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Another Friday Night And I Ain't Got Nobody

In the good old days I didn't mind staying home on a Friday night but I was very bored and lonely last night. The online dating thing just isn't working anymore, if it ever really did.

The bar scene just doesn't appeal to me so I really don't want to go that route. The real problem, of course, there is that I'd have to go with my parents or by myself. The former does not sound like that much fun to me and the latter sounds a little too dangerous.

Obviously, since I'm not employed, I can't hang out with co-workers. Actually, I have yet to have a job with co-workers I've wanted to hang out with. Maybe I haven't got the whole picture but it seems to me faternazation with your co-workers during work hours seems frowned upon in the white collar world I'm forced to work in due to my disabilities.

Since my friends from college are scattered to the four winds, this also is not an option. I receive regular e-mails from Deuce but I think I'd have to kill him first to get him down here. He's more of a homebody than I am. Another friend emailed me on two separate occasions saying he was going to be in the area so he'd look me up. Never did either time.

It was good going down to see my cousin (who I hope is all right with Wilma set to slam into her area tomorrow) but she's in a different phase of life now as well as being several hours away by plane. My other close cousin is up in Maine and let's just say it'd be easier for me to go up there then for him to come down here and we've been drifting apart for awhile now anyway.

I guess one could say everyone I've ever been close to is now in a different place, both physically and metaphysically. I guess I mourn for the good ol' days.


Tusc said…
Holy crap, you're still alive. I never see you online. Haven't exactly kept up with the blog, but I read your last two. Coincidentally, I am also the Boy Next Door. Doesn't it suck? It's sad, and out of character, but painfully true that if you treat them in a way you would not normally.... they flock to you like flies. So later on you reveal the real you and they think they have made some sort of progress or deep change in you. I dunno, I'm talking out of my ass. I still maintain that the girl has to like me for me. It helps if they like themselves first and don't give in to peer pressure and self-destruct while declaring steadfastly "I am me, I am an individual" as their friends and roommate pull the strings.

But that's an old chapter. What's new in your world? The last I remember was you being on a job hunt. Ever land a position?

And just so you know, you're not alone in feeling odd man out at times. Like you, I'm not huge on the bar scene. It can be fun, but it's all about hook-ups and you don't find anything quality other than a tight body and a pretty face. The friend thing, too. Everyone I know is suddenly married, engaged, having kids or being trampled under an insane career. Finding time to accomodate everyone gets tough. But stick close to family as much as possible. I do that a lot more. And it makes me seeth when I remember how your other friend played games with me at the end and tried to turn me from my family. You don't need details, but it was low. I'm just saying, value your family. It's not too bad being stuck with them! =) And as for memories, they rock. Never let them go. But always strive to make new ones whenever possible! As long as we're here and healthy, stay happy and never stop moving forward.

Take Care, man.

Until the next time...

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