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This Post Is Brought To You By Bonnie Raitt.

Ok, no it isn't. It's just me but I do have something to talk about... (You can call me Dennis Miller.) This morning I was called by another employment agency. This time, I actually contacted them first by applying for a job they posted. Anyway, I'm scheduled to go in tomorrow afternoon to do the paperwork/assessment thing. I hope I won't have to watch another employee safety video because that was deadly but I imagine I will. I also hope that this agency has better connections than the other one because that one, it seems, was a waste of time.

Tonight, I'll be joining a new church committee. Actually, I'm representing my other committee on the church council but it'll be different for me. I'll have to start taking serious notes.

In other news, I want to share something that's been bothering me for the last day or so in particular but it's been going on for quite awhile. I have no idea why I have this blog as I have no regular readership anymore. Some of my friends use te excuse they're too busy to yet they have time to read other websites so that really doesn't wash with me.

I guess what really bothers me is that someone who used to consider me a friend, as mentioned more than once on her old blog, no longer considers me thus. I don't really know when is change occurred but I did notice us drifting when her longtime relationship was on the rocks, now over. (Interestingly, he seems to read my blog more than she does now; not that I encourage it.) On one hand, I suppose it lasted quite awhile considering we only met in person once and that was fairly brief. I fully understand how she'd prefer just female companionship considering all she's going through now but it still hurts.


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