Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Concert of Bowls

Last night, my church hosted a local artist and her "singing crystal bowls." What is that, you ask? The bowls were fiberglass and of different size that kind of looked like a cross between punch bowls and light fixtures. She'd use two probably hollow sticks and, depending on whether she ran them along the inside or outside of the bowls, it would make some kind of sound; some high pitched. She says they were made using spare material from a computer factory. (I guess how exactly they're made she doesn't even know as it's a trade secret apparently.) Her program had 7 or 8 musical compositions but she paused only twice to reposition the bowls so the whole show was less than an hour. After, our ladies group served pineapple upside-down cake and fruit.

When I arrived, the musician needed a place to meditate before her concert but the emcee of the evening could only think of the ladies' room for her to go. I offered to unlock the sanctuary for her. She thanked me after the show and asked me about the church. As one of the few young people in the room like herself, I think she sort of gravitated towards me. I hope she actually does come to church some Sunday. Our conversation was of course interrupted by people wanting to know about her bowls.

During the concert, I sat behind her niece who was in the 7-10 range I'd guess. This girl frequently turned around to stare at me. Why can't I have this reaction with girls/women my own age? (I suppose her aunt might have but I don't think so...)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's Family Party Time Again!

Friday night, my parents came down because my grandfather's birthday party was yesterday. The three of us went to Friendly's. I hadn't been there in awhile so that was different. My mother and I went in to get a table while my father parked. We told the hostess there was three us. She asked if the other person needed a kid's menu. Thinking about this question later, "Yeah we have a two year old parking the car." When my mother said this, I responded, "Well, this is Maine..."

Afterwards we soaked in the hot tub at their motel. This may have been the first time I went hot tubbing since my move to Portland...

The party the next day was in two parts. We were joined by my grandfather and his wife at Applebee's. Also in attendance were two aunts, an uncle and one of my young cousins. Most of us were set to order from their "pick two item lunch menu" when the waitress noticed us reading it and informed us that was just Monday through Friday. I personally think that they should shell out the extra few bucks and print out weekend menus but maybe this is just me...

This may be be only funny for those who are there but my little cousin order a burger from the kids menu and was asked if he wanted fries, apple sauce or celery sticks with it. He said fries and his father joked on what a hard decision THAT was...

My grandfather was very interested in my new book. Even before he knew what it was about he already planned to buy a copy. I know he's just proud of me but the thought of him reading it freaks me out a little...

After lunch, we went over to his house for cake and to see my aunt and uncle up very briefly from Florida. They had a baseball cap from when I was down visiting them about three years ago. If their grandson knew about this, I'm sure he'd insist they mailed it up to me...

In other news, on Monday morning, I twisted or tore something in my rib cage while performing inventory at the library. It hurt to breathe, yawn, laugh etc. Also, I couldn't sneeze. I'd start to and then it would just stop which hurt more than actually sneezing. Lying down was very uncomfortable. As the week went on, it's greatly improved. I hardly notice it today and I actually sneezed!

My cousin/roommate went to church with me today. During the prayer concerns, the pastor mentioned someone with my name was having surgery this week. Everybody came up to me and asked about it. I told them it was news to me too...

Friday, April 25, 2008

More Soon I'm Sure.

I don't know if I have a readers that I don't have email addresses for but I wanted all who still don't know to know that my book, Winter Storm, while may not be officially released until May 31st (This is unconfirmed by publisher just my interpretation of their comments to me.), seems to be orderable at Amazon. I will, of course, keep you all posted on further developments.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring Is Here

It has been so gorgeous out yesterday and today. I hope it holds out for the weekend. I spent all day outside yesterday and spent a fair amount so far today. Today I tried a take-out burrito place down town and had a Brazilian Burrito. It had chicken, rice, beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon and pineapple. I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Maybe the kitchen sink...It was so good but I was craving a margarita, to celebrate the news item below so I stopped by the "real" Mexican place on the way back here.

The biggest news is that the author, the author being moi, copies arrived in the mail yesterday. Funny, yet aggravating, story. I saw a package for me from the publisher before I went to work yesterday on the little shelf under the mailboxes but left it as I was going to my volunteer job and then grocery shopping so I didn't want to carry it around town. I come back to discover the package is gone. I think maybe my neighbor brought it up as he's wont to do. I get up to the apartment and discover the package isn't there and my roommate has no idea what I'm ranting and raving about but assumes it must be the post office's fault since he's convinced they have a personal vendetta against him... About a half hour to forty-five minutes later, our neighbor knocks on our door with the package. I assume he picked it upon the way out the door and just delivered it on the way back...

Anyway, the book still isn't listed on Barnes & Noble, the one site the publisher highlighted as sure to sell it, so I have no idea if it's out or not. I emailed the publisher and asked them straight out to clarify this but since Friday apparently isn't a business day any more, I haven't heard anything. I don't know how well it will sell but just being able to hold the book in my hand excites me.

Two comments about the book itself: after all the crap I went through to get author photos, they didn't even put one in and the author bio I submitted with the initial manuscript didn't either but that may be because I didn't re-submit it with the Author Questionnaire... I'm guessing they like to have all the material they might need ahead of time before they figure out if they really need it or not.

My roommate and his friend want publish books through my publisher now. I really should find out if they have a finder's fee...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Really Wish I Blogged Sooner

This past weekend, I went up to see my parents. This time I got a ride up with my boss as she was going to go and visit her sister who lived nearby. (It was at this point I realized I forgot to pack underwear. Thankfully I knew my parents had spares for just such an emergency...) We got a later start than I thought originally but the trip was pretty fun listening to her CDs and sharing the memories the songs had for us. We stopped for dinner and we both had fish and chips but I had white chocolate pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. That was very good but a very small portion if you ask me.

Saturday night, we saw Elizabeth on TV. It was the 1998 version with Cate Blanchett. The cast was amazing! I thought was good.

Sunday, I went to my mother's church for a change and then the two of us went to see a live production of Jesus Christ Superstar. I had seen the movie of course but I had never seen it live before. I loved it! I especially enjoyed Herod's dancing girls...

We decided to scrap my earlier plan of going home from there so I could see the disappointing UConn-Stanford game. At least they played better than the men in their tourney...

My mother drove me to the bus the next morning and I was told the bus had broke down and was at the garage. We waited a half hour or so and we decided to just go home. I refunded my ticket

The plan now was to go with my mother to a meeting on the way and then just drive the rest of the way to Portland. My father, for reasons only he knows, decided that he'd take me back to the bus station instead forcing me to re-buy the ticket; the price of which had gone up 75 cents the 24 hour period. Yes, I could have just kept my original ticket if I'd known... ::Shrugs::

Finally, the press release for my upcoming book was sent. It doesn't include the release date, oddly, but I know it's up in the publisher's own store and listed on Target's site of all places. (I found that after Googling my name and the book's title.) Nowhere else yet.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Another Quick Update.

Only one person asked about the "surprise phone interview" I mentioned on Twitter but maybe some of you are shy. It was for a library director position at a private/boarding school up in Central Maine. I know what some of you are thinking, why am I thinking "big" and not trying for just an entry level position? Well, what they're asking for, I can do. If I get the job it'll mean moving again but we'll fall off that bridge when we get there.

I have never had a unplanned phone interview before so I was caught off guard at first. I think got more comfortable as it went along but by that time, she was just asking me seemingly unimportant questions such as why I moved back to Maine and if I knew there was still snow up there. As always, we'll have to see but, in a way, it might have been a good thing they wanted a phone interview with me. Sometimes they are used to make the first round of cuts but sometimes they are the second...

I'm going up to see my parents for the weekend. I'm actually getting a ride up with "my boss." I'm planning to come back Sunday.

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