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Been A Long Time.

French Guard

Hello, long time no type.

I've been unusually busy the last few days. This past weekend, I fed a family friend's cat while they were away. It was really easy but did not pay that much at all.

On Monday, we went to the Lobsterfest at Mystic Seaport. That was pretty fun. My father parked the car near Mystic Pizza and asked me if I thought we'd see Julia...(If you knew my father you wouldn't be surprised...) We toured this whaling vessel and the ceilings below decks were so low I banged my head like three times.

The last two days I've been doing a job for my mother cropping digital images and inserting them in documents. That did pay pretty well...

Been watching a lot of movies lately. In addition to reseeing Back to the Future, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Grease and Duets, we also went to see Laws of Attraction in the theater. Not a bad movie although the script could have used some tweaking. It did have Julianne Moore and Parker Posey, two members of the harem wish list, so that was good enough for me...

The season finale of Enterprise was oh so cool. I loved it when Shran and the Andorians arrived. I ad hoped that meant they were going to have a larger role in they series but I don't think so. I'm not surprised the destruction of the weapon threw Archer apparently back in time. I can only assume that the Enterprise also ended up back in time because of Daniels. Why WWII? That is a time period, in addition to the Civil War, that is done to death on tv time travel plots. Can't they come up with something new? What about this plot convinced UPN not to cancel the show?

I've been reminding myself lately just how good Deep Space Nine was. Enterprise pales in comparison.

A show that did end this past weekend was Justice League and did it not go out with a bang! Batman dropping the Watchtower on the Thanagarian device was just too cool for words. We may never know how the League members voted on whether to let Hawkgirl stay or not since she quit and left. Though the DVD of this apparently includes the producers explanation of why they didn't have the "real" Hawkman in the episode, my guess is that they already made Aquaman kinda evil so they probably didn't want to do it to Hawkman in a more blatant fashion. I should have known the show was going to end when they all revealed there secret identities to each other. (A problem I had with the series if you'll remember.) I thought the best line was going to be Superman reply about the device, "Impressive...Let's go wreck it." but, in fact, good old Alfred had the best lines. Wally "Flash" West made some stupid revelation and Alfred replied "And I thought Master Bruce was the detective." Later when the JL left a Thanagarian on the lawn, Alfred replied, "I really've got to get Master Bruce to clean up after himself."

Fear not though, apparently, a retooled Justice League Unlimited debuts in August with recurring new cast members. I can't wait.


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