Wednesday, June 15, 2005


It is much cooler now and I am happy. I did an observation at a high school library yesterday morning. I watched a junior English class learn how to do citations. Since when do classes have to be taken to a library for that? In my day, the teacher of the class did that him or herself and we were taken to the library only to use the library’s resources and taught how to, of course. Is this how it is now? Overall, I have mixed reviews about the experience. On one hand, I think I’m more compatible with juniors over kindergarten students but I think that observation was more fun for me. You can probably draw on your own experiences of high school during the last couple weeks to guess why. Here’s an interesting twist: a friend, hearing about my observation of the elementary school called last night and arranged for me to visit her school’s library. I do that tomorrow morning. I hope I remember and am not just fixated by the exam/interview I have tomorrow evening...

Recently, we watched the movie Garden State and attempted to watch the latest version of The Phantom of the Opera. The latter film just didn’t compare to when we saw te production on Broadway about four years ago. The other film was much better than I thought but really I probably wouldn’t have bothered if Natalie Portman wasn’t in it. (It’s gratifying to be able to see her have a decent script to work with.) Although, the soundtrack was pretty good.

Speaking of the Garden State, I’ve been having some interesting conversations with one of its residents. No, not my ex. This one I met after I joined eHarmony and wants to be referred to here as Cupcake. I know she’ll read this eventually so all I will say is that I get this feeling that I’ve never experienced with anyone else. I’ve had so many one-sided attempts at happiness that you can’t imagine how good it feels to (1) have someone interested in you (2) still seem interested after the usual hurdles have been crossed. Some of you know what I mean: the uncool interests, the fact I don’t drive, and the fact my parents are both ministers. Oh and there was one time where politics came into the equation but Cupcake and I haven’t discussed that and I think I want to keep it that way for awhile longer.

Finally, a note to all those who converse with me on AIM. It’s not functioning right now so I am currently using just Yahoo Messenger. Those of you who know my e-mail address know my username there.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

SW Musings and a Bit More

I really don’t have much to say but I had some free time so I figured I’d blog. The other day, my mother wanted to see Star Wars again so we went. It was, of course, just as good the second time. Besides the fact Aunt Beru really let herself go, a couple things still bothers me: I realize Obi Wan wouldn’t recognize the Droids at first we they meet up in ANH since astromech and protocol droids look alike but wouldn’t he remember the names? And Artoo’s memory wasn’t erased apparently so why hadn’t "he" ever related the story or something especially the part about how C-3PO was created. I can imagine the twins asking about their mother between movies but it might have been nice to have let the audience in on what they were told especially since the discussion of it in the novels turns out to be crap.

Last night, we went to see the documentary Mad Hot Ballroom. It was about this middle school ballroom dance competition in NYC. I admit that really don’t like most documentaries but this was actually pretty good. Some of the interviews with the kids were pretty funny.

Next weekend, I’m headed up to NH to take care of my aunt’s four cats. We had four cats one winter or so it won’t be a totally new experience for me. Should be interesting actually.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Ugh. It's Getting Hot Again.

Greetings! I’ve been meaning to post for awhile now but every time I’m in the mood something comes up. Also, it seems that my personal life is what interests you readers so I had to wait until something of interest came up.

Today, I observed library at a local elementary school on the invitation by a friend of a friend. (Who know networking could get so complicated?) I got a tour and observed story time with a kindergarten class and then watched them check- out books. It was an interesting and informative morning. Currently, I am not certified to work in a school library (I should clarify that for the neophytes that read this that college libraries, though schools are referred to as academic libraries.) But I’m entertaining the possibility of getting such certification now that I know my student teaching can actually be done in a library setting as opposed to a classroom. Since I already have a master’s degree, the thinking is it may only be a few courses. I would love more input on this.

After I came home I had an interesting and informative conversation with a public librarian here in town who is a friend of another friend. She told me that it would be very difficult to get a reference job here in Connecticut unless I get into a system on a part-time basis first as the outlook that librarians will all retire soon didn’t seem likely to her. She also told me that that’s not how the library here works but it does work elsewhere. Except for the second part pertaining to the "real job outlook" and the third part about the peculiarities of this town, this wasn’t new to me but I appreciate the advice nonetheless.

In other job news, I heard from Minnesota the other day. They sent me one of those Affirmative Action survey things to fill out and sent back. Again, I should point out being a young white male does make me a minority in this field! Also, there seemed to be some confusion from my readers as to what this position actually is. It’s not schooling. It’s actually on the job training.

In further job news, I finally heard back on a question I had posed the human resource department at my undergrad school about a position at their library. Rather than actually answering my question on why a Maine State Driver’s License is required, they simply said that they encourage me to apply if I feel I’m qualified. I really don’t know. If they need someone who can drive, though I can’t see why, then I’m not qualified but I am other than that so I probably will apply unless you reader’s think I shouldn’t. Again, input would be appreciated.

Now something completely different: I bought Bruce Springsteen’s new album recently as well as a couple others. It doesn’t have the E-Street Band on it with him but I’ve identified at least one member of the Max Weinberg 7 that does appear on a track. Odd but a good album anyway.

Before I go, I want to recommend both the films Bridget Jones II and Windtalkers for probably different reasons. I’ll just say for now that I will really now never be able to hear "Like a Virgin" without cracking up again. I’ll leave you to guess which film I’m referring to...
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