have killed Jean Luc, but noooo.... just sits there and dies. But in all honesty, love rocks. Even when you give more than you get, it is totally worth it.

And my god, man! How many degrees do you have!?!? That's awesome. I am considering going back for more education, myself. My only obstacle is selecting the path. I am leaning towards Hospital Administration, ESPECIALLY if I end up in D.C. because I have an UBER connection at Johns Hopkins for my internship. Goodbye 100k job prospects, hello 500k job prospects! Woo-hoo! Then all I need is a good woman to love.
LadyVader said…
You know what, I TOTALLY support sudden changes like moving 1/2 way across the country to continue schooling. I think it might be exciting, and if you're brave enough...more power to you!
Tusc said…
As long as you consider the pros and cons of such a move first, it will turn out with positive benefits. However, just running off without thinking first has the tendency of the same situation following you wherever you go.

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