Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Was Going To Call This "Russel the Wilderness Explorer" But...

Yesterday, since my roommate was going with friends anyway, I went to see UP! What a great movie. After seeing Wall-E, I worried that Pixar had lost it but this was great. There are few actors still living that I can think of when I think crotchety old man and Ed "I Hate Spunk." Asner is at the top of the list. Christopher Plummer was awesome as the villain but this should not surprise anyone. (True story: he blames himself for William Shatner's rise to stardom.) I loved the Dennis/Mr. Wilson dynamic between Carl and Russel. ("Can help walk you across your yard?" "No.")

Last night, our friend that likes to cook and watch movies came up so we watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Exorcism of Emily Rose. The first film was full of deep meaning and sadness. The one problem I had with this movie and I really don't think this is a spoiler, Benjamin is born as a baby-sized old man. As he grows taller, he grows younger at least until he reaches his fifties, I guess, and ends up dying as a baby-sized baby with Alzheimer's. Shouldn't he have died as a literally baby-faced adult or been born as a fully grown old man? I just confused by this. I didn't realize Mahershalalhashbaz Ali from The 4400 played his adoptive father of sorts. This was interesting because I had just recently started watching the series again...

Finished the night with The Exorcism of Emily Rose. If this was supposed to scare me, it failed but the story was intriguing nonetheless. Laura Linney's closing arguments sum up the movie: So-called Facts vs. Possibly Off-the-Wall Possibilities. The woman who played the young Emily Rose was very convincing as someone possessed...or crazy. If blood and gore disturb you don't see this but if like a decent courtroom drama this may keep your interest.

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