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Harry Grows Up

Since I had a list of people who really are keen on knowing how my date went I'm posting here now while the memories are still fresh. She had a paper to finish so after the movie we just grabbed some coffee. Two topics of conversation came up that really shouldn't happen ever on a first date. The fact I have no friends in this state, although she brought up that topic, and what makes us feel old. Why that last topic shouldn't be brought up? I'm really old and she's not all though Nick at Nite makes her feel old too. I knew going into it that we had a lot in common and I'm referring here to family background and career goals not the trivial stuff that usually impresses me but just talking with her about it was so gratifying. Though not as important, her physical features/fashion sense are the type I'm into. Obviously, I have no idea what she was thinking but I'd be an idiot to think she was that into me so quickly.

I know what this reads like and Lady Vader and others who know me are probably going, "Here we go again." but I'm trying to fight it. Is there medication for this condition because I've never succeeded in controlling it before...

Ah, the movie. We had this family who kept getting up like every two minutes sitting next to us. (Why does this kind of thing only happen when I go to the movies without my parents and not when they're there?) Anyway, I loved the movie and loved how they cut out all the brooding Harry and "Snape's a Death Eater!" monotony from the book and ok, the SPEW storyline can also go but I kind of liked the Rita Skeeter mystery and I don't recall they ever explained that Karkov took off; he just stopped being shown...And can I just say that, with the exception of Maggie Smith, the French Giantess, the Patil sisters, Moaning Myrtle and Rita, all the women/girls in this movie were hot!!! (Thoughts you don't want on a date but I'm male so sue me.)

Every once in a while, you get a quiz result that is so accurate it's kinda scary...

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My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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Anonymous said…
I thought Moaning Myrtle was kinda cute actually :-P

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