Thursday, May 12, 2016

When Captain America Throws His Mighty Shield...

As I was recently discussing with someone on Twitter, I'm not a big fan of "Good Guys Manipulated Fight Each Other" films so it's sad that Captain America: Civil War came out so close on the heels of Batman v. Superman. As maybe I've confessed before I am more of a Marvel fan but that is not why this one was better.  DC fans frequently point out this was the 13th Marvel film while BvS  is only the second of their new cinematic universe. To me, that's why it worked better. The tension was building out of the last Avengers  movie and the characters have interacted for several movies worth of time (One must assume interactions happen off screen as well) so they know each other pretty well. Two friends having a disagreement carries so much more weight than two strangers going at it. 

In my critique of  Batman v. SupermanI noted that the end of the featured fight hinged on the fact both characters' mothers were named Martha. Here, the big fight ended when Black Widow realized both sides wouldn't back down so she fixed the fight. The later, smaller, fight between Captain America and Iron Man didn't end so cleanly but wasn't terrible and was not out of character...

Loved the introductions of Black Panther and (the MCU version of) Spider-Man and can't wait for their solo films!

I have mixed feelings about the villain, Helmut Zemo. His plot was right out of an espionage movie like the Jason Bourne movies if not James Bond, a genre you know I love. His motivations for revenge and reasoning for going about it like he did was all in line with the comic character he takes his name from but his back story was completely different and, not surprisingly, he didn't wear his iconic purple ski mask. I think they could have seeded some of his backstory in and it would've still made sense but what do I know?

Captain America has been the most consistently good comicbook movie franchises of of all time and this movie does not harm that statement at all.
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