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As Promised

Yesterday before we went to the Big E!, I came across the Boston Globe's Top 50 Sci Fi shows. Those of you who know me well know that I cannot let a list such as this pass without basically ripping it a new one.

Let's start with the things they did right. I love the fact they included The Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman (Take that SciFi!) as well as Dark Angel and newer science fiction such as Stargate Atlantis. I even agree that Earth:Final Conflict should be on it despite the last season.

Here's where we run into problems. The Man From U.N.C.L.E is not a science fiction show. If spy shows are in fact scifi then Alias must be included. Why was the original Battlestar Galactica included and not Knight Rider? Personally, I preferred John Doe over Nowhere Man and Beauty and the Beast over Lois and Clark which shouldn't have been included over the far superior Smallville anyway. (The list was probably compiled well before the season premiere but still...)

The most grievous omission to this list is the best Star Trek series known to fans simply as Deep Space Nine especially considering they did include Voyager the worst of the five.

That is just a small sampling of my problems with it but you get the idea.


LadyVader said…
Okay, DS9 sucked ass! They never freakin' went anywhere!
Likestrek said…
Actually, they frequently did, just not every week which viewers would know. Anyway, why do you have to go anywhere to tell a decent story?
LadyVader said…
It's STAR TREK! The "trek" part would indicate some sort of travel.

Voyager is on the list b/c of Janeway. She rocks.
Likestrek said…
Kirk in a Skirt. The problem with Voyager for me was that it was derivitive of the previous series. At least setting DS9 on a station was different. It is true that Voyagewr was created because of your complaint though.

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