Sunday, April 01, 2007

Holy Week, Batman!

For those non-religiously inclined readers, let me explain the title. The week before Easter is called Holy Week. Today is Palm Sunday. This morning, my church was invited by the Episcopal Church diagonally across the street in their Palm Procesional (and blessing) from the Longfellow Monument. Supposedly there were five from my church. I saw two others. There was me, a "PK", a retired minister and our pastor. this makes sense as only those UCC with more church background would do something of this eccumenical nature. As you may know, from reading CS Lewis perhaps, they are a little more "High Church" then we are in the UCC.

The service at my church was a little different today. Instead of a sermon, we had an intergenerational dramatic presentation. It was basically the Stations of the Cross which is a Catholic thing, anyway. (The Espicopalians may also do this; I don't know.)

Thursday, though I'm going home for the weekend, they're having a Maunday Thursday Potluck. Sometime, I will stay for that but I really miss my cat. (Oh, and I guess my parents too...)

Our family from New Hampshire came to visit us this afternoon. Our little cousin brought his Nintendo Game Cube with him but was just as interested in our Star Trek and Doctor Who playsets because they have lights and sounds!

Tomorrow, Red Sox baseball! I can't wait!

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K.J. Kofsuske said...

It must be Holy Week; the History Channel is on a Bible spree right now.

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