Wednesday, January 22, 2014

An Intelligent Update

I could tell you where I've been but I assume many of you are friends of mine on Facebook and already know. Besides, I'm done talking about it.

I could tell you about "the war" between Marvel's Agents of SHIELD and DC's Arrow. Right, speaking as a fan boy, the latter show, in it's second season, is showing the rookie how it's done.  To be fair, however, I'm going to wait to see if the ABC series picks up the pace in the second half...

No, today, I want give my thoughts on the new CBS series Intelligence. Earlier this century, NBC tried to reboot The Bionic Woman. Her name was Jamie Sommers and she had the same abilities as Lindsay Wagner but that's where the similarities ended. The show bombed.  I remember pointing out at the time, the lead actress, Michelle Ryan was better at the role when she didn't have to hide her British accent so that didn't help...

Anyway, this season CBS decided to not reboot the concept just blatantly steal it. Instead of being rebuilt physically, Gabriel Vaughn was improved mentally when he had a microchip implanted in his head. Interestingly, the government agency involved is the US Cyber Command which, according to Wikipedia, is an actual thing...  I don't know if it was an homage to the old show or inside joke or just coincidence but the pilot episode has an appearance by Rosalind Chao who was the go-to Asian actress of '70's and '80's...

Intelligence stars Lost's Josh Holloway. Either he's a a horrible actor or he's now type-cast as a hot-tempered smart-ass. Still not sure which.  His "babysitter" is played by Meghan Ory who previously played Ruby on Once Upon A Time. Whenever I see her character, Riley Neal, in action, I think, "Wouldn't it be cool she turned into a werewolf right now?"

Spy shows don't last on broadcast networks but this is more like NCIS: Los Angeles than an actual spy show so maybe it has a chance? 

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