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Holding Pattern

I'll discuss Fantastic Four in a minute but I first want to comment on my job search because...Well, it's my blog. Recently, I contacted a few of the applications I have out. Two had the same message, I wasn't called for an interview but I have not been ruled out yet. I guess I'm good enough to be an alternate. Hmmm. I guess that's something, right? Oh and since I did mention Minnesota specifically in the past, I will also mention I heard back from them as well: they still haven't made any decisions yet.

And now True Believers, I bring you the review of the Fantastic Four! As we all suspected, not as good as Batman Begins mainly since it didn't follow the comic as well but it was very entertaining and certainly better than Daredevil and Elektra which is a good thing. The characterizations were great and most were spot on. Jessica Alba did great as the older sister of the Human Torch but as a astrophysicist or whatever she was supposed to be, terrible. Worse than Elizabeth Shue as a cold fusion expert in The Saint. (I don't recall the Sue in the comic being a scientist anyway.) My main problem with the film was the Dr. Doom character, everything about him from his origins to his motivations seemed all wrong but to simplify the story I can see why they made his origin so I guess I can't complain too much.


LadyVader said…
But Jessica Alba is hot, so she doesn't have to be a brain. ;) Was she more believable than Denise Richards as Christmas in James Bond?

And we can forgive Dr. Doom character problems 'cause...hi, Cole. Hot.
Likestrek said…
Ok, yes, Alba was more convincing than Richards but then that was a James Bond film...

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