Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Instant Gratification?

Recently, in movie news it was announced the Marvel speedster Quicksilver would appear in both Avengers 2 (with his sister Scarlet Witch) and in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past.  (Then Warner Brothers announced a Flash movie would happen but more on that in a minute...)

As many geeks, but maybe not average moviegoers, know, Marvel Studios does not own the live-action "X-Universe"; Fox does. However, some characters, like Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch can be used by both with a few provisos.  Marvel can't mention that they are mutants, meaning some other reason they have powers will probably have to addressed, and that their father is Magneto.  Since Wanda is not appearing in X-Men,  Fox may not have to gloss over much.  Maybe the fact Quicksilver was married to the Inhuman, Crystal? That's not likely to come up in conversation...

Anyway, DC Comics had a superhero with super speed first. There have been three Flashes in the comics.  All, important anyway, appearences on TV or in movies (Live action and animated) have been an amalgam of the last 2: Barry Allen and Wally West.  At Comic Con this year, it was announced, once again, there would be a Flash movie in the next few years. 

There still might be but some other news cropped up even more recently:  Barry Allen will appear on one of my favorite new series of this past season, Arrow, and spin-off into another show.  I loved the short-lived series back in the early 90's so this appeals to me. And as producers have mentioned, the dark brooding Oliver combined with the more light-hearted Barry will be fun. (Shameless plug for "Cold Reception in Central City" if that dynamic appeals to you...)  My question is this: Arrow takes a realistic, basically Christopher Nolan-esque, approach to a comicbook show. How exactly will adding a guy who can run fast work exactly? Producers say that they just add powers to the universe and it'll be just that more shocking.  I'll believe it when I see it...  

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Super, Man II: The Wrath of Moi (Geek Migraine commensing I'm sure...)

Man, I'm unproductive today.  I'm also somewhat annoyed.

As some of you may have noticed on Facebook yesterday, I related the story on how I got a call from my doctor's office that I still hadn't gone for lab work that had been ordered 2 weeks ago.  One, I don't remember hearing this before. Two, it wasn't mentioned last week when the pain in my side was determined to just be a, really bad,  muscle pull.  If such an order existed wouldn't it be cancelled after the ultrasound found nothing?

Anyway, my second clue that this  clue this wouldn't end well: the lab test was set up at not my usual hospital but the other one.  Say what?  So I went that afternoon.  They had no record of the order.  They called my doctor and I waited though when she go an answering machine, I knew the damn office was closed. I waited anyway about 2 hours.  My entertainment was druggies and Fox News...

I was going to review The Wolverine here but it's not playing at the local within-walking-distance theater so that'll have to wait.  That movie has been described as at least trying to be the opposite of Kick-Ass and Super  so doing a review of the latter which I just watched on Netflix I guess is appropriate.  Super at it's heart is Kick-Ass meets Juno. The combo sounds odd on paper but somehow works.  I love how though it's a pseudo-superhero movie it has a cast loaded with genre actors.  Man has wife Betty Ross stolen from him by Sebastian Shaw. Inspired by Green Lantern's voice, he becomes a superhero to rescue her and gets Kitty Pride as a sidekick.

Writer-director James Gunn is the director of the upcoming Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy  so I wanted to see what his deal was. I think he'll be fine. As I really only had a problem with two scenes.  I felt the ending, though perhaps realistic, (and you know how I hate realism in my superhero movies...) was a bit too graphic and there was a sex scene that was a bit too forced and not neccesary but at least it had a realistic conclusion given the set-up... 

Monday, July 22, 2013

RED Light, Green Light

Saw RED 2 yesterday. Just to get it out there, I fall into the "Better than Original" camp.  Mary Louise Parker was funnier than I remember her being in the first.  Perhaps her funniest role, if not best, since Boys on the Side.  John Malkovitch and Helen Mirren kick ass both in the comedy and action departments.

Catherine Zeta Jones and Anthony Hopkins and even Byun-hun Lee were more than adequate replacements for Morgan Freeman and the late Ernest Borgnine.

As much as I love nitpicking, I really have none... 
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