Friday, October 21, 2016

Bulletproof Post...In Bullet Form

Because both Netflix and Twitter are down, some thoughts on the Netflix series Luke Cage

1. I would say it was only about 90% as dark and broody as Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Whether it's a coincidence hardcore DC fans on Twitter didn't gush about it as they did the previous two series is hard to say. Also, were there more scenes set during the day or was that just me?

2. Also hard to say is just who the Big Bad of the show was. There are really 3 possibilities: Cottonmouth Stokes who you could easily argue was just forced into the family business; Willis "Diamondback" Striker, the disgruntled half-brother of Luke Cage; or the villain left standing, Councilwoman Mariah Dillard?  The obvious choice is the last one but remember, Darth Vader is much more recognizable than Emperor Palpatine... Anyway, the fact it isn't in your face also adds to the ways the show was able to differentiate itself just as much as the change in setting and definitely the music...

3. Luke Cage arguably left the biggest cliffhanger(s) yet.  Our hero is going to jail in Georgia. (I'm guessing "The Daredevil Goes Down To Georgia" early on in The Defenders? What will happen to Pop's Shop? The writers practically hit you over the head with Detective Misty Knight hurting her arm. Will she return with the cyborg arm from the comics or are the writers simply assholes? Interestingly, we finally may not have to wonder how Claire Temple will fit into the next series, which in this case is Iron Fist,  if she really does go to Colleen Wing's self-defense classes...      

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